Pratik Became Ketlin

Santosh Panta is one of the most popular comedian actors of Nepal. He has two sons namely Sakar Pant and Pratik Pant. Both of his sons also were popular in his self hosted serial ‘Hijo Ajako Kura’. Now ‘Hijo Ajako Kura’ is closed in Nepal Television.

Today Santosh Panta had only one son, i.e. Sakar Panta. Do not worry, his youngest son Pratik Panta is also living in this world. But the only difference is that he is no more a boy like before. Now he is a girl after an expensive operation in Thailand.

According to ‘Saptahik’, the most popular weekly magazine of Nepal, Pratik Panta felt difficulty from the time of his high school days. He could not express his problem to anyone. But he had to tell about it to his lovely mother when it became very difficult for him to fight with his physical and mental changes. First his mother did not believe it at all. She thought his son was just kidding with her. But later she herself realized that Pratik was behaving like a girl. Then Pratik was taken to hospital for medical advice.

Medical doctor reported that Pratik Pant is mentally a female as he had more female hormone. Now Pratik Panta wanted to become a girl. He had already searched it in Google and found out that gender can be changed if ones body could pass some basic requirements. So Pratik Panta started having medicine to grow up female hormone. Due to the effect of medicine his breast grew up, waist became thin and some particular changes occurred. However he was a boy by his gender. Ultimately he was taken to Thailand by his brother Sakar Panta. At first his passport had been rejected by Thailand as he was a female by body structure and male by name and identity. But later this problem was solved. When he was taken to Thailand, doctors did not believe the report sent by Nepal doctors. They took a test again. Thereafter his gender was changed. Now she is living a normal life of a girl. Her name is Ketlin.

Now Ketlin Panta is very happy with her decision. Not only her family members but also many people in Nepal are praising her strong decision. She is the first person changing gender in Nepal’s history. When she was asked about sex, she said that she could do it after three months according to the doctor’s advice. She was also asked about marriage. Then she said that she had not planned it. But she is willing to marry in future. Let us see, when she will marry and who will be the life partner of such a brave girl.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Get Rid of Power Glasses

London Vision Clinic, England has gifted Nepal two medical machines of 14 crore NC cost which has made ledger surgery to get rid of power glasses possible in Nepal. The service is available in Tilganga Eyes Hospital where Dr. Kishore Pradhan handles the operation who is one of the six specialists of the world for such type of operation. The hospital charges 45 thousands NC per patient which is cheapest in the world. India is charging 2 and half lakh IC. After all, the hospital is providing free services for poor patients.

The operation is done without using blade. So, it is not risky and expensive. The patient can see after 10 minutes of the operation. The time required for the operation is very less. However it takes at least 3 hours to examine. Till now the patient with up to +6 and -14 power glasses can go for operation in Nepal.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Is Paypal Available in Nepal?

PayPal is probably the easiest means of money transaction in the world. Though it is popular in the developed countries, it is not available in Nepal. As a result millions of bloggers and online entrepreneurs suffer when the issue of international money transaction comes in online business.

Why is PayPal not available in Nepal? There are many reasons. The main obstacle is that Nepal Central Bank requires an explanation to the money coming in and going out from Nepal. However one can sign up freely in PayPal by using US or Indian Bank Account to get verify. But the bad news is that such types of accounts are being closed after one or two months of the verification.
I read some articles through Google Search to know about possible alternatives of the verification of PayPal Account in Nepal. After a long study, I found that the alternatives are just waste of time. The power of PayPal can’t be ignored. PayPal can be availed in Nepal if any international bank is interested to open branch of office in Nepal. Let us hope that the people  of Nepal will get the facility of PayPal in near future.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Mithila Painting

It was the time for celebration of Dashain, great festival of Nepal. National Discovery has not come back from its destination. The team enjoyed visiting Janakpur {Janakpurdham}, Nepal, the city of goddess Sita or Janaki.

When we reached the old cottages in the religiously important villages, everywhere we noticed small huts of white soil with several paintings painted on the wall. What is the meaning of those paintings? When we asked question, a villager said, ‘There is belief in the village that the pictures of gods and goddess on the houses can chase the ghosts and bad evils from the house. They also draw the picture of snake, sun, moon, swastika etc.

These paintings are called Mithila Painting as it is the custom of Mithila, present Janakpur. This painting is also called Madhuwani Painting because this culture was brought from Madhuwanit of India.

We conclude that Nepal is rich in handcrafts like painting. Nepalese painting can tell lots of things about the history of Nepal and India. There is still need of research on it.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Funny Facts about Milk and Snake

Most of us buy milk with milkman. We have a same complain with the milkman, ‘Why do you mix water in milk?’ we are really so angry with him. But we forget one thing that the pure milk also contains 30% water.

We often believe snake dances if there is music of its favorite instrument. We also watch it in cinema. But does a snake have capacity to hear? How can it hear music? If you know about it, feel free to share with comment form.

Update: Snake hears from its tongue.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Dr. Rai Changed the Hairy Face of Bhawana Thami

Bhawana Thami, one of the daughters of Kaluman Thami, a resident of Kalinchouck VDC, Dolakha of Nepal was an eight years old sad looking child with partially hairy face like that of Chimapanzee  of ancient time. Now she has become a happy girl with charming face after six hours long constructive surgery by a kind doctor of Kathmandu Model Hospital, Nepal named Dr. Shankarman Rai. Dr. Shankarman Rai and his team succeeded this operation on 28th February.

