Secret of Super Power

Last month I met some doctors, engineers, lawyers, CIB officers and professors. Because those people are counted as educated people in the society. Other people believe their knowledge. And I asked all of them a same question, ''Do you believe on spiritual power or God?'' They gave common answer, ''Yes, creation of this enormous and amazing universe without spiritual power is impossible.'' All of us know that the number of people believing on religion and God is large in our world.

If you believe on God, you believe on God power also which we call super power. You wonder if I tell you super power is one of the hidden or undiscovered discoveries of the world. Our earth has numerous secrets which are yet to be uncovered. Super power is one of them. As flying aeroplane in the sky was scientific, super power is also scientific or psychological.

As I have already said in my previous article, Psychology is the key to understand the secret of super power. Today, I will prove how it is.

Everything, Lord Krishna's act of lifting hill to Jesus healing sick people is the miracle of Psychology. See the samples below how you can be a semi super man by using the knowledge of Psychology:
1. Controlling the mind of people: Hypnosis
2. Communicating from mind to mind: Telepathy
3. Moving objects with mind: Telekinesis
4. Knowing the event of future: Deep Knowledge of Subconscious mind to understand symbols
5. Knowing secret of people: Dream Interpretation
6. Cursing enemies: Manipulation of subconscious mind
7. Controlling people to do or not to do something: Sending subliminal messages secretly
8. Healing sickness of sick people: Raising power of faith
9. Showing magics: Bypassing the conscious mind of people
10. Understanding the people: Body language

I started learning Psychology at the age of 13. Some of my readers think that I am researching on psychic powers for years to gain money and power. But it is not true. Actually I am researching on the psychic powers which I by birth possess. It was my aim from my childhood to understand scientifically what I have and what I can do.

This article is the part of my forthcoming research based book 'Secret of Super Power'.

Most Amazing Power of Words

Mr. Pramish {name changed} lives in the capital city of Nepal. He is fond of writing stories. He is not a famous writer. But he is obviously an amazing writer. Because he writes truth. The most amazing part is that first he starts writing stories based on true situation. Later, whatever he writes becomes true in the real life of characters.

I know this is a bit uncomfortable to believe. You may be thinking why I gave space to such case in this channel. But I think every case should be given priority seriously. After all we are free to believe or not to believe. At least it may be useful for someone else in a corner of this world.

''Tell me how do you know what you write comes true?'' I asked him a question. He said, ''I came to know about it when it happened many times with me. I have already told you I specially write true stories. Either the event of real life influences me to write new stories. Once,  I wrote my own story. In the story, I had a son named Rojan {name changed}. I was unmarried at that time. Now after 5 years, I am married and I have a son, his name is Rojan.'' ''That may be your unknown desire to have a son with the name Rojan. Or it is just coincidence.'' I said. He thought for a while and then said, ''I told you I didn't believe at the beginning. But I had to believe when it happened many times. Just 3 years ago, I ......................'' He told me some other stories of his friends who were influenced by his stories.

Do you believe on the story of Pramish? Have you ever experienced such cases in your life? If yes, help us to research on it. If we get some more people with similar cases, it's easy to work on it. Hope, you will assist. 
Discovered by Don Prince

The Magical Power of Suconscious Mind

Yesterday, one of my students asked me, ''Which map has more possibility to appear in the exam tomorrow?'' I said, ''Let's know it with collective estimation.'' I conducted voting. 99% students voted for Africa. Then I declared, ''It means you have to solve the question of Africa tomorrow.'' Today when we saw the question it was exactly Africa.

It was not coincidence. Neither was it a random estimation. It was rather the magic of our subconscious mind. As I have already told you that our subconscious mind knows past, present and future. We can estimate so many things correctly if we understand the power of subconscious mind. And it is more accurate if there is practice of using it collectively like mentioned in the above case.

The famous saying ''Unity is strength'' works in Psychology too. You know that subconscious mind has amazing powers. If many subconscious minds work together for the same purpose, they bring miracles. I think this concept is developed first time in the field of subconscious mind. There is need of more researches in this concern.
Discovered by Don Prince

Why is Having Psychic Abilities Risky?

An Indian origin girl from Fiji sent a message on my Linkedin, ''Don, be safe wherever you are.'' I became confused. Why was she saying like that? I investigated about it. First, I found out how she connected with me on that social network. Actually she was reading my articles through Google. So she connected me on the network. I concluded that she was surely talking about my articles. But how can it be risky to write articles? Anyway, I got answer myself later. Then, I edited my all social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Sound Cloud and Pinterest so that no one could get my personal informations.

The reason is that I was writing some articles about psychic powers in my blog. I had also referenced my personal experiences there. Are you doing so? If yes, consider the following risks in your life:
- You may be fored by criminals and terrorists to misuse your powers for them.
- Police and government as well as international spy agency may force you to work for them without your wish.
- International research agencies may kidnap you to research on you.

Obviously I may not be what the reader in Fiji was thinking about me. However I drew security line around me to be escaped from the foolish people. But be aware if you are super human with your psychic powers. I am writing this article not to disappoint you. But everything in the world has both negative and  positive part. So it is intelligent to be conscious. Am I right?
Discovered by Don Prince

How do I Know Your Future?

Last week I had visited one of my close friends. He had called me for the launch that day. While we were having launch, he became so angry with his wife. Because there was less salt in the pulse. I was like one of the family members of his family. So he did not hesitate to scold his wife in front of me. I reminded him not to be serious in miner matter. He says, ''Its not first time today. She is putting less salt in pulse for 7 days continuously.'' His wife explained, ''I didn't do it knowingly.'' I understood the situation. But I didn't say a word to them. I only prayed God to save this family from any kind of problem in future. More clearly I had seen that someone in the family was going to die.

After some days, the friend phoned me at 9 o'clock night. He gave me very sad message that his grand father's brother passed away.

Before explaining how did I know this event previously, I want to say you another event. It happened 15 years ago. I was alone at home. My cousin came to take me to stay at their home for that night so that I don't feel lonely at home. I went his home. We were playing Chess game. But I was sad. He asked me the reason. I did not say anything. That day, one of our cousins became so seriously ill that many neighbors had to come to help us at mid night. In the morning he asked me a question, ''How do you know that our brother was ill last night whereas you were sleeping.'' I said,''I hadn't been able to sleep whole night yesterday. Because I knew that something was going to happen with us.''

Now let's know how did I know the future. In the first case of salt, the continuous getting less salt in pulse signals the death of close family relatives in that family. Because this family was Hindu family. In Hinduism, it is tradition that if someone dies in family, other members have to leave the salt for some days. In this way I had estimated the forthcoming problem of that family. But remember, if you are from other country out of Nepal and India, similar signal will have another meaning. For example, if you are Christian and you are getting less salt in food continuously, it may not be the signal of the death of relatives. Because Christians do not leave salt in the death of relatives.

In the second case, I was feeling annoying whole day. The sunny day had made me so exhausted and overwhelmed of the day. So I guessed something bad was going to happen with us. Because it was the unconscious message to me by my subconscious mind. And you know that according to Science, Subconscious Mind communicates through our feeling also.

I want to mention another very amazing event. I was taking 2 periods in Pashupati Shiksha Mandir, Birgunj, Nepal. I was going for the educational tour with the students and teachers of that school. Later, I changed plan. I was not going. But I saw the future that the bus with the students of that school was going to get dangerous problems while coming back from the tour. I was not able to think what to do and what not to do. There was no condition to tell about it to them. They wouldn't believe it. I told it to one of my colleagues Mr. Santosh Yadav, ''Something bad is going to happen in this tour on the way. I also join this tour.'' My guess was either accident or robbery. Anyway we went on that tour.

You may be thinking that how kind I was as I was going with them despite of knowing what will happen on the way. But actually I joined them because I used to believe that if I can see the event of future I can modify them too. And I have already done such things many times in my life. What is the meaning of seeing future if we can't change them?

When we were coming back from the tour, our bus was stopped on the road. It was about 1 o'clock at night and we were in the middle of jungle. ''What happened?'', someone asked in the bus. After some minutes, I heard a sentence by someone, ''Tire Punctured, we have to change it.'' Innocent travelers began to entertain in the bus to pass the time forgetting the risk of robbery. I also slept without any doubt and fear on mind becaue our bad future event had been converted into the miner event at that moment.
I will be writing more on this topic. Don't forget to subscribe this site.
Discovered by Don Prince

Do You Want to Be Psychic?

