I found lots of articles and people searching on the web about Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also called the Buddha Boy born in Nepal which is the birth place of Gautam Buddha. Coincidentally, the name of the mother of this Buddha Boy is also Mayadevi. There are a number of websites and blogs on the web which narrate stories of Ram Bahadur Bomjon. It is pretty good to inform you that Ratanpur, Nepal, birth place of Ram Bahadur Bomjon is just 10 km far from my hometown. This fact obliged me to write at least a single article about him. Even though, my words in this article about Ram Bahadur Bomjon are not my personal thoughts. What I believe and what I don't about Ram Bahadur Bomjon is part of another article. In this article I am writing those things about him which I knew from ave news, a news television of Nepal, Prateek Daily, a local Magazine from Birgunj  and some local people talking about him. So you can read and believe this article by using your own conscience.

This Buddha boy was highlighted by national and international Medias when he began his mysterious meditation without food and water on 16th May 2005. Discovery Channel also broadcasted a 45 minutes documentary about him. Then, thousand of devotees, researchers and common people began to flood in the Ratanpur Jungle to visit this new Buddha. People believed him as reincarnation of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. His parents narrated his story of childhood as divine story. A specialized website was also created on him.

Buddha Boy's popularity declined with time. Several rumors began to be heard in the community. Mostly negative messages spread. I collected some stories scattered in the society. Some of them are listed below:

@ Sometimes it was heard that he beat villagers as they troubled him.

@ Some people said that he had attacked people with a sword.

@ He also tried to stop the sacrifice in Gadimai Mela where the largest numbers of sacrifices are given. So the people of Mela Committee went against him.      

@ The media burned the news that his protecting committee kidnapped a foreign girl.

@ He attacked 15 journalists. Their cameras also were destroyed.

Lately, Ram Bahadur Bomjon's two storied building had been found in the Halkhoriya forest where he was staying for a long time. The government officials blames that his frequently moving nature has caused deforestation. The ave news reports that  his supporters also demanded citizenship in the name of religion. They also demanded Red Passport for him. Prateek Daily says that Nepal Police have already decided to destroy the constructed buildings in Halkhoria Jungle. He has left the jungle on 32nd Jestha, 2069 BS. Now the construction has been totally destroyed by the Nepal police. But he has not come back yet. He is actually staying in Sindhuli district of Nepal.

Now let’s come to the main point. Is Ram Bahadur Bomjon reincarnation of Buddha? Ram Bahadur Bomjon himself has denied the fact that he is the reincarnation of Buddha. However he says that he has been enlightened like Buddha after his long meditation. So, he has been preaching his teachings. What does he say about those rumors spread around the world?  What is the real truth? Why is the Buddha Boy quiet? {see the latest update about Ram Bahadur}I think Ram Bahadur Bomjon himself should clarify what is right and what is wrong on the rumors spread about him.
Discovered by Don Prince