London Vision Clinic, England has gifted Nepal two medical machines of 14 crore NC cost which has made ledger surgery to get rid of power glasses possible in Nepal. The service is available in Tilganga Eyes Hospital where Dr. Kishore Pradhan handles the operation who is one of the six specialists of the world for such type of operation. The hospital charges 45 thousands NC per patient which is cheapest in the world. India is charging 2 and half lakh IC. After all, the hospital is providing free services for poor patients.

The operation is done without using blade. So, it is not risky and expensive. The patient can see after 10 minutes of the operation. The time required for the operation is very less. However it takes at least 3 hours to examine. Till now the patient with up to +6 and -14 power glasses can go for operation in Nepal.
Discovered by +Don Prince