PayPal is probably the easiest means of money transaction in the world. Though it is popular in the developed countries, it is not available in Nepal. As a result millions of bloggers and online entrepreneurs suffer when the issue of international money transaction comes in online business.

Why is PayPal not available in Nepal? There are many reasons. The main obstacle is that Nepal Central Bank requires an explanation to the money coming in and going out from Nepal. However one can sign up freely in PayPal by using US or Indian Bank Account to get verify. But the bad news is that such types of accounts are being closed after one or two months of the verification.
I read some articles through Google Search to know about possible alternatives of the verification of PayPal Account in Nepal. After a long study, I found that the alternatives are just waste of time. The power of PayPal can’t be ignored. PayPal can be availed in Nepal if any international bank is interested to open branch of office in Nepal. Let us hope that the people  of Nepal will get the facility of PayPal in near future.
Discovered by +Don Prince