'National Discovery' went to a village to research on ghost attack where a woman told a very interesting experience. She had a sister who used to go to the tap to bring water very early in the morning. One day when she was about to carry the water jar, she could not help herself. She felt someone standing back. So she asked for the help. Then she was answered, ' begging help without knowing'. When she looked back there was no one. She came to home and explained it to her sister. Then suddenly she started vomiting and died. Because according to the belief in the village, it was ghost which roamed in early morning.

Another man told another event. His friend had got up very early in the morning about 3 am which is believed to be the right time for ghost arrival. His house was besides the road. When he was standing near the road, a white horse came there, looked him and passed from there. Then he died because the white horse was a kind of ghost which roamed like that. If the horse sees the man, the man will die.

He told another event, it was a midnight. A woman was sleeping alone at home. Her husband had gone to city to work. Someone knocked at the door. She was quite. Then there was a sound coming from the door. The woman recognized the voice. It was her husband who was calling her to open the door. When her husband called her, she said, ' yeah, I am coming.' When she opened the door, there was no one at the door. She died at the moment because it was belief that ghost may call like that by making duplicate voice. If anyone replies up to three calls of the ghost will die. That is why in the village, if some one calls at the night, the reply only after the third times call.

We heard so many events about ghost attack in that village. Then we conclude that there is no strength in the story and arguments of the villagers. We did not find any story where the ghost attacks directly like a tiger or a murderer. All the stories seem to be imaginary stories. We don't believe on those types of ghost attacks. Neither do we believe on any type of ghost till now.

Now let us talk about an interesting matter of horror movies. If you watch old Indian horror movies, you will notice one common thing in all movies that the character who is going to be killed by ghost or who is being annoyed by ghost will see ghost. Other characters can’t see ghost even though they are staying together. Why? The answer is very interesting. Watching unreal thing like ghost is a type of psychological disorder. Who suffer from this disorder will see ghost, interact with it and may be attacked and die. Although that attack is not real, his death becomes real. Actually he is not killed by ghost but by his fear which is ghost for him. While talking about movie the writer is unknowingly familiar with this fact. So he makes the story where a character sees the ghost but other can not see it.
Discovered by +Don Prince