Bara district is not a less potential place in tourism point of view. Simraungadh is historically significant. There are many places which are religiously important. Some of the religious places of Bara District:
1. Gadimai Temple- It is situated in Bariyarpur VDC. Gadimai fair takes place each after five years where the largest number of sacrifice is done.
2. Churiyamai Temple- It is the boundary of Bara and Makawanpur district. A number of people visit this temple for different purposes like marriage, Vakal {vow} etc.
3. Shree Jeetpur Gadimai Temple- This temple is situated in Chhata Pipara. A fair takes place during each Dashain festival.
4. Ranibas Temple- This temple is made by Jagat Janga Rana, son of Junga Bahadur Rana.
5. Kankali Temple- It was made by king Girwanyuddha Shah. It is situated in Simrongadh.
6. Sahajnath Mahadev Temple- It is situated in Haraiya VDC. Each year a fair takes place. People come from far and wide places.
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