Traveling by bus is not less risky in Nepal since the highways are very narrow and the traffic is too much. Driving is very risky job. One of the drivers of Hetaunda says, ‘Although we are careful, we may be hit by other careless vehicles.’ The fact is exactly true. Last month a dangerous accident was taken place on the East West Highway of Nepal in which about 25 passengers became normally injured and 3 were seriously injured who were taken to the capital city over night. It took long time to recover for them.

The bus was coming from Bagmati village of Sarlahi district. It was only 17 km left to reach the destination. But the bus met a serious accident on the way of Chandranigahapur forest. Mr. Saman Kshetri {name changed}, driver of the bus says, ‘We had just crossed the city and entered the jungle. We had come from the death ceremony of a relative of the bus owner. Some people in the bus had drunk wine as it was their culture. On the way it was difficult to find out the way properly. We were on the highway. The speed of the bus was only 45. Suddenly a mad woman appeared in front of the bus. It was impossible to hit the break, so while saving her I moved the bus to the right side but it became uncontrolled. Now the bus started going left and right side itself. The passengers started crying. I tried to control the bus but it suddenly jumped down leaving the highway. After the accident I with some other passengers and helper started to take the people out of the bus. 3 passengers were in serious condition due to over bleeding. Police van also arrived and controlled the situation.’

The helper of the bus says, ‘I was standing on the gate. When the bus was uncontrolled, I came to know that the bus was leaving the road because I had already faced same type of accident before 2 years with the same bus. In the third time I don’t think I could escape from the death. So I have decided to quit the profession.’ Now let us ask with the passengers. A passenger who was normally injured says, ‘Most of the people were injured as they were drunk. Some commonly injured. There was no fault of the driver. It happened all due to the mad woman who suddenly appeared on the road.’ The owner of the bus says, ‘I was also inside the bus. The bus has only 4 wheels, so the driver couldn’t control it. We must appreciate the driver’s skill which saved the lives of many people. Although it was a serious accident, no one died. Let us thank God.’

Sometimes accident happens without the fault of the driver. However there must have been a reason of any accident. For examples, narrow road, damaged road, extreme traffic etc. Everyone must be conscious while traveling. There is a good saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’
Discovered by +Don Prince