I had visited so many places in my countries. However I was much unknown with the western part of Nepal. It was really exciting time when my father and I headed towards the western part of Nepal. We were going at the final boundary of Nepal. The name of the city was Mahendra Nagar. Our vehicle moved towards Mahakali zone. We were only two in this long journey.

From which city is the western part of Nepal started? We got different answers from different people of Dhangadi. As we are in the eastern part of Nepal, we say Chitwan district as western Nepal, but in this long journey we were said by some people that even Chitwan and Butwal lies in the eastern part for them. Actually, western Nepal starts from Butwal according to them.

It was 11 PM when we crossed Narayani River. We couldn’t go ahead due to the bad climate. So we decided to go in the morning. In morning at 4 am we again moved from there. On the way we reached to the Daunne which was really interesting place as the highways were 7 km descending and 7 km ascending with risky turning. This place was much familiar for accidents. It was also known for the dangerous spot of civil war between Nepal army and underground Maoist army.

We had to cross 827 km and come back soon as the biggest festival Dashain was near. The speed of our vehicle was increasing. I calculated the estimated time to reach the different cities which was exactly correct. We really felt very good when we were on the land of Lord Buddha. But it was a matter of sorrows when we knew that even though Lord Buddha was born in Nepal, there was rumor on the border side that he was born in India. Actually Buddha was enlightened in India but he was born in Nepal.

It was very strange when we totally left eastern part of Nepal. We felt as we were out of our country. Moreover, the country was in the civil war at that time. It was very new for us when we found whole village being Maoists {terrorists in a word of the then government of Nepal}. The western part was notably influenced by the Maoists party. It was Bhaluwang place which used to face several firings as there was army base camp near the Maoist camp. It was risky to stay there at night. But our vehicle got problem at the bridge which was forcing us to stay there. But we succeeded to mend our vehicle and we went from there. The hills of Dhankhola were very risky for armies. The officials hardly crossed the hills as it was at high hills and the government’s vehicle used to be blasted with ambush by Maoist. We also found a village where Badi society was existed. The amazing thing is that the villagers are following the profession of prostitution.

The Bardia national park was very interesting. Some animals did not move from the road. The army used to check the timing of the vehicles to balance the speed of the vehicles for protecting the animals on the way. It was also known for a deadly tiger. It is said that when tiger tests the blood of man, it always seeks man for food. So the tiger was catching people from bus or bike. There was a place which was difficult to cross. When a vehicle used to be slow the tiger used to attack the people. Unfortunately, near the place a truck finished the diesel. It stopped us and asked for diesel. They were really very fearful and saying about the tiger. We gave them diesel and went from there.

When we reached border, I was called by a policeman, I did not recognize him, but he had seen me in my locality. He was very amazing by seeing me in that place. He told that there was border dispute problem. Sometimes there used to be firing between the armies of Nepal and India. The people were very suppressed by the Indian army. Even Indian people opposed this type of activity of the Indian government. Talking about the people, the people in the western Nepal are very rude in behaviors. But they are straight and open hear-ted.
Discovered by +Don Prince