This is the modern age of 21st century. However the footprints of conservative custom and tradition are still seen on the path of the society of Nepal. People being unaware and uneducated follow them blindly by underestimating the hidden cause of the practice of the conservative culture and tradition in the ancient time. Here is a short operation by the National Discovery on those sorts of super traditional practices in Nepal.

1. Is it sin to kill Brahmin?  Brahmin is regarded as the major and superior caste in Hindu Society. According to Hindu philosophy it is sin to kill Brahmin. So in the religious and historical stories, we often read Brahmins being forgiven even after committing major crime. Actually there is nothing true more than making all fool by the Brahmins to escape from the punishment with the help of such a rumor. It is sin to kill anyone. That is either Brahmin by caste or any other.
2. Can a widow marry? It is said that a widow can not marry throughout her life. If she gets married, it is a great sin. But it is also nothing more than making the custom by the men who feel extreme jealousies while they imagine their wife getting married and having sexual relation with any other.
3. Can we help spirit?  There is a system in the society of Nepal that the family of any dead man should offer cow, clothes, cot and other things to the priests believing that those things will be achieved by that dead man in heaven. It is clear that this is only a business of the priests.
4. Is Ghumto Pratha good? It is the custom prevalent in the Terai region of Nepal in which women cover their head, face before men. Actual source of this custom is the inner core of the heart of men where jealousy stays. As well as they want to prove themselves to be superior to women in the society.
5. Is king part of lord?  There is a ridiculous belief in Hinduism that king is the part of lord Vishnu. It is the praiseworthy trick and politics of the kings who modified and spread such a belief to save the kingship in the state.
6. Is Deuki Pratha a religion?  It is the system in Hinduism in which a girl child is offered to temple by the parents thinking that God will be happy with them. They believe that if they do so, they will reach heaven. Infect they can go only hell with this practice because many children are being abused in the temples by the priests. They are deprived of their child rights and human rights. Nowadays this practice is being vanished from the society as those offered girls are eloping with other boys from the temple.
7. Is Jhuma Pratha a religion?  This is also like Deuki Pratha but it belongs to Buddhism. Unlike Deuki Pratha Parents offer their girl child to the temple. She has to remain unmarried whole life and take care of the monastery. The priest called Lama of the monastery keeps illegal relation with her. The child born from her becomes Lama in future.
8. Is son necessary to reach heaven?  It is believed that son is a most to reach heaven. Actually this type of concept is developed while coffee talking about the quality of sons in the society.
9. Is child marriage a just?  It is said that if the girl child is married during her childhood, the parents will go to heaven. This type of custom was developed when people started searching quick ideas to get rid of their daughters.
10. Can a daughter feed parents?  It is said that a daughter should not feed her parents during their old age. This is 105% false. This concept is made to encourage gender inequality in the society.

At Last
This article has been written to aware the people and to remove the bad practices from the society of Nepal. There is not any intention to oppose or go against any caste, religion, custom, tradition and society. This is a totally secular article which has only aim to bring positive changes in the society through the internet.
Discovered by +Don Prince