Many researchers from different nook and corner of the world are researching on psychic power. The cause behind it is different. Some are just interested on this topic whereas some of them may possess this power and they want to know the scientific cause behind it. Because if they know the reason, they can be confident on themselves. In the other hand, they can upgrade their efficiency.

One thing is clear that only special people have psychic power. They are different in the society and they are happy with their personality. I think all of them are good and they help goodness with their special qualities. I am saying this on the basis of known psychic personality of the world. Most of them are helping police to arrest the criminals. According to Stan Lee's Superhuman Shows of Discovery Channel, some of them are working in international investigation Bureau in England and USA.

One researcher says in his book that there are two types of people with psychic power. First category is genetic. The second learns it. But I think such power is only genetic. Some learn it but they already had it hidden in them. They were just unknown about it. So I think if one has not got it with genetic quality, every research goes in vain.
Discovered by +Don Prince

What Actually Causes Bad Dreams?

I had some bad dreams of eating something last month. According to the belief in our society, such dreams result death of relative. Last week one of my close relatives passed away. I had really bad dreams in those days. Now I am researching on what actually causes bad dreams. And I have got the right answer.

First and foremost I want to present some examples of bad dreams so that you understand the spirit of this article clearly. Consider the following bad dreams and their meanings:
1. Falling upper teeth
Meaning: Death of elder

2. Falling lower teeth
Meaning: Death of younger

3. Getting yourself inside coffin or on the funeral pier
Meaning: Your life is in danger

4. You are called by a dead person and you went
Meaning: Your life is in danger

5. You are taking your bed somewhere
Meaning: Someone in your family is sick

These dreams are considered so bad, at least in Hindu Society. But remember that meaning of dream differs from person to person. I have already discussed about it in my previous articles. Please browse the older articles in the channel of Dream Interpretation in this site.

If you are having some bad dreams, don't be disappointed. Because you are having those dreams so that you can be conscious about the future event of your life. It means you can bypass them. I have already written about the method of bypassing the bad dreams in this site.

In conclusion, Bad Dreams are the 'consciousness message' to our conscious mind from our sub conscious mind. Apart from, the bad dreams may come to you due to some other causes like,
1. Unstable Mind
2. Problem in Life
3. Mental Imbalance

I hope this article helped you to solve your problem about dream. Note that this is my personal research and views. If you have something new ideas and points about it, don't forget to comment below.
Happy Dreaming.
Discovered by +Don Prince

How to Bypass the Effect of a Bad Dream?

Are you worried of your bad dreams? If so, you have arrived in the right place to solve your problem. This article will give you scientific solution along with the full description of the causes behind your problems. Now, let's begin the journey.

You know that dreams are not the product of our imagination only. Rather, they have direct connection with our life. You may be familiar with the fact that dream is still one of the unknown topics in Psychology. However, it is universally accepted truth that some dreams come true in our real life. Let me enter in the point. Some dreams and their interpretations are common in the society. Just for example, in reference to the Hindu society, dream of eating food means someone is dying from your relatives. What will you do if you see such dream? Don't be afraid, I will give you the complete solution.

First of all, consider the following dreams which I experienced in my real life:
Dream 1
I was offered a new job by an institution.
I was talking with a friend in the next morning. I was telling him that nowadays I am getting job offer at least once in a month.

Dream 2
I was sinking in a pond.
I watched in television news that a man died in a river.

Dream 3
I was attending a marriage ceremony of my friend.
In the morning, I saw a marriage procession passing via my home.

Dream 4
I was watching a movie in theatre.
One of my friend phoned me and said that he would visit me after he watched the movie in theatre.

Dream 5
I was losing job.
I had a little bit problem with a colleague in my office.

Did you get something? Let  me explain. My all dreams were bypassed themselves through miner events or effects without my efforts to escape them. So I had no any real effect of my dreams in my real life. It proves that the bad dream as well as good dream may escape through some similar but miner events in our real life.

Now, let me solve your problem. If you had a bad dream and you are worried that the dream might come true in your real life, then firstly consider whether your dream has been already escaped through miner event or not. If you find that your dream has not been bypassed, don't worry. You can bypass it by your artificial effort. Connect your life event or conversation artificially with your dream to escape the bad events. For example, if you saw the dream of eating, you can do one of the following things to bypass its effect:
1. Eat the same thing in real life.
2. Talk with friends that you have seen dream of eating.
3. Plan with friends to have a eating party.

I hope I have solved your problems. If you have any query regarding this topic, you can express it through the comment on this artilce. I will definately solve it. Have a sweet dream.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Is Telekinesis Real or Fake?

After experiencing telekinetic power unknowingly in my own life, I started deep study about it. But I was not getting any significant result. I became quite confused. So I unwillingly moved towards another topic. But the recently released Bollywood movie 'Krirish 3' raised my hidden spirit to start my research again. I was thinking that this movie would be quite unpopular among people as it was standing on the confusing and unknown science. But the estimation was totally opposite. In a few days, this movie became very popular. I started to think again. I had become a bit nervous while studying telekinesis because this topic had already consumed my 1 year time. But now I am confident that the science of telekinesis is real.

I have 7 points to prove that telekinesis is real. They are listed below:
1. When you open the pages of physics, it says that everything on this earth is already in motion.
2. Let's read the bible again carefully, even Jesus was using the power of telekinesis.
3. If you search in YouTube channel, you will find so many videos where some people are using their telekinetic power.
4. Search the word 'telekinesis' in Google. You will find millions of websites, blogs and books about it. It clarify that telekinesis is not fake.
5. Search the movies of Bollywood and Hollywood. There are so many movies which are based on telekinesis.
6. If you visit the world, you will find so many telekinesis research centers in many parts of the world.
7. If you deeply study telekinesis, you will know that this science stands on E=mc2 formula which is discovered and proven by Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the world.

At last, the oldest religion of the world Hinduism and its holy books are the proofs of telekinesis where Gods like Ram and Krishna had used the power of telekinesis. I personally believe that psychology is the main source of God Power. And telekinesis is obviously one of the topic of Psychology. Hence, there is no doubt, telekinesis exists and its existence should be officially declared by the concerned authorities immediately so that the telekinetic scientists will be encouraged to uncover its secret rapidly.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Learn How to Know Future Scientifically

Last week when I asked Rs. 1000 with ATM machine, it gave me two notes of Rs. 500. The next day I had to declare the winners of a project work in school. 4 groups had participated the competition. I forecast that the group having two members will win the prize. The competition was judged by two of my colleagues. Exactly the group with two members won the competition.

2 years ago in Birgunj city of Nepal, I planned to go to theater with my best friend. As per the plan, we met in a place. We were about to head towards the theater. Suddenly I remembered that I had forgotten an important thing at home. We went back to home. After completing the task, we dropped for the movie. But we did not get any means of transportation. Later we hardly found a rickshaw. I told my friend on the way, ''Today we will have to return without watching movie.'' When we reached at theater, it was already closed. Because it was the time of Chhatt festival which is the largest festival of terai region.

These two cases are only samples. I often know the event of future. But I am not a traditional astrologer. I do it with the knowledge of psychology. If you analyze the above mentioned cases deeply and understand the psychology hidden in them, you can also know the future. But you should study the psychology in detail first. Else your forecast will be totally misleading.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Gist of Dolkha Bhimeshwor

NEPAL is a nation which stands for Never Ends Peace and love. our ten heritage are enlisted in the world heritages  sites which is an evidence to  the world to evince Nepal is the country with incredible heritages and monuments among which DOLAKHA BHIMESHWOR is also, one of the noted throughout the country and outside the country . it is a monument with typical history and miraculous art as wells as sculpture which is summarized below.
The main statue is god BHIM who is considered as second prince of "PACH PANDAV" according to the priest and native old peoples of DOLAKHA , in the 7th century there were 12 porters used to transport load through the way lied in bank of the Tamakoshi River. one day when they just approached this spot became dark and also they were absolutely fatigue. So they decided to stay there. They prepared 3 stones' stove to cook rice. After few minutes the other part of rice had already cooked but not one part. Because of hunger one of the porters became aggressive and stubbed the stone with paneu (laddle) then out of the cut stone came blood coated with milk. it was miracle for them and later they realized the stone is "God Bhim" .After which people commenced to worship this god and later people finalized such peculiar god should be kept in temple and the people made a temple and kept the god inside it. To name the temple as Bhimeshwor also consist specific reason.there were a kingdom of Bhim in which had to live miserably from him and one day, they prayed god Shiva to rescue their life. The god Shiva arrived from Gaurishankar and killed the king Bhim after his death statue of god at that spot was named Bhimeshwor. People trust it has 3 incarnation as Bhimsen himself, goddess Bhagwati and god Shiva. In this way "Dolakha Bhimeshwor" which is our pride and dignity was established. (Source: Native people and Wikipedia)

 IT is situated at the east of the Charikot at the distance of 4.5 kilometer. It is a one stored temple without roof, in front of this temple there are four pillars of stone. Bells are present in all the side among which biggest lies in front which produces loud sound. There is written script in the white stone and various minor statues on the left side. A mechanical machine is kept on right side so that coconut can be broken with the machine. Wood made windows consisting prodigious carving are kept. People usually worship the god on Saturday and Tuesday on these days some animals are also sacrificed. In the morning newars sings their religious songs (Bhajan) everyday. Snacking photo is permitted outside but strictly prohibited inside the temple but the special provision of the member and priest of the temple we have get chance of snacking a photo of God Bhim.

