People say that Shree Krishna had 8 wives called Ashta Bharyas. They are:
1.                  Radha [Rukmini]
2.                  Satyabhama
3.                  Jambawati
4.                  Kalindi [Surya]
5.                  Mitravinda [Surya]
6.                  Nagnajiti [Neela]
7.                  Bhadra
8.                  Lakshna [Lakshamana]
There is no question on their existence. People made false story of Krishna’s marriage with many princesses so that they can freely practice polygamy in the society. What was the reality of Ashta Bharyas? It is given below:

Satyabhama: We can find only one temple of Satyabhama and there is no statue of Krishna with her because she was not married with Krishna.

Jambawati: She was from bear family. Her father was king of bear. His name was Jambavan. How does Krishna marry with Jambawati?
Kalindi: Kalindi is regarded as the daughter of Sun. She is a river and is one of the tributaries of river Ganga.The another name of Kalindi is Yamuna. How can a river be the wife of Krishna?

Mitravinda: She is also a river made by river Ganga.

Nagnajiti: She was the sister of Lord Krishna. She was the daughter of Krishna’s maternal uncle .There is no tradition of marrying sister in Hinduism or Vaishnavism. So it is absolutely wrong to say that Krishna married Nagnajiti.

Bhadra: She was also the sister of Krishna and daughter of Vasudev and Rohini. She was also called Subhadra. She was the wife of Arjuna.

Lakshna: She was the form of Goddess Durga. Krishna can not marry her because Durga is the consort of Lord Shiva.
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