It happened when I was a little child. My grand mother was sick. My grand father and uncle were talking in the mid night. Something appeared in front of them. It had eyes in its chest and looked very fearful. It was a type of ghost which was called 'Murkatta' in our community. Before it attacks, my grand father chased the ghost away. Tomorrow in the morning my grand father and uncle explained it.

How did my grand father chase the ghost? How to chase ghost? If you ask this question to your grand father he will say that there is only one best way of chasing the ghost, i.e. burn fire. This is really very effective way to chase the ghost. The interesting thing is that the ghost definitely runs away if you burn fire. But have you ever thought why did ghost run away when you burn fire? What is the scientific reason behind it? The answer is very simple. When it is very dark and you get scared of ghost your mind will make the sketch of ghost and your eyes will see any object as ghost in front of you or your ear will start hearing the sound of ghost which is only your illusion. When you burn fire you will clearly see the object and there is no chance of illusion. Then you will be confirmed that there is no ghost and you won’t hear any sound of ghost.
Discovered by +Don Prince