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Do Aliens Exist?

‘’Are we alone in our universe?’’ One of my students asked me this question. I funnily replied, ‘’HOW DARE YOU?’’ A loud laughter aired in t...

Is God Particle Related to God?

Hi, everyone! This is Don Prince. Today I am interviewing a scholar namely Mr. Keshav Ram Timalsina on the old aged topic of 'God'.

Mr. Keshav Ram Timalsina is from Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest and Gautam Buddha. He is a well known professor who teaches various subjects. He loves to speak on Science and Spirituality.

Don: Let us start with the most famous question on the street. Does God exist?
Keshav: I personally do believe on God. The most convincing reason is that religion speaks about Science. For instance, Mahabharata has a story of time floating different in different space. If the story had been merely a fairy tale, it wouldn't have been so scientific. This fact, indeed, compels anyone to take God seriously.

Don: Hinduism, for ages, believes God is inside every atom in the universe. Later scientists also discovered 'God Particle'. Is there any connection between God and God Particle?
Keshav: It's true whether Hindus, since the time immemorial, believed God is inside every atom. As God Particle is found everywhere in the universe, it seems to support the traditional belief. However, it has no relation with God. It's just a coincidence.

Don: Now, let me question directly. If God exists, why has no one seen it in history?
Keshav: Quantum Mechanics has its better answer. According to the concept of multiverse, our universe is one of the members of the infinite universes. In this scenario, we can't expect God being present everywhere.

Don: Almost all scholars believing on God have strong religious background, why?
Keshav: No one can prove God. Neither can anyone disprove. Those who believe or disbelieve are doing it since their childhood which is backed by their family and community. People start questioning when they grow up. A few can change their belief.

Don: Did God create the universe?
Keshav: The Big Bang theory tells us the universe began from a dot of singularity. But what caused big bang is unknown. Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has mathematically proven an omnipotent power behind the story of the beginning of  time and space. May be his equation is indicating the existence of God.

Don: Can't Big Bang be a coincidence?
Keshav: No, not at all. It can't happen itself. Because it violates some established laws of Physics. In other hand, everything in the universe is so orderly. It must have been trigger by intelligence.

Don: Thank you for the interview.
Keshav: You are most welcome

6 Unsolved Questions in Astronomy

Universe is crowded with innumerable unknown mysteries. Here is a short list of unknown discovery:

1. How was the universe originated?
2. Is there existence of Higs Boson Particle? {Update: It has been discovered now}
3. Which particle is responsible for gravitational force?
4. Is there any human civilization in other parts of the universe?
5. Where is the space radiation come from?
6. How is the shape of the satellite of Uranus?

Why Didn't the World End in 2012?

{This article had been published before 21 December 2012. It has been republished.}

Are we dying in 2012? How many days do we have in our hands to live our life in this world? These two breath taking questions have become the most fearful questions since we have just entered 2012 AD. Do you have answers of these questions? If you don’t, you should not worry. The answers are ‘No, we are not really dying in 2012’ and ‘We have many years in our hands to live in this world’.

Why are we not dying in 2012? This is a most lovely question for you because you are living in a fear of death which is slightly less than death. I hope this article will be successful to remove the confusion from the mind of several people who are very anxious due to the issue of 2012. So once again same question, why are we not dying in 2012?

- The first reason is related to Mayan Calendar. It is said that the world will end on 21st December 2012 A.D. because this is the last day in Mayan Calendar. Yes, it is true that the Mayan Calendar will end on 21st December 2012. But it has nothing to do anything with the existence or end of the world. So the base of this rumor is very weak. The end of any calendar does not mean the end of the world. This type of belief is so unscientific, conservative and ridiculous that only the man with no common sense can believe it. In the other hand, suppose that it is true when the Mayan Calendar ends the world will end then why it was not spread before?

- It is also said that natural disaster will take place and it will wash away the vast number of people on 21st December 2012 AD which is 100% false because according to science, the natural disaster can’t be predicted on any certain day like that. So it is proved that it is a planned rumor.

