An interesting event comes in the life of Lord Krishna when his mother Yasodha asked him to open his mouth so as to examine whether he may have eaten soil again because he had a habit of eating soil. Yasodha had warned him several times. However he had eaten soil. So he did not open his mouth. Yasodha scolded and forced him to open his mouth. Now he had to open his mouth. When he opened his mouth Yasodha became very surprised and also fearful because she saw whole universe in the mouth of Krishna.

This act has a special meaning, i.e. he loves everyone in the universe. He had a plan to serve to helpless people by making several houses and palaces. This is further proven when he released 16,100 girls from the trap of Narakasur. The society did not give support to those girls to settle common life in the society but it was lord Krishna who helped them to settle independently.
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