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Secret of Masto God

Masto is living God of Nepal. It is said when Masto God enters into the body of a witchdoctor, the witchdoctor can perform various divinely wonders, for example, dipping hands into boiling oil, breaking an iron chain, uttering future, etc. Is that true? Yes, obviously. But what is the actual secret of those powers?

Masto God is the main deity of Khas people. They are found in the villages of Karnali, Seti and Mahakali zone. There is no specific statue of Masto God. This God is believed to be transformed into a witchdoctor. When the witchdoctor performs extraordinary power people in the villages have no choice to accept him as a god. Especially in Diwali festival, there is special worshiping of Masto God.

Some intellectuals say that Masto tradition is nothing more than a superstition born with the misinterpretation of the psychic power. They agree that till now science has no answer of those divine powers but they say they are sure that the cause of those powers is the result of power of psychology or this is backed by Science. Now it is said that the tradition has declined due to the modern influence.
Discovered by +Don Prince 


  1. The miracles that the witch doctor who has possessed masto gods perform are not psychology but they are science for example it is said that the masto gods can drink boiling oil. But actually what is the science behind it is after boiling the oil it is kept in a container made up of a metal which cools down the oil very swiftly. And as the people are superstitious they always follow the tradition of keeping it in that container and the witch doctor who has possessed masto god also thinks that he can really drink the oil and is cold to him.

  2. This writing is an insult to the highly respected Natinal Discovery Channel. Who is actually the Masto God, Don Prince has only 1% knowledge but he is writing comment on this matter. Poor guy I pity on him...& hope the famous media will censor such cheap writings...

    1. Thanks for the constructive comment.

    2. Aashish NiroulaSunday, July 15, 2018

      I agree. Its goes much deeper. The conclusion is very shallow and the writer should spend more time (if permitted) in many more Diyalis (not Diwali - lol) before writing on Masto Gods. They are found all over Nepal in Khas Aryans, not only in Mahakali. The Jhankri (Shaman) is not limited to only one person in a caste. Various concentration of that particular Caste around Nepal may have their own Jhankris, all possessed by the one-Masto they worship.

  3. If the witchdoctor dies then his next of kin becomes a witchdoctor(shaman) who is at normal before being the descendent of the musto power.there are more names other than musto which is not studied and researched throughly yet. We believe in Kalasilto which is Kuldevta of our Rawat of Jair VDC Humla. We follow the "Sarki" which is a type of supernatural power carrying musto like god/diety which is further specified as "Baddo Sarki" all these dieties are under the supervision of "Vudara" still Now the writer and researcher couldnt mention all the dieties other than "Musto" . Dahre Musto and Dudhe musto is worshipped by Budha and Rokaya in my village they perform Kulpuja but we Rawat didnt perform puja(worship)for the Musto.We just offer flowers and few rice grain... My own Grandfather was a shaman of Diety "Baddo Sarki" but we couldn't be the descendant of the Deuta(diety) it takes a long time more than 15 years to determine/select the d diety carrying descendent ..usually the descendent will be selected by the divine power of diety if approved by that power and hence any body of the same clan can be the descendent of the diety. The power of the dieties select the next one itself after the death of the previous one. I HAVE seen that a shaman of goddess Bhavani can make a rice grain crimson colourd powder simply by pressing them in between the two palm. And the coulour remains as real as similar to crimson powder. I am Graduate student in Chemistry science . I use to watch the Discovery Science and National geography channel and think about those super natural power carrying shaman of my Humla district. HOW DO THEY DO IT.Definately some blind folowers are found in the rural areas bcoz more than 50% people are uneducated. But I am not so like that but i am sure about that something exists beyond the reality. I hav experiences of seen Shamanic power.but many few people have the psychic power ,But in contrary to it in Humla if you anyone go and research he/she will find more than 15 people in every vdc who are normal before being approved as shaman by the respective diety/deuta /god and the rules of the community.