Sheela is a per-primary teacher in a private school. She says, ‘Children are very amazing. Once I asked with a child, ‘what should you call to your sister’s husband?’ the child said, ‘Ravi’ I could not stop my laughing because Ravi was 6 years old, and his sister was only 4 years old.

Today the children are loosing their childhood due to the extremely spreading media. Another teacher Ramila says, ‘once I told I love you children in class Nursery, and then a child said, ‘Miss, you can’t tell like that.’

Really, the world has been changed. There was a time of child marriage going on in our society. It is still prevalent in our country. Only the difference is that parents used to force children to marry at that time. But nowadays children are forcing to their parents.

Here is another interesting event. This is the event about 2 years ago. It was the time of examination. I was an invigilator in a class. The students of UKG to V were taking examination as it was the exam of junior section. Everything was going smoothly. I was very confident as it was the exam of junior section.

After an hour a student informed me that a student was cheating there. I checked that student and became surprised because that student was from UKG and he had brought cheat from home and he was copying it. I slapped him and inquired. He said that the cheat had been made by his elder sister who was in class V. Then I cancelled his exam and sent him back to home to call his parents for the further discussion.

It was really an amazing event in my teaching career. Cheating in exam by UKG student is not a joke. Anyway this event is the proof that the examination system in the country is not systematic. The cheating environment of the country has affected even a UKG child. So the government of the country must think about it. Otherwise there is a doubt that it can maintain quality education in the country.

There is another event taken place about 7 years ago when I was a teacher at nursery level. There was a student who never used to do homework. I beat him, threatened him. I applied almost all types of ideas. However, I was tired of his habit of coming school without homework.

One day, he brought homework. I thought this will be the last time of making homework by him or he has mistakenly made homework. But tomorrow also he made. I was surprised.  He started doing homework everyday. I shared this information with my principal and teachers. Everybody praised me that I had improved his habit. I also became very happy.

The days were passing. One day, he did not do homework. I investigated the matter. Then I was too surprised than before when I came to know the reason why he could make homework in those days. The reason is that he was giving Rs. 2 as a bribe to his classmate for making his homework. This message made all teachers amazed. Really, bribery by nursery children is very amazing. It shows that our country is really corrupted.
Discovered by +Don Prince