There is a big stone in front of the temple in pillar structure which people believed its dipped part inside the surface is more than the part above the land .The miraculous thing is that the statue of Dolakha is sweating time to time .One of the faith of people is whenever any incidents are going to prevail either in present or future Bhimeshwor himself tries to protect his people by warning them through the sweat. Anciently before the roof of the temple was constructed which was found destroyed in the next morning of construction. Again people constructed but same happened though which people realized the god dislikes roof so it is lacking the roof. The sculpture done in window and door of this temple is absolutely pristine. It is the temple having faith of numerous people and also symbol of unity, pride and identity. Our culture, religion, festival are materialized and promoted by this monument. When the morning start with ringing bell of this temple, the day become auspicious. Festivals like Shivaratri, teej including other are highly celebrated with great mirth in this temple. Despite its ancient establishment it is lured, attractive and not in the position of destroying.

Dolakha Bhimeshwor is identity, glory, and dignity of Nepal. We all know if identity is lost once it neither can be healed nor can be bought. All of us pour gesture of gratitude to ancestor because of gifting such majestic asset. We are fortunate that Dolakha Bhimeshwor is with us and we should make our coming generation also fortunate by keeping it up to the mark. We may die but shouldn't let it to decrease its attribute. Promoting and preventing it is promoting culture and welcoming foreign guests thus it is a plea to all the people to have join effort and make it eternal.
(Save it, your dignity will be saved. Make it erect, your head will be erected)
Discovered by Binod Basnet and Sirish Khadka via +Don Prince                       

The praying centre: Charighang Gumba

Nepal an ethereal place with enormous and divine religiosity, pureed by the birth of preacher of peace, lover of nature and founder of world famous and unique religion "Buddhism” the storehouse of varieties of chaithyas established in the remembrance, worship and honor of the very kind hear-ted "Siddhartha Gautam" renowned as the "light of Asia" through his patience, six years long meditation and enlightenment that he got on those three questions regarding being old, sick and death. The religion "Buddhism was evolved in the principle of peace loving "Gautham Buddha". He was against violence, selfishness, hatred and so is the religion foundered by him.
The great and selfless deed of Buddha has made Nepal and all its part a sacred place. In accordance to that Charikot is that treasure of Nepal comprised with ethereal beauty which when noticed with a great expectation fulfills the topmost level of viewer’s desire. The most important accessory to uplift Charikot's beautiness is Buddhist's shrines commonly known as "GUMBAS"which means knot of tuft of hair in Sanskrit.

"Gumbas" the holiest place for Buddhist dwelling in Charikot and all Nepal. The "Charighang Gumba" of Charikot is the centre of attraction and place of prayer for buddhists.Mostly serpas, lamas, tamang, Gurung, etc follow Buddhism. It is believed that Newari king "Ratna Singh" constructed this stupa however the actual date of its establishment is still suspense. As per the consensus of local inhabitants the building of stupa is a complex, sophisticated set of steps that requires great care as well as the supervision of a trained master and will result in a powerful structure whose shape represents the Buddha in meditation or full lotus position. Specific ceremonial rites, was performed before, during and building of this stupa and many blessings, prayers and other auspicious items popular the interior creating profound opportunity for enlightenment.

This stupa is built in chitya style with wide and circular base which becomes narrower in the upper part. Attached to the semi-circled white dome, there is a square structure with ever watchful and conscious eyes of Lord Buddha. Above it there are 13 bronze rings representing 13 bhuwans. On the top, there is a parasol and pinnacle representing sovereignty of faith and protection Gumbas are to be surrounded with praying wheels however it does not seem so in the respective Gumba due to various consequences. Recently Krishna B.D.R Lama and other followers is taking care of this Gumba.It's protection, sanitation is in his hand.As per the report it is said that Buddhist priest and other care takers are planning to reconstruct this stupa but it should be on the same place.The changing of place may result in misfortune.Generally, the Buddhists erect shrines in the memory of important personalities. A huge crowd can be observed here during Buddha Jayanti, ceremonial burial, cremation and such other rituals.

The shrines of Charikot are not limited only within the prayers and eye-catching stupas but also enriched with sculptures and paintings signifying the importance of Buddhism lifestyle of the great lord Buddha. Various inscriptions, carvings etc can be observed here carving involves the cutting away of hard metals such as wood or stone to reveal enemies and modeling which involve the building of an image from malleable materials. These sculptures are conservative appearing over decades. The unique paintings have uplifted the standard of this stupa. Scroll paintings can be observed on coarse cloth depicting the life teachings and saying of Lord Buddha.

The present condition of this stupa is vulnerable and it’s a serious matter to concern with. So, people be serious in improving its status. Only a single family has claimed to be the care taker of "Charighang Gumba". We can now realize what our flaw is. So everyone lets be together and correct our flaw. So that Lord Buddha can apologize our disrespect towards him nevertheless he is never sad with us. Wherever he is I’m sure he will be proud with all of us to call us as his followers if we try even a bit to promote Buddhism and conserve stupas like "Charighang Ghumba". So everyone follow the principle of Lord Buddha and welcome peace enhance and care the "stupas" the heart of Charikot.

Among all after a seven days investigation and report we came to a conclusion that if priority is given and if we explore these shrines we can feel how valuable our culture is and how inspiring our religion is. Gumbas are the pride of our districts and asset of all its dwellers. In today's context, our neighboring country is claiming for lord Buddha's birth in their country and we are able to do nothing. In such a critical situation, if we just seeing the mess we will soon loose our glory and identity. The establishment of such shrines should be given due emphasis so that the religion would flourish all over. Encroachments on these sites have snatched the divines of our utmost level Gumbas. If we all went on overlooking this place then the day will come that our upcoming generation will curse us from being their predecessors and I believe that day to be and imagination only. Nothing more than that. This is possible when we all work hand in hand to preserve the Gumba like this .

So all the Dolakhalis, lets wake up and be dedicated to make our land,our pride and our glory always remain as a glory because untill and unless we neglect no second person would even say us "hey, why u people are being so irresponsible?"So finally wanna SAY

Discovered by Anusha Khatri, Nirala Dahal, Kripa Basnet, Sushmita Khadka, Manisha Chaulagain and Srijana Pakhrin via +Don Prince 

The Most Astonishing Ethnics of Dolakha

The head quarter of Dolakha district, charikot is advancing rapidly in every path of development regarding tourism industry and education. There lies a small and beautiful town known as Dolakha at approx.  4 km away from charikot in the north-east direction.  And it is 135 km away from capital city of country, Kathmandu.

Dolakha city is situated on the lap of Mt.Gaurishankar (7134m) at the altitude of about 1700m-1830m. She comprises the glacial lake which is situated at the highest altitude in Himalayas Range called Tso-Rolpa. Dolakha is the place of historical, religious, cultural and natural beauty. According to the prehistory of Dolakha, originally it was ruled by Kirats later king Indra dev ruled over Dolakha from 1501BS-1605BS, who introduced silver coin for the first time in Nepal. This country is known as the nation of multi cultural, multi religious and multi ethnics. Therefore, there are also different castes and ethnics groups are inhabited in Dolakha district and some of them are Brahmin, chhetri,tamang,newars and so on. But in dolakha city there we can find only the community of newars. It is believed that they are settled since 14th century.