According to an article of Vijay Kumar Panday published in Kantipur Daily newspaper, Dr. Shankarman Rai had handled this operation at free of cost. Dr. Shankarman Rai who had completed his study in medical science in USA is doing several plastic surgeries of poor patients at free of cost. Today’s professional world must learn a lesson from the great deeds of Dr. Rai.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Amazing Nepal

There are many traditions in Nepal which are very amazing for the world. Some of them are given below.
Kumari- Kumari is the living Goddess in Nepal. There always remains a Kumari in Nepal. She is made after passing several tests like her virginity, quality, attitude etc. She can never get marry in life. After menstruation another Kumari is made by the same process. Kumari is worshiped by everyone. Even prime minister, president, king {there is no king} takes blessing by her.
Masto- Masto is a type of God in Khas community of Nepal. There is no statue of Masto. He is believed to enter in the body of Dhami, a traditional witch doctor. After that Dhami starts uttering future, doing unbelievable things like breaking iron chain, dipping hands in the boiling oil etc. So people worship him as a God.
Badi- Badi is a type of caste in western region of Nepal. The traditional profession of the Badi community is prostitution. Nowadays Badi is struggling with government to get proper right and representation.
Raute- Raute is a typical caste living a primitive life in the jungle in Nepal. They think agriculture as a sin. They live by cutting trees and making objects and exchanging it with food.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Amazing Children

Sheela is a per-primary teacher in a private school. She says, ‘Children are very amazing. Once I asked with a child, ‘what should you call to your sister’s husband?’ the child said, ‘Ravi’ I could not stop my laughing because Ravi was 6 years old, and his sister was only 4 years old.

Today the children are loosing their childhood due to the extremely spreading media. Another teacher Ramila says, ‘once I told I love you children in class Nursery, and then a child said, ‘Miss, you can’t tell like that.’

Really, the world has been changed. There was a time of child marriage going on in our society. It is still prevalent in our country. Only the difference is that parents used to force children to marry at that time. But nowadays children are forcing to their parents.

Here is another interesting event. This is the event about 2 years ago. It was the time of examination. I was an invigilator in a class. The students of UKG to V were taking examination as it was the exam of junior section. Everything was going smoothly. I was very confident as it was the exam of junior section.

After an hour a student informed me that a student was cheating there. I checked that student and became surprised because that student was from UKG and he had brought cheat from home and he was copying it. I slapped him and inquired. He said that the cheat had been made by his elder sister who was in class V. Then I cancelled his exam and sent him back to home to call his parents for the further discussion.

It was really an amazing event in my teaching career. Cheating in exam by UKG student is not a joke. Anyway this event is the proof that the examination system in the country is not systematic. The cheating environment of the country has affected even a UKG child. So the government of the country must think about it. Otherwise there is a doubt that it can maintain quality education in the country.

There is another event taken place about 7 years ago when I was a teacher at nursery level. There was a student who never used to do homework. I beat him, threatened him. I applied almost all types of ideas. However, I was tired of his habit of coming school without homework.

One day, he brought homework. I thought this will be the last time of making homework by him or he has mistakenly made homework. But tomorrow also he made. I was surprised.  He started doing homework everyday. I shared this information with my principal and teachers. Everybody praised me that I had improved his habit. I also became very happy.

The days were passing. One day, he did not do homework. I investigated the matter. Then I was too surprised than before when I came to know the reason why he could make homework in those days. The reason is that he was giving Rs. 2 as a bribe to his classmate for making his homework. This message made all teachers amazed. Really, bribery by nursery children is very amazing. It shows that our country is really corrupted.
Discovered by +Don Prince

A Newly Born Baby Became the Father of Another

You may have heard many amazing events regarding child born. For examples, twins born, a child is man by head and goat by body, a child has 4 hands, a child is like a ghost, a child is like a snake etc. But do you believe a child can have a baby? And can you think that the child is not female but male? You believe or not but it happened in a village of Nepal. The name of the village is Nijgadh which lies in the Barr district of Narayani zone.

It happened with the baby of my own maternal uncle and aunty. It is the event of about 15 years ago. When I saw my brother or their son, his stomach was big like a pregnant woman. I childishly said, ‘The baby has baby.’ It was just a matter of joke for all. After a few months, the baby was taken to Kathmandu for treatment. After operation the doctor took out a small baby from the stomach of the brother which became an amazing event for the world. But the baby did not remain alive for a long time. However, it was taken to USA for research.

Now my brother named Mr. Surya Prakash Khulal is a student of intermediate level. He is a nice, healthy boy who is brilliant in study. Sometimes, when he does naughty things then his mother says, ‘You don’t know how I gave birth to you and sustained pains to grow up you.’ Then he says, ‘I know very well because I also gave birth to a baby when you gave birth to me.’ What a sense of humors?
Discovered by +Don Prince

A Moment of Accident

Traveling by bus is not less risky in Nepal since the highways are very narrow and the traffic is too much. Driving is very risky job. One of the drivers of Hetaunda says, ‘Although we are careful, we may be hit by other careless vehicles.’ The fact is exactly true. Last month a dangerous accident was taken place on the East West Highway of Nepal in which about 25 passengers became normally injured and 3 were seriously injured who were taken to the capital city over night. It took long time to recover for them.

