It was winter season. The weather was quite cold in the morning. My grand father’s brother came to our house. It was pretty good to hear that he was going to apply his spell power to find out the buffalo of a villager which lost in the jungle while grazing. We were very curious to see the spell, magic of him. He needed a little child who is less than 10 years old. We brothers and cousins competed to hold this chance. Fortunately, I was selected. It was a good opportunity for me to know whether the spell is real or not. There was still two days left to apply his magic procedure.

When the day came, So many villagers gathered on the courtyard of my uncle’s house. Everything was ready. Everyone was very curious. The grand father put black materials on my thumb which was mixed with oil. Then I sat down there. It was sunny at mid day 12 a.m.  Grand father stood behind me and instructed me to watch straightly towards my fingers not other than it. Then he started uttering spell. He asked me, ‘Now a house is seen there, isn’t there?’ It was amazing; a house was seen there even though it looked too little. He said, ‘ A woman comes’ ‘ Yes’ ‘ Then she opens the door’ Yes’ ‘Then she starts sweeping’ ‘No she is not sweeping.’ He started uttering spell again and said,’ ‘Oh God show to the child.’ Then I could see it.  He said ‘She starts arranging the sheet’ Yes.’ There after we come to the point. I searched buffalo there. Yes, I could see many buffaloes. It was in the jungle. A man was grazing and walking behind the buffaloes. He had worn the shawl on his head. Then, the buffalo was zoomed. I described the looks of the buffalo. It exactly matched with the lost buffalo. Then, I tried to know the location. I could describe the topography I was watching there. Then the place was estimated.

The next day the people went to the estimated location which was about 15 km far from our village. It was a matter of surprise the lost buffalo was found there. According to the man who found the buffalo, it had been lost in the jungle and mixed itself with his buffaloes and he had taken it in his village. Ultimately, the buffalo master got his buffalo back after the long conversation.

It was an amazing experience in my life. My grand father’s brother is still alive and he is popular in treating the diseases with medicinal herbs. He tells about his spell, ‘The spell also can make a child see the person who is already dead. It can make the child see whether the dead person is staying in the paradise or hell.’

What is reality? It is still a matter of discovery. Last month I described this event to my students while teaching them about tradition. One of my students said that he also had experienced the same thing with my grand father’s brother. He had found the lost gold with the help of the spell of my grand father’s brother.

Is that spell real? There is argument for both supporting and opposing it. I have a question regarding this matter. Why only a child who is less than 10 years old can see it? Is the reason that the person who is more than 10 years old can not be trapped into the illusion? In my opinion it's all about hypnosis.
Discovered by +Don Prince