Newar caste is known as the most amazing and totally different caste than other because of their extra ordinary culture and tradition. If we focus to flash back of history of Dolakha, Brahmins are forward in education field likewise chhetri are known for brave warriors and Newars are well-known for business and admistration. The beautiful and mesmerizing temples and monuments like Bhimsen mandir, Tripura sundari, monasteries and statue of Buddha called 'Taksad' which was great contribution of newars for today's generation which still compelled to continue their tradition and culture. The living style of newars are quite different than others.  In this Dolakha city, maximum newars are living medium class of life style weather only the successful businessman and trader are having standard and quality life. The roofs, windows and doors of houses are carved with master piece design and architecture. Newars have their own particular culture, language, costumes etc. The language spoken by newars is called Newari which is nation language of Nepal. Thescript of newari language is called 'Ranjana lipi'. The costumes like Daura Suruwal, Guneu choli and Bhadghaule  topi shows the identity of newars.In other castes Baptism or bratabanda takes place with only boys but in newar community both the boys and girls experience bratabanda, the bratabanda of newari girls is called 'Gufa' and is known as 'Badaak' in newari language. Gufa takes place for seven days and it is said that only the girls who has experienced Gufa, they are able to marriage. The girls of newar community get marriage for two times, once with lord Shiva which is called 'Bel bhivah'. In this ceremony girl is married with fruit named Bel. Likewise second one marriage takes place between those girls and man. One of the most traditional and funniest dance called 'lakhe dance'and most important folk instrument called ' Panche baja' are the most prominent treasures of newari culture. Lakhe dance is such type of dance in which dancer used to dance by wearing traditional mask. And Panche Baja comprises five traditional instruments, some of them are Shanai, Karnal, Damaha etc. Majority of newari people in this town follow Hinduism and few of other are engaged in Christianity. Whatever the religion may be followed due to the traditional religion (Hinduism) whole population celebrates Dashain and Tihar with rapture, as these are the major festivals for whole castes and citizens of country but the Maghe Sankranti is included in one of most important festival of newars.

Consequently, above experiments proves that Newar ethnic group is one of the most incredible caste throughout the whole country because of its antique and surprising custom and culture.
Now a day, due to modernization and globalization, our new generation is influenced by Western and European culture and they are marching forward with it. Thus government should adopt effective measures in order to promote and conserve our mother culture and tradition. Live long Nepali culture……
Discovered by Saroj Pradhan and Amit Thapa via +Don Prince 

Charikot's Heart: Mahangkal

God and Goddess are believed to be the guide line for Nepali society and it has influenced and almost all the nook and corner of Nepal. Charikot is that corner which has influenced almost all area of Charikot. It is decorated with extreme religiosity and pilgrimage site from lip to the bottom at the top lies Great Dachhinkali of Kathmandu at the middle lies the renowned Kalinchowk and at the bottom lies the Mahangkal. The Charikot's wealth, the dwellers heartbeat. These 3 temples are considered to be the three sisters and as per the inspection. It is found that if we worshiped this three goddess the same day wish come true lord knows how much how much true the saying is.

Mahangkal a place is engulfed with the shadow and rays of purity religiosity and faith toward god and goddess. The local inhabited explain that a farmer named Neupane Brahmin found the statue of Shiva and Kali while plugging the field and after some years the respective Brahmin erected the Mahangkal the Great.

Lying on the lap of charikot, “Mahangkal” is that mine from where we can extract verities of treasures related to archaeological importance whose level is at the sky limits. Its coordinates are 27 degree39’9’’North to 86 degree 2’52’’ East from bhimeshwor nagarpalika from Kathmandu nearby cities. This temple is constructed on pagoda style with multiple roofs with a pinnacle at the top representing the Hindus freedom and religious tolerance. Before entering the temple ever opened gate can be observed giving all the devotees a warm welcome. Various idols, inscriptions, of god and goddess have take this temple to adopt magnificent beastliness. It is further decorated by additional temple around it. Various reconstructions are made in order preserve and promote the divineness of the place. The Charangeye river, the dense forest had added the natural purity to the religious gorgeousness of “Mahangkal”. These features have acted as the fragrance to the gold. Building of this temple was the vital step towards the popularizing of Hinduism one of the oldest religion of the world. From the establishment of Mahangkal i:e ( 80-90) years approx. till today people’s faith and believe towards Mahangkal has never got even a mark to decline. Many people from various corner of Nepal visit here to fulfill their aim, destination by worshiping the goddess of power “kali” and “Siva “the destroyer. Various animals, birds etc are sacrificed as per the promise made by the devotes towards the mahankali mai. It is believed that in case the pilgrim fails to fulfill   the promise it results in great misfortune in their life. Because of such miracles people are compelled to have faith in Mahangkal. The girls are restricted to enter in the main temple and nobody knows the reason behind it. The temple remains opens only in Saturday and Tuesday. As per their religious believe every devotes are forbade to enter the temple during the month of “Shrawn and Bhadra”. The people of every caste are permitted to enter in this temple. Castism is invalid in here.

Because of day by day increasing population, absence of aware and thoughtful manpower the mahangkal has not been popularized. As this temple is far from dwelling area the encroachment on this site is far behind. Similarly, in today’s context of time every religious places are about to lose its originality but mahangkal is still in the same condition on which it was made. However some reconstructions are made keeping in mind the need of time and changing situation. There are various heart-rending rituals which are needed to be uprooted like sacrificing of animals, birds etc in a deadly manner. Being the people of today’s era we shouldn’t continue such practices which makes us able to lose our status in our own eye. Such practices are the medium which have become the matter of laughter in international forums. Instead of sacrificing innocent creatures we can worship the gods and goddess with full devotion whole heartedly to impress the gods and goddess. Despite, the fact is that they will be impressed if we just crop the feeling of humanity, truthfulness and honesty within us.

As final saying we just want to scribble that if priority is given then charikot can earn unexpected benefit through the holiest Mahangkal. Donation campaign should be lunched in order to enhance the sustainability and long lasting development of respective temple. Similarly, various visitors are still unknown about the location and identification of holiest mahangkal. So steps should be taken to popularize it among the mass. So, everyone lets be together to uproot the bad custom prevailing here and promoting good practices.
though Mahangkal in the bottom it is on the heart of all dolakhalis and will always exists within us until and unless the Sun and Moon remain in the sky.
Once again,
Mahangkal is the heart of charikot heartbeat of all charikot (nibashi)!
Discovered by Milan KC, Janardan Chaulagain, Maharaja Thapa and Ayush Shrestha via +Don Prince

A Few Words about Hinduism

Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. There is no record when this religion developed. Majority of Hindus are living in India and Nepal. Because the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna Charitra, etc plotted in India and Nepal. If we count the number of Hindus by percentage, Nepal comes at the top of the ranks to have more number of Hindus followers throughout the world.

Hinduism is the source of the spiritual science. Meditation, Mantra, Telepathy and Telekinesis began from Hinduism. The oldest Vedas are believed to be the source of modern science. Everything from astronomy to atom bomb are somehow related to the ancient Vedas. Hinduism is the treasure of discoveries which are still unknown due to the lack of proper research from the concerned organizations.

Liberty is the main characteristic of Hinduism. This philosophy does not force anyone to follow it. Neither does it stop someone from criticizing. Religious tolerance is the main attraction of this religion. It tolerates all religions around it. Despite some exceptions, it is a scientific religion. The most satisfactory part is that it reforms its customs and traditions according to time and situation.
Discovered by +Don Prince

The Mysterious Story of Harry

Harry is a peace loving guy. He has no enemy. However he sometimes becomes opponent of some people because he gets problem and betrayal by them. He does not keep any feeling of revenge. But his sad wishers are always punished by God.

I know this type of issue is a bit uncomfortable for the students and teachers of science. But we can't underestimate the truth also if it is happening repeatedly. Harry says, ''I think I am the only one warrior in this world who does not need name and address of enemies to punish them.'' It seems a bit filmy. But it is true. I asked so many questions with him. He also answered them honestly. Now for some minutes, you will travel the most mysterious journey of National Discovery Chanel.