The bus was coming from Bagmati village of Sarlahi district. It was only 17 km left to reach the destination. But the bus met a serious accident on the way of Chandranigahapur forest. Mr. Saman Kshetri {name changed}, driver of the bus says, ‘We had just crossed the city and entered the jungle. We had come from the death ceremony of a relative of the bus owner. Some people in the bus had drunk wine as it was their culture. On the way it was difficult to find out the way properly. We were on the highway. The speed of the bus was only 45. Suddenly a mad woman appeared in front of the bus. It was impossible to hit the break, so while saving her I moved the bus to the right side but it became uncontrolled. Now the bus started going left and right side itself. The passengers started crying. I tried to control the bus but it suddenly jumped down leaving the highway. After the accident I with some other passengers and helper started to take the people out of the bus. 3 passengers were in serious condition due to over bleeding. Police van also arrived and controlled the situation.’

The helper of the bus says, ‘I was standing on the gate. When the bus was uncontrolled, I came to know that the bus was leaving the road because I had already faced same type of accident before 2 years with the same bus. In the third time I don’t think I could escape from the death. So I have decided to quit the profession.’ Now let us ask with the passengers. A passenger who was normally injured says, ‘Most of the people were injured as they were drunk. Some commonly injured. There was no fault of the driver. It happened all due to the mad woman who suddenly appeared on the road.’ The owner of the bus says, ‘I was also inside the bus. The bus has only 4 wheels, so the driver couldn’t control it. We must appreciate the driver’s skill which saved the lives of many people. Although it was a serious accident, no one died. Let us thank God.’

Sometimes accident happens without the fault of the driver. However there must have been a reason of any accident. For examples, narrow road, damaged road, extreme traffic etc. Everyone must be conscious while traveling. There is a good saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’
Discovered by +Don Prince

A Few Words about Exploitation

Sagar was a general employee in a factory. He met Akash there. They used to work together. They became good friends in short span of time. They often used to talk about the exploitation done by the factory owner. In course of time Sagar become the partner of the factory. Now he is not a general employee. He became one of the owners of the factory. Akash became very happy after knowing this matter. But his happiness converted into sadness when he was ignored by Sagar. Now Akash had lost his friend. He got a new owner instead of his friend. From that time forward Sagar never treated him as a friend. Rather Sagar started exploiting Akash and other employees in the factory.

The story above clearly states that exploitation is the matter which is actually hidden in the inner part of our mind. We criticize other when we are exploited but when we get a chance we never hesitate to exploit others. So exploitation has been never ending matter.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why did not Hawking Die?

I was teaching the biography of Stephen Hawking where I described how Hawking was said by his doctors that he could live only about 2 years; how he did not loose heart and live more years till today. One of my students asked me, ‘Why could he live even though he was said to die within 2 years?’

Really, it was a good question. Infect no one has thought of this question. What is the scientific reason behind it? Why did not he die? I thought a minute and got the answer. It was actually the power of confidence. It is said that the biggest discovery of 19th century is the power of confidence. It was inspiration, faith and confidence which could make Hawking remain alive and get success in life.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why are You Being Followed?

A man had a shop in the market. After a month he was asked rent cost form the house owner. He promised to give after one week. After one week he did not pay. The owner did not tell him any thing. But he was seen all the time around. Now the man was thinking that he is followed by him.

What do you guess from the case above? Actually the owner had nothing to do except roaming here and there. So he was all the time seen there. He had such a habit before the shopkeeper came there. The problem is only with the shopkeeper’s psychology.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Scientific Reasons behind the Traditional Beliefs of Hindus

Hindu culture is somewhat superstitious. However some traditional beliefs are unquestionable. Some to the norms and values of Hindus are very scientific. There are some notable points given below to clarify it completely.

A baby child should not sleep between mother and father- If a baby child sleeps between parents, he or she may be crushed by parents as they may have habit of moving while sleeping.
Do not touch the female while she is in menstruation period- If you touch her you may be sick by virus.
Drinking urine of the cow is sacred activity- It can kill harmful bacteria inside your stomach.
Eating meat is anti religious activity- It decreases your age of life.
Drinking wine is sin- It is injurious to health.
Don’t wash cloth at night- Yes, never wash cloth at night because there is no sun at night.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Magic of Writing

Some people write along with watching TV. Some dull students mimic the answers of others to complete homework. Once I was crazy about writing to understand any chapter. Think a minute, writing really improves our understanding. Writing magically improves quality. The most amazing thing is that writing helps us even though we write without concentration. Let me explain it with illustration. A boy is copying answers from text book. But his concentration is towards cricket match on TV. However he can improve his quality.

Let me tell you how?
Our subconscious mind is thousands times smarter than our conscious mind. Whatever we are writing will be stored in our subconscious mind as our conscious mind is busy or off due to TV. Ultimately the stored knowledge in the subconscious mind through writing improves the quality.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Is Time Machine Possible?

The Time Machine is a famous novel. There are some movies in Hollywood and Bollywood which are based on time machine. Is time machine possible? Stephen Hawking is in research of Time Machine.

