Some people blindly follow others suggestions. Do you know why? You may have experienced your boss believes immediately whatever he is suggested. How does it happen?

Here is a short illustration
Tom was a teacher in a private school. Harry was ill wisher of Tom. One day Harry said to the principal, ‘Tom is leaving school. He is going to establish another school.' Principal became aggressive and scolded at Tom. Tom explained it was not true. But he did not become convinced. When the wife of Tom convinced him, he understood.

What had happened?
We can not decide ourselves correctly when we are in pressure by mind. We will be more confused if we are struggling with any other matter in our mind. At the moment our conscious mind is fully off. It is like a ticket checker in cinema hall. When ticket checker is sleeping then anyone { any suggestion} can enter { go without filtration} into cinema hall { subconscious mind}. Then we believe blindly whatever we are suggested.
Discovered by +Don Prince