Now let's know some of the examples where God is helping Harry. Last year Harry got married with Eve. They were on the Honeymoon tour in Nepal. It was 8 PM. Harry and Eve took a taxi to reach the hotel where they had booked a room. The taxi driver planned to loot them. As Harry had already visited Nepal, he knew that the driver was taking them somewhere else. Harry asked the driver to stop the car. But the driver ignored. When Harry forced with anxiety and anger, the driver stopped and talked here and there. Eve reminded Harry and they went by another taxi. This incident hurt Harry badly. He says to Eve in frustration, ''He does not know with whom he has struggled, look you will listen a bad news about him very soon.'' The next morning when Eve read a newspaper of Nepal, she found the picture of same taxi in the newspaper. The news story read that the taxi had met an accident last night. Harry said, ''I had already told you yesterday.''

Now let's listen in Harry's own word, ''Mr. Don, I often visit Kathmandu. What I think about the city, I think one must visit the world. It's an amazing place. Let me say another incident. Once I became late with my holiday tour from Kathmandu. I washed my hand from my job. In the same year that company faced a huge loss which it had never had before.'' ''Do you believe that it is due to you/'' ''I had no ill wish for the company. But my God punished them. Who am I to interfere the God? Yes, in the beginning I had ignored what happened to my previous companies. But later I noticed that they all faced problems in their professional lives.''

Now let's go back to the childhood of Harry. One day he was unethically beaten by his English teacher. He did not want to create any enmity and dispute in life. But this event caused him to think about revenge. Because here he was not only beaten but also made a good fun which became impossible to forget throughout the life. Harry waited for the right time for the revenge. But before the deadline, the teacher was beaten, dishonored and humiliated several times by some known and unknown groups in the society. So Harry left thinking about revenge. Because he thinks that the teacher has been punished by God more severely than he has thought ever.

Let's conclude the journey. If we research we can find several such stories in the world. They are not coincidence. Because they are happening repeatedly and also being with many persons. As per my knowledge, I researched on some similar persons and found a same thing in all, i.e., goodness. Yes, all of them are good, truthful and religious. They can't think ill of anyone. They give more priority to others than to themselves. They love everyone. They help everyone. They have good heart. I think the goodness inside them which Harry tells his God is punishing their bad wishers. There is a belief in Nepal, ''The one who hurts others will be punished by God.''
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why Can't We Capture the Photo of Ghost?

People who believe on ghost and spirit also believe that we can't take the photo of ghost with our camera. You may have also noticed in movies where ghosts are not captured in camera. So question begins, why can't we capture the photo of ghost?

According to a researcher of Telekinesis, there are two types of world around us. One is physical world in which we are living and the another is counter world which is the mirror of our physical world. If there is counter world, I think ghost stays in counter world. So we can't take the photo of ghost.

Remember that this article does not advocate the existence of ghost. I also do not support or oppose the existence of counter world. Because I have not researched on it. This article is written only in a reference to the research done by a foreign researcher of Telekinesis.

The Reality Behind the Marriage of Radha

As all of you know that I had done a detail research on the love story of Radha and Krishna. But someone hardly knows I had spent 9 months to conclude my research. When the research was published, hopefully, it became popular very soon in the world of religious discovery. Most of people agreed with me. But some of them are still standing with lots of queries in their mind. Particularly, I was asked many times by many people through National Discovery Channel to give an explanation to the relationship between Radha and Ayan. As I proved Radha to be the consort and life partner of lord Krishna, some people are asking me to clarify the issue of Ayan who is believed to have married with Radha. I am writing this article to give the answer of all the questions related to Radha and Ayan.

Ayan Ghosh, known as Abhimanyu was also shepherd like Krishna and his friends. If we analyze the meaning of Ayan it is shepherd. He also used to come in the Vrindavan. But he was not in the group of Krishna. If we turn over the pages of history, it says that a prank of lord Brahma created a confusion in the story of Radha and Krishna. According to the belief, one day Lord Brahma wanted to be confirmed that Krishna is the incarnation of lord Vishnu. He wanted to examine the power of Krishna. So he kidnapped Krishna's all friends from the forest. At that time Ayan also was separately present in the forest. So he was also kidnapped. Then Lord Krishna took the forms of all kidnapped friends and lived in every houses {He is God, he can do anything, just remember how he danced with all Gopinis at a same time} till Brahma returned his friend. As Ayan was kidnapped, he had taken the form of Ayan also. Then He married Rahda in the form of Ayan. This is the reality behind the marriage of Radha and Ayan.

Is Telepathy Real?

Telepathy is the process of communicating without using any of the five senses. It is the communication through one mind to another. Some scientists believe that this communication may be between two humans, human to animals or human to God as well as spirit.

If we turn over the pages of the history of Telepathy, it seems to be emerged from India, the main land of Hindus. Some English researchers report that during the rule of English in India, Indian warriors used the technique of telepathy to communicate with each other as there was no any means of communications to send and receive the messages from remote places. It clears that the people of India were expert in telepathic techniques.

Is telepathy real? I personally believe on it as I sometimes feel its existence in my life where I surprisingly know the intention and plan of other people before they plan and wish. I also believe that all of us have telepathic power hidden inside our mind. But we don't know how to explore it. And exploring telepathic power is beyond the capacity of general mind. Because our conscious mind can't directly receive the message sent neither can it send message to. One can send and receive telepathic messages only subconsciously.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Who Discovered God?

As all of you know that research is going on to find out how the universe was created which is completely depending on the theory of Einstein and Hawking. It's not other than Higs Boson which was believed to be the beginning of everything in the universe. This is also called God Particle as a scientist named it while he scolded God at the time of research. According to this theory everything emerged from God Particle in the universe. It somehow supports the Big Bang Theory about the evolution of universe.

If you study Hinduism, it says that God is omnipresent. Everything in the universe contain the part of God. It means God is present in every particles of the universe. Hawking's theory says that there is no hand of God in the creation of universe. But the study of particle physic which is standing on the same theory of Hawking integrating with the theory of relativity by Einstein is directly matching with the philosophy of Hinduism on origin of universe and creatures. So, who created God? Who discovered God Particle? Was not it already discovered in Hinduism?
Discovered by +Don Prince

Oldest Buddhist Shrine Found in Nepal

Archeologists supported by national and international I NGOs including UNESCO, the specialized agency of UN have discovered the shrine which is older than Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini, Nepal. Earlier, Maya Devi Temple was believed to be the oldest. The brick of the newly discovered shrine has been tested in England which was proved to be the oldest among all Buddhist shrines. This fact has given to the light in the fact that Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born in Nepal.

Majority of people in Nepal are Hindu. Buddhism is the second largest religion in Nepal. Nepal is observed as the land of religious tolerance. Particularly, there is good harmony and understanding between Buddhists and Hindus. They celebrate the festivals of each other. Buddha's idol found in Pashupatinath and the idols of Hindu's deities found in Swayambhunath are the examples of religious tolerance between Hindus and Buddhists. Besides, there is good understanding among Christian, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal.
Discovered by +Don Prince

How to Solve the Problem of Lack of Sleep?

I remember when I was a child I used to face lack of sleep problem if I was told to get something special in the  next day. One day my mother promised me to buy a thing. I could not sleep for long hours at night thinking when will the morning come and I will get the thing. Majority of you may have experienced such condition in your childhood. But what if someone is still facing lack of sleep problem?

When I grew up, I did not have such problem. However at least once in 6 months I couldn't sleep easily in special condition. But in course of learning psychological phenomenons, I totally solved it through self hypnosis. More amazingly I can sleep now within 5 minutes if I decide to sleep. There are many people in the world who are facing lack of sleep problems. I hope this article help all of them.

Having problem to fall asleep is insomnia in psychology. If you have a little knowledge of  meditation or hypnosis, you can easily overcome this problem. First of all, you have to find out why you are unable to sleep. It is because you are thinking, right? Our mind always thinks. But we can make our mind empty with no thought by self hypnosis. All you have to do is close your eyes after lying on bed. See your whole body with the eyes of your mind. Imagine all the parts of your body are on rest one by one. Imagine something into your mind and focus on it only. You can sleep after some minutes. If you fail you have to try it everyday. When you will have complete control over your mind and thoughts, you can sleep easily only by saying your mind that you are going to sleep.
Discovered by +Don Prince

What is the Meaning of Unknown Love in Dream?

