A farmer had three sons. Those sons had been already separated along with property of the farmers. In other word, they had got their parental property divided among them. After a few years the farmer died. The sons got a letter of the farmer written for each of them. The letter reads like this, ”Dear sons, I have something for you all in my cupboard.”

The sons became very happy thinking that their father might have left property for them. But when they opened the cupboard they found only soil in a bag. The sons started thinking about it. They understood the meaning of their father according to their own attitude. The eldest son was too laborious. So he told, ”Our father has left soil for us. He means to say that labor brings riches. If we labor hard, we should not depend on others for wealth.” Then he started working hard in his field. The younger son was very lazy and he used to believe in fate. So he understood it like this,” Our father has left soil for us. It means he is telling us that he has kept gold and money beneath our field. ” Then he started to search in his field. Now, there comes the turn of the youngest son. He was careless. He told, ”Our father means to tell us that everything has mixed up with soil. Now there is no meaning of expecting anything.” Then he left thinking about it.

Here comes the same situation with Lord Krishna. People talk ill of him relating with the so called 16000 Gopinis. First of all it should be clear that those 16000 were not Gopinis. They were those girls who were kidnapped by a demon called Narakasur and later set free by Krishna. In the other hand there is a question that who counted the number of Gopinis? Besides, there is a point one must notice that Krishna’s friends in Vrindavan comprise both male and female. In fact one can not understand Krishna reading just for 10 or 15 minutes about him. One should spend whole life to understand his life and philosophy. 

We offer flowers to God. But have we ever thought why we offer flower to God? It is because love is God. And flower is the symbol of love. Moreover, it is known to all that Lord Krishna is the symbol of love. Love of Krishna with Radha refers to the love between two lovers. But the love of Krishna with that of Gopinis refers to love between human being and divine spirit, a man to another, a son to mother, a brother to sister, a friend to another and so on. Relation of Krishna with Gopinis tells us, ”If you love someone, you should not go to temple to worship God. If you are loved by someone you should not go anywhere to find out God.” Only uneducated or too much educated man can point out against the character of Shree Krishna. A truthful devotee of Krishna never blames like that. Because he knows that goodness is Krishna and Krishna is goodness. He is an ideal personality and the real God.  God never can be immoral.

There is a story about little Krishna. One day some Gopinis were taking a bath in a river. They were clotheless. Shree Krishna hid their clothes and stayed on a tree. Gopinis asked him for their clothes. But Krishna did not give it back. At last Gopinis promised not to take a bath undressed. Then Krishna returned their clothes.

This story has clear interpretation about Shree Krishna. Krishna was on a tree in a distance from Gopinis. It means that Krishna was inside the boundary. He gave a lesson not to be obscene. He means to say that immoral act is never acceptable. Rather it is punishable. A devotee should be good in character. Krishna who gave teaching to be moral never can be immoral. Definitely, he loved Gopinis and Gopinis loved him. But there was no passion at all. At the time, he was only 7 years old. We know what kind of relation there can be between a 7 years old child and grownups Gopinis. Talking their relation as a passion is really ridiculous.