Sagar was a general employee in a factory. He met Akash there. They used to work together. They became good friends in short span of time. They often used to talk about the exploitation done by the factory owner. In course of time Sagar become the partner of the factory. Now he is not a general employee. He became one of the owners of the factory. Akash became very happy after knowing this matter. But his happiness converted into sadness when he was ignored by Sagar. Now Akash had lost his friend. He got a new owner instead of his friend. From that time forward Sagar never treated him as a friend. Rather Sagar started exploiting Akash and other employees in the factory.

The story above clearly states that exploitation is the matter which is actually hidden in the inner part of our mind. We criticize other when we are exploited but when we get a chance we never hesitate to exploit others. So exploitation has been never ending matter.
Discovered by +Don Prince