Can we go back to past? Can we reach future? These questions are connected with time machine. My friend told me, ‘We can reach future or past if there is existence of future or past somewhere in the universe. But if there is not such existence then how can time machine be possible?

In my opinion time machine is 100% possible. We can surely reach future and past. These are really existed but there are not concrete thing which can be existed somewhere in the universe. These are abstract thing which are existed around us. We can go there with the power of our mind. It means when time machine will be made, we can reach future or past but not physically rather mentally.
Discovered by +Don Prince

How You Blindly Believe Suggestions?

Some people blindly follow others suggestions. Do you know why? You may have experienced your boss believes immediately whatever he is suggested. How does it happen?

Here is a short illustration
Tom was a teacher in a private school. Harry was ill wisher of Tom. One day Harry said to the principal, ‘Tom is leaving school. He is going to establish another school.' Principal became aggressive and scolded at Tom. Tom explained it was not true. But he did not become convinced. When the wife of Tom convinced him, he understood.

What had happened?
We can not decide ourselves correctly when we are in pressure by mind. We will be more confused if we are struggling with any other matter in our mind. At the moment our conscious mind is fully off. It is like a ticket checker in cinema hall. When ticket checker is sleeping then anyone { any suggestion} can enter { go without filtration} into cinema hall { subconscious mind}. Then we believe blindly whatever we are suggested.
Discovered by +Don Prince

How to See Lucid Dream?

It’s exactly the lucid dream when you know you are dreaming in your dream. What would you do if you knew that you were dreaming? It’s funny game. But it’s more than a game. Look at some examples.

- Those who can see lucid dream may predict future.
- We can impact our life positively by doing positive activities in our dream.

Felling curious? Let me teach you how to see lucid dream.

Everyday say yourself once before you sleep, ‘ I will know I am dreaming.’
Try everyday till you have lucid dream.

How Does It Works?
When subconscious mind gets message everyday that you want to know you are dreaming. It fulfills your desire by telling you in your dream that you are dreaming.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Curse Came True

You may have read many mythological stories where monster, human and even God gets cursed by hermits. The curse really comes true and they suffer. But is it possible in this 21st century? Can a person cursed by anyone? Does it come true? It is so tough to answer the question. Today no one believes on this type of thing. Neither can we hear any incident where someone curses another.

Madhav Sapkota {name changed} is resident of Sadaktol-5, Nijgadh, Bara of Nepal. About 20 years ago a hermit came to his door for begging. He scolded him and gave nothing. Consequently the hermit became so furious and cursed him not to have any son in future. It was a matter of fun at the moment. But now after 20 years, Madhav Sapkota has 9 daughters but no son at all. He is still waiting a son. He may have forgotten that hermit and his curse. But people still talk about it in the village.

The case mentioned above is the real case of my own village. I am sharing it so that it helps someone else to discover something new in science. Do you know such incident where curse has become true? If you do, feel easy to share it by commenting this post. Your comments can add a brick to those researchers who are researching on this concern.
Discovered by +Don Prince

A Person Who Sees Future by Analyzing His Dream

Daniel, a superhuman, sent by Stan Lee, walking on a mission to discover the superhuman of the world for the show on Discovery Channel named Stan Lee’s Superhuman has found a person who sees future by analyzing his dream.

Chris Robinson is the person who is famous for his extra ordinary power to see the future by analyzing his dream. In 1991 A.D. he had dreamt of some terrorists robbing a bank. When he informed police, police killed the robbers on the spot.

What is the mystery behind Chris’s power? When Daniel took him to psychiatric, he said that Chris could do it by controlling his subconscious mind. Even though the people in western world suspect such type of psychic power, many international spy agencies are taking help with such people.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Can Dream Be True?

Dream is the manifestation of your desire hidden in your subconscious mind. As your subconscious mind always attempts to fulfill your desires in dream, the dream also may come to true in reality.

Yes, your subconscious mind is so powerful. It can fulfill your desires which you visualize in dream. So dream may come true. Have you ever experienced it?

Story of a Witch Victim

Mr. Amit Baral had been lying on the bed for a week due to an illness. After the departure of a witchdoctor National Discovery Channel reached there. ‘Mr. Amit, can you explain me what had actually happened with you?’ Then he started staring towards me and began to speak, ‘it was midnight, I was alone in my room. I heard a strange sound coming from out of the window. I quietly opened windows, and then I saw a lady under the tree. She was cloth less and playing with some bones surrounding her with several lambs. Suddenly she saw me and ran towards me by eating the bone. Then I screamed and fell into unconsciousness.’

Dr. Barma from India says that there can be three reasons behind it. First, the nude lady could be a real witch because there many questions in the world which can’t be answered by science. The second thing is that it may be only superstition in the village. The lady may have been trying witchcraft which is not existed in the world. The third reason is that it may be only the illusion of Mr Amit. Or say, it is a kind of psychological disorder where the patient sees what he fears about.’

Although modern society does not believe on witch, there are several incidents like this in the society. Infect, punishing a woman in the name of witch is not a just. It needs lots of research to prove or do not prove witch in the society.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Indrajal, Tantra, Mantra and Totke

Are you in search of “Indrajal” {books of Tantra Mantra}? Why are you searching? Perhaps you want to be rich in short time. You want to be disappeared. You want to persuade a girl. You have to control ghost. OK, you want to talk with the dead man. If you are in search of such books, then you have arrived in a right place. I definitely tell you where the books are found.

