There are many traditions in Nepal which are very amazing for the world. Some of them are given below.
Kumari- Kumari is the living Goddess in Nepal. There always remains a Kumari in Nepal. She is made after passing several tests like her virginity, quality, attitude etc. She can never get marry in life. After menstruation another Kumari is made by the same process. Kumari is worshiped by everyone. Even prime minister, president, king {there is no king} takes blessing by her.
Masto- Masto is a type of God in Khas community of Nepal. There is no statue of Masto. He is believed to enter in the body of Dhami, a traditional witch doctor. After that Dhami starts uttering future, doing unbelievable things like breaking iron chain, dipping hands in the boiling oil etc. So people worship him as a God.
Badi- Badi is a type of caste in western region of Nepal. The traditional profession of the Badi community is prostitution. Nowadays Badi is struggling with government to get proper right and representation.
Raute- Raute is a typical caste living a primitive life in the jungle in Nepal. They think agriculture as a sin. They live by cutting trees and making objects and exchanging it with food.
Discovered by +Don Prince