- It is also said that a new planet named Nibiru will collide with the earth and the earth will destroy on that day. It is scientifically false because it is very easy to find out any planet coming near the earth. But no scientists and science agencies have noticed any planet running towards the earth. And another thing if we notice any planet coming towards the earth, then it is not a new or difficult task for our technology to change the path of that planet.

- Just notice that any national or international issues take place on this earth, your government as well as international organizations will be centralized in the discussion. But do you know any day the cabinet of your state is holding meeting on the issue of 2012? Any agenda is presented in UNO? Or you think it is a miner issue? Obviously not, neither governments nor any science agency have made it issue to discuss. The only one common reason is that there is no strong point in this issue. This is nothing more than making money on the people's foolishness.

- It is praiseworthy talent ever shown that whoever has tried to mislead the people by this false rumor has tried his/her best to prove it scientifically. This issue has been tried to link with the issue of global warming and international dispute. It is true that global warming is indicating the destruction of world in near future but this time is very far from 2012. It takes long years for global warming to cause destruction. Moreover, it won’t affect the earth on any certain day. It will be gradually causing destruction in the world. In the other hand there is no chance of world war in 2012 which could have caused the end the world in such a short period of time.

We very near to 21st December. It is believed that the world will have a violent end on this date. Although this is controversial, it can’t be rejected that everyone has fear in their mind.

Here is no need to beat about bush as everyone knows its background and they want to come to the point but we must begin from the starting point.

21st December and end of the world, it’s related with Mayans civilization. Mayans are very popular for their mathematics and astronomy knowledge. This civilization was flourished between third and ten century AD in Southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize and Western Honduras. The descendants of Mayans still exist in the world today although by 1200 AD Mayans civilization had collapsed.

Mayans had developed several calendars. But let’s consider only about the Long Count Calendar as this is related with the end of the world. This calendar was started on 13th August 3114 BC {in Long Count Calendar it is written like this:}. This calendar has 13 cycles that is called the Great Cycle. It means the calendar is ended in {In Gregorian calendar (our modern English calendar) it is written like this: 21st December 2012 AD}. So 22nd December 2012 is according to the Long Count Calendar. That’s why people say that on 21st December the world will end and from 22nd December new era will start because it is beginning of the new Great cycle in accordance with the Long Count Calendar. Today is 13th October 2012 and according to the Long Count Calendar, its and tomorrow it will be There is an interesting point that both Kalyug and the Long Count Calendar started about 5,000 years ago. This point should be noticed that Kalyug is the final age according to Hinduism.

However, there is no any scientific proof and clue which advocate that the world is ended on 21st December. NASA says through its few articles that there will be some changes in the position of the sun on that day. But it doesn’t mention any word about any unwanted destruction. Some people believe, a planet will collide with the earth but it is also ridiculous because if it had been so, the scientists would have already noticed it. Mayans themselves don’t believe on this rumor. Rather they are planning to celebrate the end of the Great Cycle and the beginning of the new Great cycle as we celebrate New Year after the end of each 30th December. So let’s get rid of the fear and join their new era party.

Some Amazing Solar System Facts

1. The Solar System was formed 4.568 billion years ago.

2. There is no planet other than Earth which has sea and ocean.

3. Neptune has 14 satellites.

4. Humans have succeeded to set the foot only on the Moon after Earth.

5. The two planets Jupiter and Saturn have no surface.

6. The surface of Mercury is similar to the Moon.

7. Venus is explained as Earth’s sister or twin.

8. Mars can be easily seen from the Earth with naked eyes.

9. Uranus is the only planet which is named from the figure from Greek Mythology rather than Roman.

10. The Sun comprises about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.

Why Did She Reject You?

Got rejected? Wanna know the cause? The cause is because no one likes anyone to love, everyone choose someone for love. Yes, we don't like, we choose.

Suppose apple is your favorite fruit. After apple you like orange and thereafter banana. If I give you option to choose anyone among apple, orange, banana and grapes, then which one will you select? You will definitely choose apple. But what if I remove apple from the list? Which one do you select? You will surely choose orange, right? Why? Because there is absence of apple.