''I did not know who he was. But he often came in my dream with different faces. I didn't find his face clear in my dream. I didn't know why he used to come like that. He never expressed his love. However, I am sure he loved me.'' Anushka stopped suddenly. I asked her, ''How can you say that he loved you?'' ''Because every dream was about love. That feelings appeared in my heart whenever I saw him. And he was also reacting like me.'' ''OK, then what happened?'' ''One day I don't know why I asked with God for marriage with him. I told my God in my mind that whoever marries with me, I believe that he is the boy who appeared in my dream. In the same month my marriage was fixed with a boy. I was very happy as I was thinking that I had found my love who used to come in my dream. But......'' She stopped again . I asked, ''But? But what happened?" She took a long breathe and said, ''Before a day of my marriage, the boy again came in my dream and cried for a long time. Now I became confused. I couldn't break the marriage also. I couldn't even say this to anyone. Because people would say me to have been mad. They would never believe me. Finally I got married. I was still hoping that I was married with the boy who used to come in my dream. But I was deceived. I was deceived by my God also. I didn't find my love in my husband.'' ''After that did he come to your dream again?'' ''No, perhaps it was because I got married. He never came in my dream. But one day......., one day a serious distance was made between me and my husband. That night he again appeared in my dream. Then after whenever there was good relation with my husband, he did not appear. But whenever we husband and wife struggled with misunderstanding, he came in my dream.'' I was surprised by the amazing love story of Anushka. She was still saying her story, ''One day I realized that he wanted to break my relationship with my husband. So he was creating misunderstanding between us. Then I told him in my mind that if he was doing that he couldn't be a true lover and I can't love with such a selfish man. Then he never came to my dream again. And my relation with my husband is fine now.'' She finished her story.

Anushka was a 19 years old beautiful girl from Rajsthan of India. She from the beginning used to believe that there is someone from past or future who loves her very much. She had written poems dedicated to her lover of imagination. Her such dream was also begun from the same time. However, she was herself confused as she was well educated and smart. She couldn't completely believe in her feelings and dream. So she fell in love with another boy in her real life. But that boy deceived her. In the same time she was hurt by her owns. She was deceived by her close friends. However, she was living with a hope that at least her future life partner will understand her. Thereafter she had made the sketch of her boy in her mind. In this way she had overcome her loneliness. She ran one boy to another{ not physically} in search of her boy. But no boy was able to keep long term relation with her. She was too tired. So she took asylum to God as she was a religious girl and said him in her mind to let her meet her love. And she married with a boy. What happened there after is all of you know above.

Now let me analysis the dream of Anushka. What is the meaning of her dream? Why does a girl see unknown boy in dream? What is the meaning of unknown love in dream? Let's begin. Dream fulfills our desires. For example, if you don't' want to stay in village and you love to stay in city, you will find yourself roaming in city in your dream. So if you are loved in your dream, it means you are feeling lonely and you expect special love by someone special in your life. Same might have happened with Anushka also. She expected special love and care in her life .So she found someone loving her in dream.

Remember that this interpretation is not equal to everyone and for every cases. Because people have different lives. However, if your life story, feelings and events are matching with Anushka, then it is more possible that you are also experiencing situations like Anushka in your real life..
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why It Happened With Me?

Yesterday Tony's beloved Mery left him forever. She got married with a rich guy. Tony is not disappointed with this event. Neither does he have any complain with God. But he has a question, ''If Mery was not made for him, why did she come to his life?''

Now Tony explains more, '' OK, I am not shocked if it is a common story. People fall in love and there happens sad ending like break up. But my story was different. My story took 4 years to begin. Mery and I faced many difficulties and problems. However, we were together for 4 years. If she was to marry with another, why did this story begin? What is the meaning of this story in my life? Wasn't that a stupid time?

The case of Tony may be your story too. The story shouldn't necessarily be a love story. When something strange and unexpected happens in your life, then you ask to yourself or your God, 'Why it happened with me?''

Our life is the collection of many stories about us. We go through many events in our life. We don't think about all of them. But if we face something stupid and irrelevant events, then we start thinking. We go to ask someone, '' What is the meaning of this event in my life?'' If you want to get the answer of your question, you have to know what happened later with Tony mentioned earlier.

After the break up event, Tony was quite alone. He took 1 week leave from his office to refresh his mind. But what could he do in his vacation? By the way he was fond of literature in his student life. He used to write some stories in local magazines. Now he decided to write a novel.  He started to think for the plot and theme of his novel. As Mery was still in his mind, he determined to write his own love story for his novel.

After 1 year the novel was published. It became popular in a short period of time. Surprisingly, the novel got national literature award and Tony became a professional writer. Now he is an established writer of his country.

One day, media asked him a question, 'What made you a famous writer?'' He answered with a smile, ''My love. Thanks to Mery. If she hadn't deceived me in love, I wouldn't have got this position today.''

So brilliant readers, I think you have got the answer of your question. The events around us are not stupid, random, irrelevant and meaningless. If we understand the meaning of the events happening with us, we can know previously what will happen in our life.
Discovered by +Don Prince

1000 Ton Gold in Dream

There is a famous belief in Hindu Society, ''If one sees wealth under the field in dream, he should quietly go to that place without speaking and informing anyone. The dream will definitely come true.'' Same happened in Daundia Khera of UP in India. A saint saw 1000 ton gold buried under a place in his dream. It was not possible for him to extract the gold alone. Or it was his own wish, he informed his dream publicly. As a result many people, media and government officials poured to the spot.

UP is the boarding state of my country Nepal. So I felt interesting to write about this event. Can such dream be true? Is it superstition? If it can't be true and it is a superstition, why is the government of India giving time for it? Yes, 12 members  Team o ASI of India started to dig the spot. And they were doing it after scientific verification. They tell that they can't say there is gold but there must be some kind of metal. They tell it takes at least 15 days to complete their process. The saint told that after the failure of ASI, he would say where they should dig and they will find the gold within 2 hours.

Chief Minister, leaders, intellectuals and common people had reacted differently on this event. Some said it was superstition but some believed it was scientific. Anyway the government of India investigated it on the basis of dream of a saint. So the question arises within us, can dream be true?

If we go back to history, we can find several examples of dreams being true. Present science also agrees that some dreams come true. But we are still unknown why dream comes true. The case of 1000 ton gold has added another puzzle in science of dream.
Discovered by +Don Prince

The Secret Behind Lucky Date and Number

Do you think any date or number lucky for you? If yes, do you know why it is lucky for you? If you don't know, don't worry. I am going to prove it now.

I have taken the case of Mukesh from Sarlahi, Nepal {imaginary case} to clarify my opinion about your lucky date and number. The lucky date of Mukesh is 16th December. Do you know why? Because he,
- got married with his girl friend on 16th December 2005.
- started his new career as a manager in a company on 16th December 2006.
- got promotion in his company on 16th December 2007.
- was able to pass new loan from a bank on 16th December 2008.
- started his own business on 16th December 2009.
- cleared bank loan on 16th December 2012.
- built his own house on 16th December 2013.

I know you are still confused about your lucky date. Is it true? Does a lucky date work? Does it have any sense in real life? Isn't it a superstition? If it is real, what is the scientific cause behind it? Now I am going to clarify all these questions.

Lucky date or lucky number really works. When a special event happens in a certain date, our subconscious mind records that date and if another special event happens in the same date, there becomes psychological attachment between that date and a special event. Consequently whenever that date comes in life, it brings a special event.

Same happened in the case of Mukesh also. First he married on 16the December which was a special event for him. When he got job on the same date, he believed that the date is special for him. Then his subconscious mind recorded it. As a result a psychological attachment was set up between the special event and the date '16th December'.

What about unlucky date, days and numbers? Are you facing any problems or bad events in certain time? Don't worry. After reading this article, you have properly understood how those things work in your life. So don't let your subconscious mind attach any date and number with bad and unpleasant events. You can simply do it by not believing on any unlucky number and time. I Hope I helped you.
Discovered by +Don Prince

10 Amazing Events in World History

1. Farah in Egypt used to marry their own sisters.
2. Alexander had cried in the continuous victory of his father. Because he thought no state would remain in the world to win for him.
3. The name of the seven month 'July' was named after Julius Caesar.
4. Charles I was given capital sentence in 1649 A.D.
5 Louis XVI was only 20 years old when he ascended the throne in France.
6. It took 20 years for Karl Marx to write the book ''Das Capital''
7. Before unification Germany was divided into more than 300 states.
8. Before the publicity of English language, people from one state to another in India were not able to interact with each other.
9. The second world war was fought for 6 years 1 day.
10. 60 Million people died in the Second World War.
Discovered by +Don Prince

5 Reasons Why Ghost Can not Exist

Do you believe on ghost? If you don't, what are the reasons? Some people say that if God exists, ghost also exists. Because ghost is mentioned in religious stories of almost all religions. And the story of ghost is popular everywhere in the world. Moreover, we hear several events of ghost in our own community. Sometimes our children are sick, they can't be cured by medicine. But they will be easily cured by a witchdoctor. Above all, you may think that ghost is existed on the earth. But I don't believe on the existence of ghost.

