It was the time for celebration of Dashain, great festival of Nepal. National Discovery has not come back from its destination. The team enjoyed visiting Janakpur {Janakpurdham}, Nepal, the city of goddess Sita or Janaki.

When we reached the old cottages in the religiously important villages, everywhere we noticed small huts of white soil with several paintings painted on the wall. What is the meaning of those paintings? When we asked question, a villager said, ‘There is belief in the village that the pictures of gods and goddess on the houses can chase the ghosts and bad evils from the house. They also draw the picture of snake, sun, moon, swastika etc.

These paintings are called Mithila Painting as it is the custom of Mithila, present Janakpur. This painting is also called Madhuwani Painting because this culture was brought from Madhuwanit of India.

We conclude that Nepal is rich in handcrafts like painting. Nepalese painting can tell lots of things about the history of Nepal and India. There is still need of research on it.
Discovered by +Don Prince