Development of the country depends on the political system. Although Republic is getting popularity there are many instances of the downfall of the country due to improper trial of republican system. The system should vary according to the situation of the country. Mostly it depends on the attitude of the people residing there. Which system is better? Here is a short research experimented in schools.

Case A
Mr. Harry teaches in a private school. He is a normal type of man. He is not too strict towards the students. He is going in accordance of the student’s desires and way while teaching his subject. There are 60 students in every class. After a few months Mr. Harry lost the job as he could not control the class and students could not get good result as he couldn’t control the class. There after another new teacher Mr. John came. He was very strict. He taught in his own way. His class was very strict. So he taught for many years because he gave good result. In this case Mr. Harry is the symbol of democracy and Mr. John is symbol of dictatorship. Which system got success there? Obviously, dictatorship got success because the students were undisciplined. They did not have good education and self discipline. So, democracy did not succeed.

Case B
Mr. Harry went to another school. There he could teach for long years because he gave good result. Students also were happy with him. He also liked them because they were self disciplined. He could control and maintain law easily in the class which resulted good progress in study. After some years Mr. Hurry had to go to his village as he got government job. By coincident Mr. John came to the same school as he had a quarrel with the head master. So he started teaching there in place of Mr. Harry. But he could leave the school after 6 months as he could not give good result because students never paid attention to his class. His autocratic nature made the students very frustrated. So he had to quit the job.

These two case studies have clearly said that there should be democracy where people are self disciplined and politically educated. Otherwise if people are politically unconscious and undisciplined, dictatorship can be good.

I think there is no country in the world where 100 percent people are disciplined. Likewise there is no country where people are only undisciplined. In this situation a new political line passes between these two lines which I call Democratic Dictatorship or New-ism.

Democratic dictatorship is the modified form of dictatorship where ruler examines the desires of the people, filters it and decides. His or her decision is final. Several rules made in the constitution of the country give a life to this system. But there is an essential conditional of this system, i.e. the ruler must be democratic by nature. But there are no tools to measure it. In the other hand human nature is changeable. Neither law can be maintained based on emotion and belief. However there is a solution too, i.e. making constitution by the people restricting the ruler.
Discovered by +Don Prince