National Discovery Channel was planning a long discovery on end of the world. About 4 months, the official discoverers of the online channel planned only. They couldn't start discovery as there was no source, no beginning point and no final destination. They knew they were not in search of a discovery which the present science said. They were in search of such a new discovery, secret clue that is most trustworthy, scientific as well as spiritual. I, Don Prince, excitedly decide to start the research when I found some clues about it.

Our first interviewee was Nikita Gupta {name changed}. She was a Nepali student staying at the border of Nepal and India. We reached there. Actually I had read her auto diary through one of her friend where someone had dropped clues about end of the world. I searched out the entire history of that man. His name was Ajay Sharma {name changed} who was a teacher by profession. The girl Nikita described, ‘Ajay sir taught us about 3 years. He could say the future.’ I asked to Nikita, ‘How could you say that his prediction is true?’ She replied. ‘Because he told many predictions which came to true. Sometimes, he could forecast even the future after 1 hour.’

According to Ajay, the end of the world is not so far from us. The world will end within 2085 AD. How can anyone say that the world will end within 2085 AD? Isn't it ridiculous? Now Ajay became part and parcel of our discovery.

We found some articles written by Ajay in the internet. By analyzing his articles we guessed that he knows many things about the end of the world and he was not lying. Anyhow, we had to talk with Ajay. We reached to Ajay. It was very exciting part of our discovery that we were talking with him.

We asked him for an interview on the matter. He smiled and said, ‘What is the value of your interview? Who believes your discovery? Who believes my words? Why to waste time?’ ‘No sir, people believe or not, it is on their own hand. But we surely believe your words. That's why we have come to you.’ ‘OK, what you want to know you can ask me.’

‘It is heard that you can predict future, is it true?’ ‘Yes, there are some people with psychic power in the world who know the future’s event. I am one of them. I think it is not amazing thing for anyone.’ ‘Are we dying on 21st December 2012?’ ‘Actually the world was going to end in 2012 but it won’t end, just say that 2012 was not a bad time for us.’

‘Is it true that our world is going to end within 2085 AD?’ ‘Yes, the world will end with several reasons {earthquake, volcano etc}, especially by religious as well as political war. But it does not mean that the world will completely finish and there won’t be the existence of the earth. World will remain existed but a large portion of the land and population will be destroyed in the war. About 25% people will remain alive and new era will begin which will bring peace and goodness for a long time.  God may have already come to this world to begin truthful life by saving true people in this war.’

‘How can we recognize the God who may have come to save us? ‘He is like a human being and lives exactly {without affecting the rules made by him} as a human being. So it is very difficult to recognize him in the crowd of people. After all, the most convincing part of his recognition is that he deserves unlimited supernatural power.'

Science says that the world was very advanced in the past which was collapsed in course of time and now again this life was begun on the earth.

Regarding the origin and the ultimate fate of the universe, the most reliable theory in Physics 'The General Theory of  Relativity' postulated by Einstein predicts that the universe began from the Big Bang and it will end in a black hole. And the equation based on the theory indicates that a new universe will be creating at the same time in the other side of the black hole simultaneously. This is called Big Bounce.

Hindu says that this is Kaliyug which is the final era. The tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu named Kalki will come to this world and fight with evils. Lord Krishna has told in the holy book of Hindus called Geeta, ‘When sins cross the boundary, I will come to this world to save religion.’

In the other hand, Mayan calendar {a calendar made my Mayans} is also going to end. The interesting thing {noted by myself} is that the Kaliyug and Mayan calendar have started from the same time, i.e. 25 thousand years ago. Mayan calendar is going to end in 2012. Hindu philosophy says the age of Kaliyug is 25 thousand years. It means Kaliyug also may be ending. The world also may be ending either it is in 2012 or within 2085.

It is universal truth that anything which has beginning ends one day and then again it begins another day. Let us see what happens in future. Who knows when is Kalki Avatar coming to this world?