You may have heard many amazing events regarding child born. For examples, twins born, a child is man by head and goat by body, a child has 4 hands, a child is like a ghost, a child is like a snake etc. But do you believe a child can have a baby? And can you think that the child is not female but male? You believe or not but it happened in a village of Nepal. The name of the village is Nijgadh which lies in the Barr district of Narayani zone.

It happened with the baby of my own maternal uncle and aunty. It is the event of about 15 years ago. When I saw my brother or their son, his stomach was big like a pregnant woman. I childishly said, ‘The baby has baby.’ It was just a matter of joke for all. After a few months, the baby was taken to Kathmandu for treatment. After operation the doctor took out a small baby from the stomach of the brother which became an amazing event for the world. But the baby did not remain alive for a long time. However, it was taken to USA for research.

Now my brother named Mr. Surya Prakash Khulal is a student of intermediate level. He is a nice, healthy boy who is brilliant in study. Sometimes, when he does naughty things then his mother says, ‘You don’t know how I gave birth to you and sustained pains to grow up you.’ Then he says, ‘I know very well because I also gave birth to a baby when you gave birth to me.’ What a sense of humors?
Discovered by +Don Prince