What happens after death? The question is not less controversial. Our religious scriptures of different religions of the word clearly state that the spirit does not die even the body destroys. Lord Krishna says that as we change our clothes time to time, our spirit also changes its body. So spirit never dies. Here is an amazing event which advocates the existence of spirit even after the death of the person.

This is the event of 11 years ago which took place in the Karmaiya village of Sarlahi district of Narayani zone in Nepal. There is a school named Shree Mahendra Janata Higher Secondary School. A student named Saraswati used to study there. One day she accidentally fell into the deep well which was on the school ground. No one knows it. Later she was found there but as a dead body. It was a very painful event for all. After the event, the school made a temple of goddess Saraswati {goddess of knowledge in Hinduism} on the ground as the girl’s name was also Saraswati.

After 5 years of the event, everything was going normally. The school construction was going on. The school committee decided to destroy the temple of Saraswati and build a toilet there as there was no option. It was done soon. What happened there after? One of the then students Ranjana {name changed} says: ‘When the toilet was built in the place of temple, first of all one girl in our class named Mina {name changed} became mad. There after whichever girl went close to her, she also became mad. Many girls went mad there at the same time. There was fearful environment in the school. When teachers came, girls attacked them as they started hating all the males at the moment. After that each day more students started being mad. They used to be fine while staying at home. But later some students started being mad even at home. I too became serious and was locked in my room by my parents. I forced crazily to take me at school.’  The event was being hot news for media. While asking about the reason, Ranjana says further, ‘The main girl who was attacked first by the disease was saying madly that making toilet in place of the temple was the main cause of the event. The events will be continued till the temple is rebuilt.

The event took a serious turn when about 25 mad girls went to the road and walked randomly and started breaking the glasses of the buses. Even police could not control them easily. The then armed police officer Mr. Indra Kumar Upreti told to ‘National Discovery Channel’, ‘Yeah, I remember. It was very interesting event {laughs]. Many beautiful girls became mad each day in that school. They had blocked the road and started vandalizing the vehicles. We hardly could control them and take them to the hospital.’

How was the problem solved? One of the teacher of the school named Vijay says, ‘Some were taken to the hospitals and cured there. As the village was more superstitious some students were taken to the witch doctors and fortunately cured. However, some students were still serious in the village and hospital. The school was closed for uncertain period due to the increasing number of patients in the school. The school administration decided to build temple of goddess Saraswati in the school. The temple was started to be constructed. When the temple was constructed, the rest of the patients also became fine.

What is the reality? Is that due to the reason of making toilet in place of the temple? Is it real or only superstition? If it is only superstitious how did the intellectual teachers of the school become ready to build temple? How were the rest of the patients cured after making temple? These questions advocate the spirituality. However there are some questions still to be answered. Is that effect of the conversion disorder caused to the girls as they had already known the sad story of the student Saraswati? If it was only the spiritual cause how could medical science cure some patients even though the temple was not built? These questions are still the matter of research.
Discovered by +Don Prince