Nepal is a political laboratory. It is proved in the history. Nepal exercises many types of political systems in course of time. There are some examples.
1. Republic System- Starting from 2065 BS and still going on
2. Constitutional Monarchy- From 2046 BS to 2062 BS
3. Party-less Panchayat System- From 2017 to 2046 BS
4. Autocratic Rana Rule- From 1903 to 2007 BS
5. Unitary System- Before 2062
6. Federal System- After 2062 BS
7. General Election- Started from 2015 BS
8. Referendum- 2037 BS
9. Constituent Assembly- 2064 BS

Now Nepal is in process of planning to apply another practice regarding choosing Prime Minister of the country. May God bless Nepal, the political laboratory of the informal and old students of Political Science.
Discovered by +Don Prince