Lord Krishna is one of the dearest characters in the life of many Hindus. He is a mysterious character in religious history. If we go through the life of Krishna, his each word, act and pranks have special spiritual meaning which is not known to anyone in this world.

Let us think about Krishna’s amazing act of eating soil in his childhood. No one can deny the fact that he is supreme God. He is most famous in Hinduism because he had come to this world with most of the qualities of lord Vishnu. So he is almighty God. Do you think a God can do such an unhealthy activity like eating soil? What may be the reason behind this?

This act interprets that lord Krishna was a patriot personality. Nationalism was one of the main characteristics of his personality even though he equally treated every states in the world. He made his own state ‘Dwarika’. Later this state sank due to the sin given to Krishna. Krishna died with his state and people which was also one of his pranks.
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