I have 5 reasons not to believe on ghost:
{1} Nobody has seen ghost. We don't have any reliable eyewitness who has been attacked by ghost.
{2} There are many psychological disorders that can cause a man to experience the existence of ghost in the surroundings.
{3} Ghost is seen specially at night and darkness. Because people can easily fall in illusion in the darkness. Ghost is also seen in villages than cities because people in the villages are uneducated and superstitious.
{4} There is no scientific proof of ghost. Official science has denied its existence. Intellectual people do not believe on it.
{5} Ghost does not attack in crowd. Because a man feels completely secured in crowd and he can't be psychologically confused there.

It is true that we find several people who claim that they have seen ghost. But we can't believe on them without proof. It is also true that some children are cured by witchdoctors but there is also the effect of psychology. And if you think that ghost is popular everywhere so you believe on it, is everything which is popular in the world is real? Obviously not. At last, if ghost is really written in the religious books, research should be done to extract what is right and what is wrong.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Events of Natural Telekinesis

Telekinesis also known as Psychokinesis is the science of moving the objects with power of mind. According to an article of Wikipedia, it was coined in 1890 by a Russian researcher. Though official science has rejected the existence of telekinesis, many people in the world have challenged the modern science by showing their telekinesis power. In fact, telekinesis itself is a science.

Do you know we are using the power of telekinesis in our daily life without knowing about it. If you analyze the events of life, you can find several events of natural telekinesis in the situations of your real life. I have collected three events in this article. See below.

{i} Sometimes some people curse others to face accident and the accident happens.
{ii} Sometimes we like some thing. But we can't buy it. Someone will give us the same thing in the another day.
{iii} Sometimes we want to close the window or door{see how I closed the door with telekinesis} and someone will close it without our command.

Telekinesis or Psychokinesis is still a controversial science. Some scientists say that research should not be done on it. But I personally believe that telekinesis is existed and research should be done on it. Do you know someone who possesses telekinesis power? Do you have such quality? Begin your story with a comment.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Can We Go Back to Our Past?

''Is it  possible to go back to our past?'' If I asked you this question, I think your answer is ''No, it is impossible.'' But I don't agree with you if so. Because I believe that nothing is impossible in this world. If we can make aeroplane, why can't we make a machine which can take us in past? If we can reach moon, why can't we go back to our past?

All of you have traveled through a bus. If you begin your journey from A and you passed B, C and arrived D, is it possible to go back to A through the same bus? Obviously, it is possible and we have to take help of back gear for that. Similarly, if we manage to make the back gear of time, we can easily reach to our past.

A question may arise in your mind. How can we make such type of gear? As I already told in my previous articles about Stephen Hawking's time machine and my personal opinion on time machine, our physical body can't reach to past or future. But we can reach there through our mind. It means our mind will travel our time vehicle to reach past and even future. But our body will still stay on the earth.

You know that our ancient scriptures are also the source of today's modern innovation and technology. You must have remembered God and religious Gurus closing their eyes whenever they have to know the events of past or future. This is the hint that our mind can lead us on the path of our past and future.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why do People Suffer?

Every human must have asked a question in his life, ''Why do I suffer in my life?'' Some people ask even worse question, ''I haven't done any mistake in life. Then why did I suffer?'' Today I will say why people suffer in their life.

First of all, I want to say that I believe on God very much. So my explanation is also related to God. You know that God rewards if you do good. He also punishes if you do bad. There is a popular saying in the world, ''You will reap what you sow.'' But how can God keep records of all mistakes of all people of the universe? It is very impractical. So God made a rule. I call this rule as ''The Spiritual Law of Nature''. Due to ''Spiritual Law of Nature'' people are suffering in their life. Let me explain it in detail.

According to 'The Spiritual Law of Nature'', humans get same returns as they act out. It means if you do good today, you will see good day tomorrow. And if you do bad today, you will see bad day tomorrow. So if you are getting happiness today, it is the reward of your good work yesterday. Similarly if you are suffering today it is the returns of the bad work you did yesterday..
Discovered by +Don Prince

What is the Proof that Krishna is a God?

One of my friends suddenly asked me a question while we were discussing about Lord Krishna, ''Why is Krishna worshiped as a God? What is the proof that he is God?'' Perhaps he wanted to be sure about it. I also without delay said, ''Gita. You know Krishna preached Gita. Gita is outstanding. Is there anyone in the world who can logically cut the any of the verses of Krishna in Gita? Gita is the proof that Krishna is God. Because only God can create such brilliant words.'' My friend was moving his head in approval as I was speaking these words. He had no word to deny my opinion.

Gita alone is not the proof of Krishna's Godhood. There are thousands of proofs standing out by shouting that Krishna is supreme God. It is not possible to mention everything here. However, I have listed some of them to satisfy one's query:

{i} Mahabharata War
Everyone knows Mahabharata war was triggered by Krishna. The war was about to be prevented. But the clever Krishna played tricky game with Pandava and Kaurava and indirectly obliged them to fight in Kurukshetra. If he wished, the war could have been escaped. But he played leading role to start war. Because he had come to this world to save good and finish evil. And the Mahabharata war was part and parcel of his mission. After this war the heads of devils were ruined forever and the truth governed the earth for years.

{ii} Victory of Pandava
Pandava were only 5 but the Kaurava were 100 in numbers. However, Pandava won the war. Why? Because Krishna sided Pandava. This is the lesson to us that truth always overcomes false. Because God supports truth.

{iii} Contemporary Society
Krishna never told himself a God. Neither did he try to prove it. But the contemporary society believed that he was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The society in that time were of two types, i.e., Good Society and Bad Society. The bad people always dominated Krishna by saying him a shepherd, thief, hypnotist, etc. But the good people always worshiped him as a God. Arjuna, Dorpadi, Akrura, Bhishma Pitamah, etc are some of them.

{iv} Miracles of Krishna
All of you know about the miracles performed by Krishna in his life. Assassination of Putana, fight with Kaliya Naag, Lifting Govardhan Parvat, assassination of Kansa, etc are not coincidence. A miner person can not deserve such powers. Krishna had such power because he was God.

{v} Social Welfare
Krishna dedicated his whole life for others. He didn't live for himself. Life was a mission for him. He ended one mission and started another. In this way Krishna lived just for social well being even though he got betrayal and problems by others in returns. Can such personality be a miner human?

Finally, I think you don't need any more proofs to accept Krishna as a God. If you are still confused, you are not the true devotee of lord Krishna. Because a true devotee of Krishna does not need any proof to accept him as a God.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Undisclosed Rules of Subconscious Mind

Western science still suspects power of subconscious mind. However, it is really funny to say that miracles of subconscious mind are detected more in western countries than eastern. I personally believe on power of subconscious mind.

I am writing this article not to write what the rules of subconscious mind are. Because these rules are already scattered all over the internet. Interestingly, I am writing those rules of subconscious mind which are still undiscovered by psychological scientists.

Now no more stories. Let's begin the new journey. The newly discovered rules of subconscious mind are as follows:

{i} Powers of subconscious minds aren't similar
It can be well explained with the example of force of two person. As the physical power of two persons may be different, the subconscious power of two persons are also not similar. One can do miracles with subconscious mind doesn't mean that the another also can do the same. Each person has different subconscious mind and they have different capacity.

{ii} The power of subconscious mind is constant
The power of subconscious mind can't increase or decrease. It is constant by nature. It is similar to the singing voice of a singer. The voice of a singer is God gift. He can sing even with no practice. But if a singer has a bad voice, he can't have good voice how long he practices. Subconscious mind is also like this. If a man has powerful mind, he can do miracles with a little effort. But if he has less powerful mind his practice can bring only a bit change. But bear it in mind that this rule has some exceptions too.