These books are found in the market of the famous city nearby your village or in the internet. But can you believe on those books? If you believe, I have a question to you. If it is true why are those books seller selling those books at 100 Rs, 50 Rs etc? Why don‘t they use the books themselves?

Such books are nothing more than a fake which results waste of money and time. People can take you as witch when you are caught with those books. Your mind may be disturbed and you may be victim of mental diseases. So, don’t use them. I think selling those books should be made illegal as they destroy the life of innocent people.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Can Ghost Come on Day?

No one has seen ghost. Neither is there event of ghost attack. Every one heard ghost stories. I also heard some events about ghost with my grandfather before 20 years. But just day before I asked a question ‘Do you believe on ghost?’ he said, ‘I can’t say because I haven’t seen ghost.’ He forgot that he had already told me that he had met ghost. Actually old people tell lots of lies. So there is confusion in the society.

If there is ghost why can it come on day? Famous movie Vampire shows that the ghost can’t come on day. Actually it’s real that ghost can’t come on day because ghost may be the illusion of our eyes. It‘s not possible to deceive our eyes on day.
Discovered by +Don Prince

A Mantra to Stop Bleeding

Once upon a time, in my neighbors a child accidentally cut his finger. It was miner accident, however his finger was bleeding. A young man suddenly took his sacred thread {secret thread is a type of thread which is given in baptism ceremony by Hindu Gurus}, caught the finger of the child and started spelling the spell which he got during his baptism {which is called the spell of sacred thread}. After a while when he moved his hand from the finger of child, the bleeding really stopped.

Isn’t it interesting? Do you have such thread and spell? If you are Hindu and especially you are from Brahmin and Kshetri cast then you definitely have. Don’t worry if you are not Hindu and Brahmin or Kshetri. I can help you. If you want to fix the problem like mentioned above, then you don’t need any sacred thread and any spell. If you catch the bleeding finger and don’t let the blood come out for a while then it stops.

Isn’t it funny? I know all of you know about it. But why am I saying this? I only want to say that we are educated; however we are somehow superstitious which can make us a character of sense of rumor as you are reading these articles to find out the spell which can fix the bleeding problem. There can’t be any spell and magic which can fix the health problem. That is the matter of medical science. So let us not believe on superstition and try to find out the scientific cause of any mysterious thing. At last I mention here that I am a Hindu and I am wearing that sacred thread and I also believe on the spell of sacred thread because it is related to religious devotion and religious science. But it has no connection with this type of  problems.
Discovered by +Don Prince

A Mantra to Find out the Lost Thing

It was winter season. The weather was quite cold in the morning. My grand father’s brother came to our house. It was pretty good to hear that he was going to apply his spell power to find out the buffalo of a villager which lost in the jungle while grazing. We were very curious to see the spell, magic of him. He needed a little child who is less than 10 years old. We brothers and cousins competed to hold this chance. Fortunately, I was selected. It was a good opportunity for me to know whether the spell is real or not. There was still two days left to apply his magic procedure.

When the day came, So many villagers gathered on the courtyard of my uncle’s house. Everything was ready. Everyone was very curious. The grand father put black materials on my thumb which was mixed with oil. Then I sat down there. It was sunny at mid day 12 a.m.  Grand father stood behind me and instructed me to watch straightly towards my fingers not other than it. Then he started uttering spell. He asked me, ‘Now a house is seen there, isn’t there?’ It was amazing; a house was seen there even though it looked too little. He said, ‘ A woman comes’ ‘ Yes’ ‘ Then she opens the door’ Yes’ ‘Then she starts sweeping’ ‘No she is not sweeping.’ He started uttering spell again and said,’ ‘Oh God show to the child.’ Then I could see it.  He said ‘She starts arranging the sheet’ Yes.’ There after we come to the point. I searched buffalo there. Yes, I could see many buffaloes. It was in the jungle. A man was grazing and walking behind the buffaloes. He had worn the shawl on his head. Then, the buffalo was zoomed. I described the looks of the buffalo. It exactly matched with the lost buffalo. Then, I tried to know the location. I could describe the topography I was watching there. Then the place was estimated.

The next day the people went to the estimated location which was about 15 km far from our village. It was a matter of surprise the lost buffalo was found there. According to the man who found the buffalo, it had been lost in the jungle and mixed itself with his buffaloes and he had taken it in his village. Ultimately, the buffalo master got his buffalo back after the long conversation.

It was an amazing experience in my life. My grand father’s brother is still alive and he is popular in treating the diseases with medicinal herbs. He tells about his spell, ‘The spell also can make a child see the person who is already dead. It can make the child see whether the dead person is staying in the paradise or hell.’

What is reality? It is still a matter of discovery. Last month I described this event to my students while teaching them about tradition. One of my students said that he also had experienced the same thing with my grand father’s brother. He had found the lost gold with the help of the spell of my grand father’s brother.

Is that spell real? There is argument for both supporting and opposing it. I have a question regarding this matter. Why only a child who is less than 10 years old can see it? Is the reason that the person who is more than 10 years old can not be trapped into the illusion? In my opinion it's all about hypnosis.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why Can’t Divine Power be Examined?

