What is the Relationship between Krishna and Andal?

Some people criticize Lord Krishna by connecting his name with Sri Andal without knowing reality. The real story is that Sri Andal was born in Villiputhur in modern day Tamilnadu. There is a story behind her birth. One day Vishnuchittar a devotee of lord Vishnu was praying the God. He heard the cries of young baby coming from the direction of Tulasi plant. He started digging at the spot and found a casket with a baby. He named the baby Goda Devi [Go means earth and Da means given by earth]. Later she was known as Andal the great poetess and devotee of lord Vishnu. She also liked listening the stories of Ram and Krishna.

When Andal grew up her father started thinking about her marriage. He asked to Andal,"Whom will you marry. "Andal said, "Lord Ranganath is my husband.” Vishnuchittar wondered how it was possible to marry with Lord by a mortal girl like Andal. Ranganath is Lord Vishnu himself. He was also the family God of lord Ram.

One day lord Ranganath himself appeared in the dream of Vishnuchittar and asked Andal's hand as he loved her. He also appeared in the dream of the priest of Ranganath temple and ordered for the preparation of marriage. Then Andal was taken to the temple by a huge procession. There she married with the idol of lord Ranganath and disappeared in the sudden divine light coming from the idol.
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