You have landed on this page to know how curse works. So I think there is no need to kill the time by explaining what the curse is. There are many events recorded in the history of human civilization that advocate the reality of curse. In this article, I clarify how they suffer after they get cursed by someone. This article deals with how curse works. It is not superstitious. It is scientific.

These two hypothetical stories can be milestone to make you understand clearly.
Story 1
Ram Bahadur was a 25 years old Indian guy living in a remote village. One day a hermit came to his doors by begging. He made fun of the hermit. Hermit cursed him, ‘May you die on coming full moon.’ When full moon came, Ram Bahadur died.

Story 2
Peter was a 26 years old American guy living in a famous city. Once he had visited India. In a car accident he unknowingly killed a boy. The boy’s mother, a 70 years old lady, cursed him, ‘You have to die with accident this year.’ 2 Years passed, Peter did not die.

Ram Bahadur believed on hermit’s curse. So he died. But Peter did not die. Because he did not believe on the lady’s curse.

What does science say?
Our mind has two sections, i.e. conscious and sub conscious mind. Sub conscious is  powerful mind. Whatever sub conscious mind  is suggested completely, it comes true.
Discovered by +Don Prince