Some divine power believers believe that divine power can’t’ be tested or examined. Is it true? Yes, I personally believe that it can’t’ be tested. If it is for examine it may not work. Do you know why?

Each power is scientific. Some powers work from faith or power of faith. When it is tested or it is only for examination then it is not trusted and then it does not work.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Where is Ramgram?

Where is Ram-gram? Before finding answer of this question, you should know what’s there in the village named Ram-gram. By the way, Ram-gram is the maternal uncle’s house of Lord Buddha.

Ram-gram is said to be in India. I am shocked when a policeman told me, ‘I know Gautama Buddha was born in Nepal not in India. But people in abroad think like that.’ He said, ‘Look, this is Ram-gram and exactly falls in Nepal’s boundary.’

By the way, I also hear such rumors. If you think Gautama Buddha is from India, you should know that he is not from India. He was born in Nepal. And he was enlightened in India.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Mysterious Questions

  1. During Second World War, a journalist asked with Elbert Einstein, ‘what sorts of weapons will be used if there is Third World War? Einstein answered, ‘I don’t’ have idea about the Third World War, but if there is Fourth world war, then stone weapon will be used.’ Are we returning to the Stone Age after completing a cycle?
  2. The age of Mayan Calendar was 25000 years. Kali Yuga started 25000 years ago. Was the world going to be ended with Mayan Calendar?
  3. Some people can predict future. Is our life a previously written story?

How to Read the Mind of the People?

How to read the mind of the people? Power to read the mind of the people is a God gift which can’t’ be gained by reading any science of intellectual world. However, I am going to share some ideas which can be the key to unlock the locked mind of the people. Here is a list of ideas to know the thinking and attitude of the people.

- Face of the People: People’s face clearly says their attitude and nature. If you analysis the attitude of similar faces you will have the ideas.
- Word Analysis: People unknowingly express their habit, nature and thinking while talking. So listen carefully to the person talking with you. Try to analysis his/her each and every word. Talk more and more time with him. He will definitely leave clue to his nature.
- Company of the Person: People often keep company with like minded persons. You can find his habit by knowing the habit of his friends.
- Costumes: People choose their costumes according to their attitude. Their dress clearly represents their concept.
- Facial Expression: People’s mind regularly sends signals toward the face. You can find out the unexpressed responses in their face.
- Physical Expression: Sitting posture, walking style, movement of physical organs etc tell the trend of the people.
- Heredity: It is very easy to estimate the habit of persons by analyzing the habit of his relative like father, mother, brothers, sisters etc.
- Comparing People: Comparing two persons of same face, attitude etc can help to estimate the nature of other people.
- Analyzing Behavior: we can know the nature of the persons also by analyzing his behavior towards other people especially that of people who have low profile in comparison to him.
- Analyzing Creation: People leave the signal of their attitude and nature in their creation like story, poem, painting etc.
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How Curse Works?

You have landed on this page to know how curse works. So I think there is no need to kill the time by explaining what the curse is. There are many events recorded in the history of human civilization that advocate the reality of curse. In this article, I clarify how they suffer after they get cursed by someone. This article deals with how curse works. It is not superstitious. It is scientific.

These two hypothetical stories can be milestone to make you understand clearly.
Story 1
Ram Bahadur was a 25 years old Indian guy living in a remote village. One day a hermit came to his doors by begging. He made fun of the hermit. Hermit cursed him, ‘May you die on coming full moon.’ When full moon came, Ram Bahadur died.

Story 2
Peter was a 26 years old American guy living in a famous city. Once he had visited India. In a car accident he unknowingly killed a boy. The boy’s mother, a 70 years old lady, cursed him, ‘You have to die with accident this year.’ 2 Years passed, Peter did not die.

Ram Bahadur believed on hermit’s curse. So he died. But Peter did not die. Because he did not believe on the lady’s curse.

What does science say?
Our mind has two sections, i.e. conscious and sub conscious mind. Sub conscious is  powerful mind. Whatever sub conscious mind  is suggested completely, it comes true.
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Doctor’s Advice

photo for illustration only 
Once my friend’s brother suffered from fever. A new doctor told him not to eat food till the fever is cured. Now he left eating and became weaker. No suggestion worked with him. At last with my suggestion my friend took him with the same doctor. When doctor said that he could eat food when fever is down. He started eating.

Some suggestions are when given by reliable person will be difficult to be filtered by conscious mind. They can only be replaced by another suggestion by the same person or other reliable person more than him.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Can Anyone Predict Future?

Future is also like past and present. There is present and there was past. It means there will be future. Obviously one can predict future if it is existed.

There are many people who are helping agents and spies with their psychic power. It is proof that future can be predicted. Our life is like a written script which can be read if we try.
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Amazing Celebration

Yesterday I attained a birthday party of my friend. It was so exciting. People from different walks of life came. A huge amount of money had been expended.

All of us celebrate our birthday. But have you ever asked a question yourself?  How far is it justified to celebrate our birthday ourselves? How can we be happy and celebrate the day we came to this world? I think we should do something for the society and let the people be happy and celebrate our birthday.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Democratic Dictatorship

Development of the country depends on the political system. Although Republic is getting popularity there are many instances of the downfall of the country due to improper trial of republican system. The system should vary according to the situation of the country. Mostly it depends on the attitude of the people residing there. Which system is better? Here is a short research experimented in schools.

