It was summer season. The climate was very hot. So I was sleeping out of my room because I thought the blowing air could help me to sleep well whole. In midnight I was in dream world. However I was half a way getting up. I felt something catching my throat. Now I was totally out of the sleep, I couldn’t decide what to do. Neither could I speak even a word there. I quickly decided to fight whatever it was. I caught the thing which was getting me problem and threw it out. It suddenly ran away. It was nothing but a cat. Tomorrow in the morning there was something red in my legs. The whole day a cat was crying in the bush where the cat had run away. I was a teen aged student at that time. So I asked some relatives about it. They all said the same thing that it was witch which attacked me in form of a cat.

Now I have a question how can a human be a cat and attack other? If it is real then why the witch is not taking the form of dangerous tiger to attack other instead of being a coward and weak cat? Just think, what could I do if I had been attacked by a tiger instead of a cat in the event mentioned above? In fact, it was not the attack by witch but it was only physical problems with my body.
Here is another interesting event about my relative. His buffalo left giving milk. According the suggestions of other villagers, he decided to catch the witch which caused this problem. At night he was waiting the witch. A cat came and started taking milk from the buffalo. According to the previous plan taught by the villagers he suddenly caged the cat with a basket and circled it by the ashes. In the morning there was an old woman inside the basket. The old woman begged pardon and promised not to do this type of activity in future. So she was released.
I was a child when I heard this event in my village. Today I am very surprised of the superiors who being matured men were spreading such a nonsense rumors. Here is a question to ask who believes such a silly thing that why is the so called witch not going to rub the house or bank in form of cat instead of stealing miner milk of the buffalo?  In that way she could buy so many buffaloes and she did not have to go for stealing milk to other houses.
A woman fell sick very badly in my village. It was said there was fish in her belly. There used to be a big crowd in that house. I was a primary level student at that time. I asked about it with many people. They said that she was attacked by a witch. So she can’t live more. Then after some days she died. It was really a dangerous attack if it was by any witch.
Today I have an answer of my curiosity. It was nothing except a type of disease which was defined as a witch attack by so many people. I have a question for them, if a witch can kill other by sitting in her own house without any weapons then why your government is not using this idea to kill enemies and secure the state? It could reduce the expenses of the country as there was no need of more armies, weapons and modern training. Only all the armies would learn that the spell of witch and could defeat the enemies by sleeping on the bed of own house.
Sometimes, in some villages, a patient starts speaking being the spirit of witch and describes who the witch is and why she is attacking the person and so one. But there is only psychological cause, nothing except this. Is there scientific proof of witch? No, and never will there be. My friend told me he has seen a witch with his own eyes at midnight. I know he never speaks lie, however I can’t believe it because I have a concept about it that he must have seen someone in midnight alone practicing witchcraft. That lady may be trying to learn witchcraft to revenge her enemies. But she can never be success to learn it because it is not real. She might have been cheated by someone and instructed her to do those activities to learn witchcraft. Just you can see so many books on spells in the market. That is nothing else making people foolish and making cash from their foolishness. Ultimately she can never learn it; rather, she may be caught by someone else and punished by the villagers charging to be a witch.

If you believe that the witch is real do you have answers of the following question?
- Why is a witch poor not rich?
- Why is a witch ugly not beautiful?
- Why is a witch old not young?
- Why is a witch helpless not strong?
- Why is a witch often a woman not a man?
- Why is a witch found in village not in city?
I know you don’t have answer of these questions. But the answer is very easy. The answers are given below:
- A witch is poor because people can’t dare to blame a rich to be a witch.
- A witch is ugly because in the stories witch is dangerous and ugly.
- A witch is old because new generation doesn’t believe witchcraft.
- A witch is helpless because it is not easy to trouble helpless.
- A witch is woman because it is one of the traditional ways to exploit woman by man.
- A witch is found in village because there is good education in cities.
Violence in the name of witchcraft is common in our country Nepal. Not only in Nepal but also in American countries, European countries women are exploited by charging witchcraft. This type of exploitation can’t be ended till there is strict law, good education as well as national and international level campaign.

How Witch Attack
I wrote against the belief of the witch in my previous post. In this post I am going to explain how witch attacks. Don’t be confused. In previous post I described witch which as traditional. I am going to describe the witch which is scientific.

I mean to say that some women or man can harm or attack other with special power. This power is not spiritual. This is scientific. You may heard some incident in your community where a patient explains who is troubling in from of witch doctor. When some one is sick due to witch effect.

Actually they control the mind of patent by hypnotizing. They insert believe faith in them .They are attacked.

How to get rid of?

Better go to good certified hypnotist. Do not believe on ghost or witch. Be bold.
Discovered by +Don Prince