‘Hello, who are you looking for?’ A 9 years old child Nabin {name changed} receives the phone. ‘Yes, he is at home.’ He replied again when he was asked about his father. His father and mother never used to receive the phone with unknown number. He was innocent who received it and opened the door of terror at his home. His father Tika Prasad {name changed} talked in phone. After a second Tika Prasad started to sweat even in cold season. His wife Gita {name changed} was asking about what had happened. But Tika Prasad couldn’t speak even a word. Gita snatched the phone. Someone spoke, ‘We need 1 millions within seven days, otherwise we will kill your husband, and if you go to police your whole family will see the face of death.’

The situation was very pitiful. The fear rented a room in this house. They started living by locking the gate even in the day time. Tika Prasad couldn’t go to office for two days. He had to go to Jhapa by leaving Birgunj where he was staying with his family. His eldest son was a student in Kathmandu. So now Gita had to deal everything to save her husband from the criminals’ group. At the moment a person was shot dead by an underground gang in the city. This event made them more scared. Gita asked help with the house master who had already faced the same problems in the past.

In the afternoon, Gita was alone in the room. The phone rang. She received the phone. ‘I think you don’t care your husband.’ ‘Please brother, leave us, we are not as rich as you think. How can we pay so much money?’ ‘We know everything about you, see, if you don’t give us money, and then forget your husband. We have already finished so many people in the city.’ Now Gita had no words to say more. She requested and begged for the life of her husband but she could not convince them. Now there was only one option, she had to bargain with the criminals and manage money for them.

With the help of the house master Pitambar, she met so many underground criminals to bargain with that group. She with Pitambar went to very remote villages and met some criminals. The criminals who were sitting in the middle of weapons and guns wanted to cheat her. She couldn’t believe them. She was in vain cheated by them and lost some money. In another hand Tika Prasad was being psychologically depressed. Gita was thinking how the criminal’s group had the number. She suspected some staffs of the office that were against Tika Prasad who was an engineer. She was in search of the solution. But there was no solution except paying money for them.

Ultimately, Gita collected money and bargained with the criminals, they agreed in a definite point. She was called in Parwanipur which was about 10 km far from Birgunj city. When she reached the right destination determined by the criminals, there was no one. But a man who seems very poor and thin was grazing the buffaloes. Gita had not thought the person was the same person who used to call her. But the man gave signal to her. She followed him. In a remote place, she noticed some other people hiding with arms and weapons. She paid money. However she was not sure that she could be escaped from their trap. But she could return in same condition from there.
Discovered by +Don Prince