Case A
Mr. Harry teaches in a private school. He is a normal type of man. He is not too strict towards the students. He is going in accordance of the student’s desires and way while teaching his subject. There are 60 students in every class. After a few months Mr. Harry lost the job as he could not control the class and students could not get good result as he couldn’t control the class. There after another new teacher Mr. John came. He was very strict. He taught in his own way. His class was very strict. So he taught for many years because he gave good result. In this case Mr. Harry is the symbol of democracy and Mr. John is symbol of dictatorship. Which system got success there? Obviously, dictatorship got success because the students were undisciplined. They did not have good education and self discipline. So, democracy did not succeed.

Case B
Mr. Harry went to another school. There he could teach for long years because he gave good result. Students also were happy with him. He also liked them because they were self disciplined. He could control and maintain law easily in the class which resulted good progress in study. After some years Mr. Hurry had to go to his village as he got government job. By coincident Mr. John came to the same school as he had a quarrel with the head master. So he started teaching there in place of Mr. Harry. But he could leave the school after 6 months as he could not give good result because students never paid attention to his class. His autocratic nature made the students very frustrated. So he had to quit the job.

These two case studies have clearly said that there should be democracy where people are self disciplined and politically educated. Otherwise if people are politically unconscious and undisciplined, dictatorship can be good.

I think there is no country in the world where 100 percent people are disciplined. Likewise there is no country where people are only undisciplined. In this situation a new political line passes between these two lines which I call Democratic Dictatorship or New-ism.

Democratic dictatorship is the modified form of dictatorship where ruler examines the desires of the people, filters it and decides. His or her decision is final. Several rules made in the constitution of the country give a life to this system. But there is an essential conditional of this system, i.e. the ruler must be democratic by nature. But there are no tools to measure it. In the other hand human nature is changeable. Neither law can be maintained based on emotion and belief. However there is a solution too, i.e. making constitution by the people restricting the ruler.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Raute in Nepal

Route, the primitive tribe, living in the jungle of mid western development region of Nepal are one of the extinct and unique tribes of the world. They are only about 143 in numbers.

They believe that agriculture is sin and its practice is against their tradition. So they manage their life by hunting and eating fruits of jungle. They don’t use currency. They say using currency is sin. They do the work of wood. They exchange their crafts with agricultural goods.

Sometimes they are found with prime minister. Sometimes they are seen demanding freedom in jungle and the head of the community lead the demands. Although deforestation is taking place in jungle due to them, it is necessary to save this tribe from being extinct.
Discovered by +Don Prince

God Power is Scientific

Man, in religious books, whatever reads has succeeded to make it true. For example scriptures explain God flying in the sky. Today man is traveling in the sky. Man thinks this is his invention. But it’s not his invention. It’s his discovery. Because that thing was already hidden in the universe which man discovered later. The universe is full of such mysteries.

We believe that divine power of God is also scientific. We can discover the secret of super power if we research on it. Our research is going on.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Sociology is Different from Social Studies

According to a survey done by National Discovery, about 95% principals and founders in Nepal mistakenly understand that there is no difference between sociology and social studies.

Sociology is a science which studies about society. It means sociology is the science of society whereas the combination of different social sciences such as History, Geography, Economics, Sociology, etc is called social studies.

There are about 13 disciplines which are directly or indirectly integrated with social studies. Sociology is only one of them.
Discovered by +Don Prince

No Doubt No Disease

Some people have very amazing habit. They are often worried about their health. They also fear of death. They are very suspicious with disease, accident and death. They are very careful too.

National Discovery has rightly done a secret survey and has found that those who are more suspicious about disease, accident and death face really those types of problems in comparison of those people who are bold, worried less and confident. We suggest people that it’s necessary to be confident and bold to live long life with sound health.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Everyone Can Sing Well

Everyone loves music. But everyone can’t sing well. I do not believe it. In a deep sense, everyone may not love music. But everyone can sing well.

Singing is not a God gift. Neither is it fruit of hard labor. Singing is only common sense. National Discovery interviewed some popular singers from local singers to top level singers who had multiple voices. They could sing song with the voice of their favorite singers. This is proof that anyone can sing with melodious and sweet voice if he/she knows the ways and style of singing suitable to his/her voice.

Our research is still going on. We think that quality is all about which way you choose to perform. Everything depends on way of doing.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Unanswered Questions in Hinduism

Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. So, it is a mysterious religion. There are some puzzles in this religion which still need research for proper understanding. In this article I mention some unanswered questions.

Q.1. All of us know Ramayana and obviously Lord Ram. We also know that Lord Ram was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is almighty God. In Ramayana story, when Ram’s beloved wife Sita was kidnapped, Ram ran here and there in search of Sita. He was unknown who had kidnapped Sita. Later he was informed by Jatayu. Now I have a question that if Ram is Lord Vishnu, why can’t he know where Sita was?

Q.2. Lord Krishna is most popular God in Hinduism. In the mythological story, Krishna did not know who his real parents were. He did not know that his real parents were imprisoned by Kansa for long years. We know Krishna is also the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. If he is almighty Lord Vishnu, why was he in confusion about his parents?

