Are you in search of “Indrajal” {books of Tantra Mantra}? Why are you searching? Perhaps you want to be rich in short time. You want to be disappeared. You want to persuade a girl. You have to control ghost. OK, you want to talk with the dead man. If you are in search of such books, then you have arrived in a right place. I definitely tell you where the books are found.

These books are found in the market of the famous city nearby your village or in the internet. But can you believe on those books? If you believe, I have a question to you. If it is true why are those books seller selling those books at 100 Rs, 50 Rs etc? Why don‘t they use the books themselves?

Such books are nothing more than a fake which results waste of money and time. People can take you as witch when you are caught with those books. Your mind may be disturbed and you may be victim of mental diseases. So, don’t use them. I think selling those books should be made illegal as they destroy the life of innocent people.
Discovered by +Don Prince