Now, let's connect this example with love and attraction. Better we start from our initial point. Why she rejected you? Because she has better option of you. Unlike illustrated above, she may choose you if somehow you are proven you are better than her choice. You also have a chance if her choice does not like her. Because it will cause disappearance of her best choice.

Every lovers make like ranks subconsciously to choose their partners. They always try to select their first choice. If they fail, they go to the second. This law of attraction is the main cause people leave one for another. This is also the reason some people fall in love even with less attractive person.

How Can You Easily Deal With A Break Up?

People often break the heart of another in love because most of them think break up as a normal event in life. But it can destroy the life of another if he/she does not think like that. It is more complicated if it leads to a mental problem. Suicide, murder, revenge and depression will encounter. I created this article to take the people out of the grief who get deceived or rejected by others.

I helped so many people in life who came to me with the break up and rejection problem. And I am very proud to be successful to convince them with the word of mouth. I am writing this article to help people who may not know me or anyone similar.

Let's start. I assume you as being deceived in love. What are you planning now? Are you going to convince her/him? Beware! Never do like that. Because the person who deceives one time can deceive thousand times. Then you are going to suicide now? So funny! You are going to kill yourself for the person who betrayed you. What a foolish person you are! I am really laughing at the background.

You also may be inside the deep trance of depression. Come on. Wake up. Let's go to visit somewhere. You will find yourself being lucky to have a second chance to choose a better partner. And there are many options. So be happy and do not forget to say thanks to God who saved you from the bad choice.

I forgot one thing. You also may think of revenge. You might be thinking of even killing him/her. Don't be so crazy. Has the incidence turned you into a psycho person? Ask this question with yourself. And don't forget to rethink this thing that you are in vain going to destroy your life by going in jail.

I know some people are depressed not with the reason they lost their love. They are sad because they lost trust. When they get cheated in life, specially by them whom they trusted with no bound, they are not in the condition of believing any one in the future. This is caused by the mental damages triggered by the unpleasant and unexpected incidence like being betrayed. Try to convince yourself by positive thinking. 

Life is full of ups and downs. Some people think that they are the only who are suffering. But if we investigate into the lives of other people, we can find that every heart beat is saying sad stories. However, most of them are happy. Because they understand life properly. So forget the past, live the present and make the future.

3 Questions Even Edison Didn't Ask

Thomas Elba Edison was all in all a big question in the word of his own father. When he was admitted to school, he flooded questions as if he had got license to ask questions. But unfortunately his questions drove him out of the school in a few days. Then he never went back to school. Rather he made mind to search the answer of his questions himself. This fact made him the versatile scientist of the world. He did more than 1000 inventions. He is specially remembered for lighting the whole world through a notable contribution in electric bulb.

We should not stop someone asking questions. Neither should we be tired of asking questions. Because when questions stop, invention stops. And when invention stops, the civilization stops. So we should ask genuine questions with each other that makes our world alive. That’s why today I am asking some questions to you. I hope you will try to answer them.

Questions 1:
Can a photo of a person predict physical condition for future?
Last year, one of my friends showed me his photo and said, ‘’Look at me in this picture. I have got a big stomach though I don’t really have it.’’ Nowadays he really has got it. This incidence has raised a question on my mind, ‘What’s there in the lens of the camera that can take the photograph of future? Is this the beginning history of the future capturing camera?

Question 2:
Why do the faces of people match with animals?
I have noticed many people whose face matches with some animals like elephant, tiger, monkey, cat, mouse, etc. Why are they matching with animals? Do all people match with some kind of animals of the world? Is it coincidence or it has got some hidden secret of the human history?

Question 3:
Food affects the nature of man or man eats according to their nature?
I have seen some particular people having particular types of food. Just for example, a childish type of man eating the children’s stuff and people eating oily food are dull with mind. So I want to be clear, food affects people or people eat according to their nature?

I think the world is full of questions. We don’t know even those questions. Answers are very far. However we must not leave searching questions. Because this is the first step to head towards answers.