Some people demoralize Krishna by connecting him with Mirabai without knowing Mira's life story. But reality is that Mira and Krishna had come to this world in different era. Mira, a Hindu mystical poetess and singer was born around the beginning of 16th century in the village of Kurki, near Merta, Rajsthan. When she was 3 years old, a saint came to her family's home and gave an idol of Shree Krishna. During her childhood, she noticed a marriage procession in front of her house. When she saw the bridegroom she asked her mother innocently," Dear mother who is my bridegroom? "Then her mother smiled and said to her," My dear daughter, Lord Krishna, this idol is your bridegroom "There after she started talking everyday and night with the statue of Krishna.

At the age of sixteen, her marriage was fixed with a prince of Chittorgarh. But her true love for Krishna did not let her continue her marital relationship. She used to go to the temple of Lord Krishna, worship, sing and dance before the image everyday. Her mother in law and other ladies of the house did not like the ways of her. They started annoying her. Even her husband could not understand her. But he died fighting in battle with the Moghal emperors. Mira was forced to perform Sati but she did not do saying that Krishna is her real husband. After that her family started to torture her. They also tried to kill her. Finally she decided to leave the palace. Secretly with some followers, she slipped out of the palace and went to Vrindavan. She had determined to spend her life in the devotion of Lord Krishna. She wrote many songs and poem on Shree Krishna. Her fame and reputation spread far and wide.

One day an amazing event happened in the Krishna temple of Dwarka. The sanctum doors got closed themselves. Later on when the doors were opened, Mira had been vanished there and her Sari was found wrapped around the idol of Shree Krishna. Actually, Mira was the incarnation of Radha. She was taken by the idol of Lord Krishna.
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