Masto is living God of Nepal. It is said when Masto God enters into the body of a witchdoctor, the witchdoctor can perform various divinely wonders, for example, dipping hands into boiling oil, breaking an iron chain, uttering future, etc. Is that true? Yes, obviously. But what is the actual secret of those powers?

Masto God is the main deity of Khas people. They are found in the villages of Karnali, Seti and Mahakali zone. There is no specific statue of Masto God. This God is believed to be transformed into a witchdoctor. When the witchdoctor performs extraordinary power people in the villages have no choice to accept him as a god. Especially in Diwali festival, there is special worshiping of Masto God.

Some intellectuals say that Masto tradition is nothing more than a superstition born with the misinterpretation of the psychic power. They agree that till now science has no answer of those divine powers but they say they are sure that the cause of those powers is the result of power of psychology or this is backed by Science. Now it is said that the tradition has declined due to the modern influence.
Discovered by +Don Prince