Santosh Panta is one of the most popular comedian actors of Nepal. He has two sons namely Sakar Pant and Pratik Pant. Both of his sons also were popular in his self hosted serial ‘Hijo Ajako Kura’. Now ‘Hijo Ajako Kura’ is closed in Nepal Television.

Today Santosh Panta had only one son, i.e. Sakar Panta. Do not worry, his youngest son Pratik Panta is also living in this world. But the only difference is that he is no more a boy like before. Now he is a girl after an expensive operation in Thailand.

According to ‘Saptahik’, the most popular weekly magazine of Nepal, Pratik Panta felt difficulty from the time of his high school days. He could not express his problem to anyone. But he had to tell about it to his lovely mother when it became very difficult for him to fight with his physical and mental changes. First his mother did not believe it at all. She thought his son was just kidding with her. But later she herself realized that Pratik was behaving like a girl. Then Pratik was taken to hospital for medical advice.

Medical doctor reported that Pratik Pant is mentally a female as he had more female hormone. Now Pratik Panta wanted to become a girl. He had already searched it in Google and found out that gender can be changed if ones body could pass some basic requirements. So Pratik Panta started having medicine to grow up female hormone. Due to the effect of medicine his breast grew up, waist became thin and some particular changes occurred. However he was a boy by his gender. Ultimately he was taken to Thailand by his brother Sakar Panta. At first his passport had been rejected by Thailand as he was a female by body structure and male by name and identity. But later this problem was solved. When he was taken to Thailand, doctors did not believe the report sent by Nepal doctors. They took a test again. Thereafter his gender was changed. Now she is living a normal life of a girl. Her name is Ketlin.

Now Ketlin Panta is very happy with her decision. Not only her family members but also many people in Nepal are praising her strong decision. She is the first person changing gender in Nepal’s history. When she was asked about sex, she said that she could do it after three months according to the doctor’s advice. She was also asked about marriage. Then she said that she had not planned it. But she is willing to marry in future. Let us see, when she will marry and who will be the life partner of such a brave girl.
Discovered by +Don Prince