Once upon a time, in my neighbors a child accidentally cut his finger. It was miner accident, however his finger was bleeding. A young man suddenly took his sacred thread {secret thread is a type of thread which is given in baptism ceremony by Hindu Gurus}, caught the finger of the child and started spelling the spell which he got during his baptism {which is called the spell of sacred thread}. After a while when he moved his hand from the finger of child, the bleeding really stopped.

Isn’t it interesting? Do you have such thread and spell? If you are Hindu and especially you are from Brahmin and Kshetri cast then you definitely have. Don’t worry if you are not Hindu and Brahmin or Kshetri. I can help you. If you want to fix the problem like mentioned above, then you don’t need any sacred thread and any spell. If you catch the bleeding finger and don’t let the blood come out for a while then it stops.

Isn’t it funny? I know all of you know about it. But why am I saying this? I only want to say that we are educated; however we are somehow superstitious which can make us a character of sense of rumor as you are reading these articles to find out the spell which can fix the bleeding problem. There can’t be any spell and magic which can fix the health problem. That is the matter of medical science. So let us not believe on superstition and try to find out the scientific cause of any mysterious thing. At last I mention here that I am a Hindu and I am wearing that sacred thread and I also believe on the spell of sacred thread because it is related to religious devotion and religious science. But it has no connection with this type of  problems.
Discovered by +Don Prince