You may have read many mythological stories where monster, human and even God gets cursed by hermits. The curse really comes true and they suffer. But is it possible in this 21st century? Can a person cursed by anyone? Does it come true? It is so tough to answer the question. Today no one believes on this type of thing. Neither can we hear any incident where someone curses another.

Madhav Sapkota {name changed} is resident of Sadaktol-5, Nijgadh, Bara of Nepal. About 20 years ago a hermit came to his door for begging. He scolded him and gave nothing. Consequently the hermit became so furious and cursed him not to have any son in future. It was a matter of fun at the moment. But now after 20 years, Madhav Sapkota has 9 daughters but no son at all. He is still waiting a son. He may have forgotten that hermit and his curse. But people still talk about it in the village.

The case mentioned above is the real case of my own village. I am sharing it so that it helps someone else to discover something new in science. Do you know such incident where curse has become true? If you do, feel easy to share it by commenting this post. Your comments can add a brick to those researchers who are researching on this concern.
Discovered by +Don Prince