One day, some Gopinis were taking bath in a river. They had covered their body inside the water. But they were naked. It was their habitual activities. One day lord Krishna hid their cloth. When Gopinis didn’t see their cloth, they got scared. They screamed and looked here and there. They found lord Krishna sitting on a tree near them. First, they were very aggressive towards Krishna. But they thought they would not get cloth back from Krishna. So they normally requested Krishna to return their cloth. Krishna made them promise not to take bath naked in river. When they promised Krishna gave their cloth and went from there.

This event is very famous in Hindu philosophy. People described it differently, positively and negatively too. What the actual meaning of stealing cloth by Krishna? Actually, there is not hidden meaning behind it. Simply and normally lord Krishna is against obscene behaviors of human beings. So he taught whole world through this incident not to do such activity. Finally Krishna was a child. What can be the meaning another than it?
Discovered by +Don Prince