Q.3. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna Charitra, etc are the famous and real stories. Krishna Charitra is all about India. Mahabharata is the story of Indian territories. Ramayana is also centralized in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. There is no story about USA, England, Australia, Japan etc in Hinduism. Is it because of lack of transportation facility like aero plane, train and sheep?

Q.4. Rahu is not so popular in Hindu mythology. But if you have watched some religious serials you may have noticed a character that has only head in the name of physical representation. How can he live without respiratory system?

Q.5.You may have seen a Puspak Biman also which is used by Gods to go one place to another. If you are confused, let me tell you it is a vehicle which flies in the sky. Think that it is an aero plane before Right Brothers. I want to ask a question, how can a vehicle fly in the sky without engine, pilot and fuel?

There are confusions not only in Hinduism. We find many unanswered questions in many religions of the world that really need research.

The goal of this article is not killing the belief of the people on their religions. I myself am a follower of God {Hinduism} and I don't question on my religion. I only mean to say through this article that we must research and clear our doubts so that we have deeper faith on our God and religion.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Religious Personalities from Nepal

There are many religious personalities who have connection with Nepal. In this article I am introducing some of them.
1. Sita- Sita was the consort of Lord Ram. She was the major female character in Ramayan.
2. Janak- Janak was the father of Sita. He was famous for his knowledge.
3. Buddha- Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. He is the worshiper of peace and non violence.
4. Vedvyas- He is a hermit who wrote Mahabharata, the greatest epic of the world.
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Why isn’t There Temple of Brahma?

Brahma is the creator of universe according to Hindu philosophy. But there is no statue of Brahma in this world why?

Epics say Brahma got cursed not to be worshiped in the world. So, there is not temple of Brahma. It is really amazing and stupid .The one who created us {according to religious science} is not worshiped.

What’s the real truth? Actually Brahma may not have been cursed by anyone. Whatever is written in epics may be totally untrue but it’s true that it’s written there. People believed it and they did not make any statue, temple of Brahma. So there is not any temple of Brahma in the world. But there must be temples of Brahma if we accept the existence of God.
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Language of God

Some Hindus believe that God who came in this world had special type of language. It is believed specially by Indians and Nepalese.

Infect, the Hindu philosophy was introduced in Sanskrit language. So the language or words of God is derived from Sanskrit language. We can’t tell that they have special type of language. What do you say?
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why do People Say God Themselves?

People often say they are god. I am not talking about all people. I am talking abut only those people who claim they are god.

Some claim they are Gautam Buddha. Some say they are Lord Kalki. Some say they are Radha and so on. They forget one thing God never says he is God.

There are three reasons people say they are god:
1. They are suffering from the same type of psychological disorder.
2. They are in good plan to earn in the people’s foolishness.
3. Are they really god?

Some have amazing thing to clarify their statements. Some have nothing more than folk and fake stories. Any way they are God because they say they are God.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why do Hindus Worship Women?

Have you ever considered this fact? Hindu people have special regard to the women in the society. They worship them in different forms and ways. Some examples are given below.

- Brothers touch the feet of sisters.
- Father also touches the feet of daughters.
- Kumari is worshiped as a goddess.
- Deuki is worshiped.
- Jhuma is worshiped.

In this way we can find that women are worshiped by men in different forms. Do you know why? I have a personal opinion about it. Women got boon from the God in the past to be worshiped by man. So there is such tradition in the society. Do you believe it? Leave the comments.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Is Jesus Reincarnation of Krishna?

Some articles in the internet reads that Jesus is incarnation of Krishna. Is it true? I want to share some words about it even though it is my personal thought.

There are many similarities in the stories of Jesus and Krishna. However, Jesus is not incarnation of Krishna. The simple reason is that Jesus is the founder of Christianity and Krishna is founder of Shree Krishna Pranami. There is no relation of Christianity and Hinduism in religious history.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Ashta Bharyas

People say that Shree Krishna had 8 wives called Ashta Bharyas. They are:
1.                  Radha [Rukmini]
2.                  Satyabhama
3.                  Jambawati
4.                  Kalindi [Surya]
5.                  Mitravinda [Surya]
6.                  Nagnajiti [Neela]
7.                  Bhadra
8.                  Lakshna [Lakshamana]
There is no question on their existence. People made false story of Krishna’s marriage with many princesses so that they can freely practice polygamy in the society. What was the reality of Ashta Bharyas? It is given below:

Satyabhama: We can find only one temple of Satyabhama and there is no statue of Krishna with her because she was not married with Krishna.

Jambawati: She was from bear family. Her father was king of bear. His name was Jambavan. How does Krishna marry with Jambawati?
Kalindi: Kalindi is regarded as the daughter of Sun. She is a river and is one of the tributaries of river Ganga.The another name of Kalindi is Yamuna. How can a river be the wife of Krishna?

Mitravinda: She is also a river made by river Ganga.

Nagnajiti: She was the sister of Lord Krishna. She was the daughter of Krishna’s maternal uncle .There is no tradition of marrying sister in Hinduism or Vaishnavism. So it is absolutely wrong to say that Krishna married Nagnajiti.

Bhadra: She was also the sister of Krishna and daughter of Vasudev and Rohini. She was also called Subhadra. She was the wife of Arjuna.

Lakshna: She was the form of Goddess Durga. Krishna can not marry her because Durga is the consort of Lord Shiva.
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