{iii} Subconscious mind also filters the suggestions
Almost all scientists, psychologists, hypnotists and doctors mistakenly think that if any suggestion is sent to subconscious mind by bypassing the conscious mind to prevent filtration, the suggestion will be successfully accepted by the subconscious mind. But it is not true. In fact, subconscious mind also filters the suggestion like conscious mind. If the suggestion is against the norms and values of subconscious mind, it is directly rejected by the subconscious mind.

{iv} Subconscious mind is always positive
As human blood is always negative unless it is affected by external disease like HIV, our subconscious mind is always positive by nature. It means a subconscious mind is never bad or evil. It is always good till it is tricked by external force. This is the reason, if you think bad, your subconscious mind reminds you whether that is bad and you shouldn't do that.

The rules of subconscious mind is not limited. Scientists say that our mind is the most amazing thing of the universe which is still a secret. Many scientists are still researching on it. We are walking in the same path to discover more about subconscious mind.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why Lovers Accept Deceivers?

Rauj and Shital had affairs for 3 years. But they didn't marry. Because Raju was already married. One day Raju killed his wife and married with Shital.

Sarita and Nabin loved each other for 4 years. Everyone in the college know about them. However, Rabi wished to marry with Sarita. Because Sarita was too beautiful. Sarita also agreed with Rabi. Because Ravi was much richer than Nabin. So they got married.

These two imaginary events are the representative events of several cases in the society. I have questions for both Shital and Ravi.
1. Shital, can you trust a man who kills own wife for another?
2, Ravi, are you sure that your wife won't leave you for another if she deceived someone for you?

All of us know the answers. Neither Shital nor Ravi believe their partners. Then why did they accept deceivers for their life? How can they live their life with them? How will they manage relationship, trust and love? And lastly, but not least, why lovers accept deceivers?

Let me explain the answer. Every relation has 6 levels:
Level 1----- Deepest
Level 2----- Deeper
Level 3----- Deep
Level 4----- Light
Level 5----- Lighter
Level 6----- Lightest

A true relation stands either in level 1 or 2 or at least 3 whereas a false relation is made in level 4, 5 or 6. Level 6 is worst foundation of relation which can be broken any time. Level 4, 5 and 6 stands in the selfishness of the people.

So those lovers accept deceivers but for their own self. They don't believe their partners and don't expect honesty by them. They can deceive each other any time when they find better opportunity. So such relation is worse than no relation.
Discovered by +Sujan Kshetry

5 Dangers of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the scientifically verified method which is used to alter conscious mind to establish certain beliefs into the subconscious mind without filtration. It is also used to give up some bad habits like drinking, smoking, etc. More interestingly it is used to cure many fatal diseases by doctors.

The merits of hypnosis is unexplainable. But it is somehow dangerous too. What dangers can hypnosis cause? See its some bad impacts below:
1. It can cause mental imbalance in subject. It is more dangerous if the hypnotist is careless and inexperienced.
2. Sometimes a miner health problem like headache may be the symptom of another dangerous disease. If the headache of the subject is cured through hypnosis, the actual disease will be ignored and finally the subject dies.
3. The uneducated society still believes in witchcraft, tantra and mantra. People may treat a hypnotist as a witch in the remote areas.
4. A learning hypnotist may loose temper very fast. His odd behavior can cause break ups in family.
5. Some people may be hypnotized by enemies for revenge.

Above all, hypnosis is a boon in medical science and psychology. But one should get the counseling by the certified hypnotist all the time if hypnosis is required.
Discovered by +Rita Timalsina

Quiet for 27 Years

27 years ago father Hira Bahadur and mother Sita Timalsina gave birth to Suresh Timalsina in Sadaktol-5, Nijgadh of Nepal. Suresh was a normal child in his childhood. But as he grew up, he didn't speak. Neither did he have any feelings and emotion. However he was physically fit.

Now he recognizes relatives and villagers. He knows his house. He plays trick if he is to snatch something with others. He keeps one repeated habit going on. After leaving one habit, he starts another.

Mr. Hira Bahadur tried his best to cure Suresh. He tried from spiritual Gurus to top medical doctors. But result was zero. He tells that he can do anything if his son can be cured. Let's hope something magic happens with Suresh Timalsina.
Discovered by +Sharmila Bhattarai

Hidden Science in Final Destination

I like Hollywood movies very much. I like them for two reasons, i.e., {i} Different story {ii} Scientific and reality based. Yes, majority of the fictions in Hollywood are somehow reality based and scientific. The Final Destination is one of them which is scientific, psychological and real in spite of standing on a fully imaginary story and spot.

All the series of Final Destination have covered same theme. The characters see the future's events before they happen. In some parts of the movies, they know them by analyzing the hints given by unknown source. Such amazing story has given magnetic attraction to the movie. And how would you react if I tell you such type of story can be real in our life too?

If you attempt, you can also know the good or bad events of your life before they happen. The interesting thing is that after knowing them, you can change or prevent the bad events and situations of your life. Similarly, you can happily welcome the events if you find them good. But how? You can do it exactly how the characters mentioned in the above movie had done. And you shouldn't necessarily watch the movies to learn it.

Actually our sub conscious mind first knows those events. Then it tries to inform or warn us about the events. It can't directly interact with us {our conscious mind}. So it may come to us through our feelings or dream. It may also give us hints in our life's situations. The only thing we have to do is to understand its signal.

There are many people with such psychic power in this world. Are you one of them? Or do you know someone with such quality? If yes, do not forget to reveal the truth through the comment in this post.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why is Little Krishna Popular than Ram?

If you follow Hinduism, you must have worshiped otherwise seen the Little Krishna in photos or idols. Have you ever seen Little Ram like that? Of course, you have found so many photos and idols of grown up Ram. But you rarely find Ram's photo of childhood like Krishna. Why? Have you ever considered this question in your religious life? Today, I will tell all of you why Little Krishna is more popular than Little Ram.

First of all, I assume you that you know about a bit about ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. So you obviously know that both Ram and Krishna are the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The only difference is that Ram came first. After departure of Ram, Krishna came to this world. You don't wonder the story of Krishna is more popular than Ram. Yes, Ram and Ramayana also is not less popular. But the story of Krishna is so interesting and inspiring that people never feel tired of listening the pranks of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna is popular specially with the pranks he has performed in his childhood. Assassination of Putana, War with Kaliya Naag, event of lifting Gobardhan Parvat to save people, naughty behaviors with Gopinis, love with Goddess Radha, Assassination of Kansa, etc happened while he was a child. Except Mahabharata War and Preaching Geeta, he completed his almost all major missions in his childhood. This is the exact reason, the naughty child Krishna is depicted in idols to worship than the grown up Krishna.

Lord Ram also did so many pranks and duties in his childhood. But his actual mission was fulfilled when he grew up. Assassination of Ravan is one example. So the Big Ram is famous among us than the Little Ram. Now I hope you understand why naughty, childish Krishna is popular and the Big Ram is great.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Protected Animals and Birds of Nepal

Nepal is a world in itself. It is the home for not only diversified people but also for rare animals, birds and insects of the world. There are many animals and birds in Nepal which are found only in Nepal. Some of them did not have even their names. Because they still lack research. According to 'Nawa Yuwa' magazine there are 35 protected animals and birds in Nepal which are protected by law of Nepal. See the full list below:
Animals and Birds                                                          
Wild Water Buffalo                                                  
Gaur bison                                                                                   
Wild Yak                                                                                    
Great Tibetan Sheep                                                                
Tebetan Antelope                                                                          
Four-horned Antelope                                                                  
Musk Deer                                                                                  
Spotted Lingsang                                                                          
Red Panda                                                                                  
Assamese Monkey                                                                     
Hispid Hare                                                                           
Pygmy Hog                                                                                 
Black Duck                                                                                  
Striped Hyaena                                                                           
Grey Wolf                                                                                   
Swamp Deer                                                                      
Clouded Leopard                                                                  
Leopard Cat                                                                  
Snow Leopard                                                                
Wild Elephant                                                             
Brown Bear                                                             
One-horned Rhinoceros                                        
Gangetic Dolphin                                                   
Black stork                                                      
White stork                                                         
Sarus crane                                                        
Cheer Pheasant                                                     
Impeyan pheasant                                                  
Crimson-horned pheasant                                     
Bengal florican                                                     
Lesser florican                                                  
Great peid hornbill
Discovered by +Don Prince