Is God Really Existed?

Is God real? What is proof? Why is he not visible?  Many people are confused whether God is real or unreal. Why do God not appear once and give evidence of his existence?

One friend of mine asked me, "Do you believe God?"." Yes". I replied." Then why is he not visible if he is really existed? I don’t believe God because I have never seen him". He told me, ''we can't believe the thing which is not seen.’’ "Then don't you believe air? I think you have not seen air". I told him with a smile, “Why do you accept the existence of air if you have never seen it?" Then he said," I feel existence of air that’s why I believe air". Thereafter I smiled and told him, "Yes, as you feel air I feel God so I believe God'. Then he could not give any concrete answer.

There are many things existed in the world which is invisible but we believe them. Infect, God is always with us. Only we don’t recognize him. He looks similar to us. So we are not able to find him .If we open the pages of religious history from the beginning of satya yug God is all the time living with people. He also takes birth, becomes old and dies like us because he also follows the rules of nature. He comes to this world because there is always threat on truth and religion. He is present in this world so that He can save truth. Lord Krishna tells in Mahabharat that whenever there is threat on truth and religion he comes to this world to save the devotees.

We believe God is all the time and age living with us. Then why can't we find him? What are the ways of recognizing him? How can we see him in overcrowded mass of people? There is very simple way. Infect God is truth and truth is God. That’s the reason truth wins ultimately. Following the God means following the truth and following the truth means worshipping the God. God is inside the heart of everyone. So we can reach to God by giving service to anyone. God is almighty. His power has no limitation. God is one but he is omnipresent. He is living everywhere.
God comes on this earth in three forms:
a. Incarnation of God: This form of God deserves direct supernatural power. Lord Krishna is an example.
b. Messenger of God: This form of God deserves indirect supernatural power. Lord Buddha is an example.
c. Part of God: This form of God has no supernatural power. However they are god because they give service. Mahatma Gandhi is an example.

There is God because truth is God. Service is God. Love is God. Goodness is God. God gives service by living inside the heart of good people. So, good people are god. It can be good saying that Man is that who is like a man. Evil is that who is like an evil and God is that who is like a God.

What are the Proofs that God is Real?
Is God real? This is again same question to you. I know you have already got so many answers. I also know that you are not satisfied with any of those answers which you have got before. You may be a student, a teacher, a researcher, or a reader. Let me write some incidents which are absolutely true and can be a good source for you to research on this regards.

It happens to myself. I was about 16 years old.  I was very curious to find out the causes and proofs of anything I listened or saw in my surroundings. One day unbelievable incidents happened. I wanted to examine God whether he is existed or not. For practical, I prayed God to make 5 rupees in my room and I shut the door. After a while I opened the door. I was very surprised because I found 5 rupees on the bed.

I know you don’t believe this incident. I can not force you to believe whatever I write. But it should be clear that I do not dare to write false in my own website because I know how it can affect the prospective in the future.

Let us say another event. It happened with my sister. We were going to Katmandu city.  We were near Katmandu. She came to know that someone had stolen her purse. She was very anxious because the purse was full of money. Later while getting down from the bus, she again checked the bus. She found her purse lying under the seat of another. She told me that she had prayed God to return her purse.

Let us talk about the students, teacher and study. Teachers always say to students that they should learn to succeed in exam. There was a student in my village that spent more time for praying God to be first in class than he studies. Who can think it? He was never first in class. But at that time he stood first in the class. Then he thanked God for it.

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Don’t worry if you don’t. There is an interesting event that can help you. My friend loved a girl in one side. He was not able to say her about it because it was not possible. The girl was far different by economy, age and profession. My friend always asked the God for the love with her. Whichever temples he faced he asked only one thing that was the girl he loved. I told him that was not possible because there was land to sky difference between them. But he did not loose hope and kept on asking with God wherever he went. Ultimately the girl herself proposed him.

Drought began in my city. There was no possibility of rainfall. According to the traditional belief, some people made a rally and worshipped God in the city. Tomorrow in the morning, it started to rain. Then the problem of the drought was solved.

There are several incidents in the world which are similar to the events mentioned above. These events are telling us by shouting that there is God really existed in the universe. If you tell it’s just co-incidence then I have a question to you, one case may be co-incidence, another case may be co-incidence but if there are several examples then it can’t be categorized as co-incidence. Some people say they don’t believe God. If you don’t’ believe God, then why do you take his name when you are in danger, fear or problem? I think you fully believe on God at the moment.

10 Reasons Why You Must Believe That God Is Real
Do you believe on God? Is God real? Is God really existed? What are the reasons that we must believe that God is real? These questions may arise in your mind when someone starts discussion on God. Personally, I absolutely believe on God even though I am a teacher, researcher and lawyer I mean an educated person who requires scientific cause or definite argument before believing anything. Although no one has seen God, majority of the people in the world believe on God. Why? I have tried to make it clear.

- First of all, I want to remind one question here which most of the people ask when they don’t believe on God, i.e. what is the proof that God is real? I have very simple question, yes, definitely question for right answer, i.e. what is the proof that God is not real?
- There are many supernatural cases and events in the world which are out of the control of science and they have been interpreted as the miracles of God. Those events are so amazing and they advocate the existence of God.
- God, religion and religious stories are so complex that they can’t be artificially imagined by anyone. So they seem real and they are absolutely real.
- God, religion and religious beliefs are universally existed. They are found in every nook and corner of the world. There is no country where there is no influence of God and religion.
- Religion is ancient and traditional. God is not created overnight. Its belief is handed over from one generation to another. The first generation that started worshipping God must have seen God. So they handed over this belief to the next generation.
- God and religion can’t be categorized in the conservative belief because a mass of intellectuals, researchers and scientists believe on God.
- When you go through the religious stories of different Gods and Goddess, you will notice that God always wins in the war with evils. It proves that the Gods who fought with evils in past were really Gods.
- There are many predictions in the religious scriptures which are made by God and have come true in the latest time of the history.
- There are many historical, religious sources which can prove the existence of God in the universe.
-  The physical structure of the universe is very vast and amazing which must be made and controlled by God.
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