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Can Aliens Exist in Our Universe?

August 31, 2018 0
It's amazing. We still don't know the meaning of our life. More surprisingly, most of the people even don't care.

Scientists think about who and why we are. And therefore they are often taken as insane. Specially, when they talk about it. People rush after money as if they are going to shift in another planet where they do not have to die. They behave like characters of a computer game who can not think beyond the codes coded by the coder. But life sucks. We are dying without knowing our real identity. It's reality.

Newton said, ''What I know is a drop. What I don't know is an ocean.'' Our universe is infinitely vast. In future, we will be able to capture the picture of our universe. But we can not see our earth there with our naked eyes. So standing on the earth with a little mind in a small head, if we think we are the intelligent, that's not intelligence.

Many theories came and are still coming. But they did not give much except providing interesting themes for the sci-fi movies. They unnecessarily made Physics more complex.

One day, my friend asked me in a scientific discussion, ''Where will we go after we die?'' I, getting no way, replied, ''We will go there where we were before we were born.'' That sounds frustrating. Right?

I wrote about 'Many Tribes Hypothesis' in my previous article that concluded there are various tribes of species from microorganisms found in air to the most advanced aliens living in a star very far from us. And we humans are unqualified to explore our universe. Because we are not made for that purpose. It's like a frog in a ditch trying to figure out the shape of the earth. That's really disappointing. Isn't it? Don't worry. Think once  again. Isn't it possible that we are the advanced civilization upper than all since we are exploring the universe?

Today I have brought a new concept, i.e., 'One universe, One intelligent'. Our universe is one of the members of multiverse. Every universe has one intelligent that explores the universe. Since we humans are exploring, we are the intelligent in our world. So we have not found any aliens yet. Neither have they found us. But it's possible we will find species lower than us. Let NASA keep on searching the life beyond the earth. They will find lives but that will not be smarter than us.

It sounds a pure theory. If you think theories are just theories in Science, you need to read more theories.

Einstein said, ''Imagination is greater than knowledge.'' Theory, at first, is an imagination. Scientists prove them mathematically. Later it becomes knowledge.

But mathematics is not the only language of Science. There may be many other languages that speak Science. One of them is Philosophy.

As you say everything is mathematical, I say everything is philosophical. Philosophy is the mirror of Science. So far, we are understating Philosophy with reference to Science. Isn't it possible to explain Science through Philosophy? Huh! Sounds interesting.

Have a look around. People are not good or bad absolutely. Don't they follow the theory of relativity?

Look at the beauty of quantum mechanics. They tell about 'Many Worlds Theory'. Just think for a minute. Every person has a unique story having separate world of himself/herself. And the worlds are infinite.

The concept of 'One Universe, One Intelligent' stands on the base of 'Many Worlds Theory'. Almost all physicists believe on 'Many Worlds Theory'. It solves the oddities of all theories. Perhaps, it will be the 'theory of everything' in future.
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Is God Particle Related to God? An Interview

May 12, 2018 0
Hi, everyone! This is Don Prince. Today I am interviewing a scholar namely Mr. Keshav Ram Timalsina on the old aged topic of 'God'.

Mr. Keshav Ram Timalsina is from Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest and Gautam Buddha. He is a well known professor who teaches various subjects. He loves to speak on Science and Spirituality. 

Don: Let us start with the most famous question on the street. Does God exist?
Keshav: I personally do believe on God. The most convincing reason is that religion speaks about Science. For instance, Mahabharata has a story of time floating different in different space. If the story had been merely a fairy tale, it wouldn't have been so scientific. This fact, indeed, compels anyone to take God seriously.

Don: Hinduism, for ages, believes God is inside every atom in the universe. Later scientists also discovered 'God Particle'. Is there any connection between God and God Particle?
Keshav: It's true whether Hindus, since the time immemorial, believed God is inside every atom. As God Particle is found everywhere in the universe, it seems to support the traditional belief. However, it has no relation with God. It's just a coincidence.

Don: Now, let me question directly. If God exists, why has no one seen it in history?
Keshav: Quantum Mechanics has its better answer. According to the concept of multiverse, our universe is one of the members of the infinite universes. In this scenario, we can't expect God being present everywhere.

Don: Almost all scholars believing on God have strong religious background, why?
Keshav: No one can prove God. Neither can anyone disprove. Those who believe or disbelieve are doing it since their childhood which is backed by their family and community. People start questioning when they grow up. A few can change their belief.

Don: Did God create the universe?
Keshav: The Big Bang theory tells us the universe began from a dot of singularity. But what caused big bang is unknown. Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has mathematically proven an omnipotent power behind the story of the beginning of  time and space. May be his equation is indicating the existence of God.

Don: Can't Big Bang be a coincidence?
Keshav: No, not at all. It can't happen itself. Because it violates some established laws of Physics. In other hand, everything in the universe is so orderly. It must have been trigger by intelligence.

Don: Thank you for the interview.
Keshav: You are most welcome.
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The Kalki Avatar decoded

March 22, 2018 3
What get me started
I am fond of studies of mythology and was simply searching about the upcoming Kalki avatar on internet, where we can see so many Kalki avatars are already present. So many videos where so many person called themselves as Kalki avatar with showing proof of prophecy of great astrologer Nostradamus. Some looking match, some fake. Among the all there is one letter catch my eye on it, where no proof of prophecy given by the person, but if we want to tally all prophecy get tallied completely and shockingly.
I had to research more for this person, please read my following findings.

Kalki Avatar- human being

In ancient era there were human beings with super powers, persons called ASUR was also having MayaviShakti, that time when Lord Vishnu had to take avatar with super natural powers to destroy these. We are still looking for a god with a same aspect. But in Kaliyuga even humans don’t have fit body or don’t have normal physical capacity to manage their daily tasks, why God will come with super natural powers? Lords never show us these powers unless it is necessary to show.So finally the Kalki avatar must be a common man.

Location of Kalki Avatar

As a common man he can be found in small town. Nostradamus gave a clue for his location.

-          The land where three sea meet and where Thursday is holy day = India




-          The land where five rivers to one = There is a temple in Satara district for where 5 rivers coming to one = Panchaganga temple.


In prophecy Nostradamus mentioned his name as “ChyrenSelin” which is extremely similar to “ShriramKalki”


Second clue is “With a name so wild will he be brought forth” – conclude that the surname must be something forest related name “Bankar” is clearly related to forest. “Ban” = Forest.So finally above name get proved as “ShriramBankar”.

New Knowledge

It is somewhere mentioned by Nostradamus that the Chyren will give a something extremely new knowledge to world. We can find on internet.In above mail screen we can find a worldwide approach of MrShriramBankar, clearly. Noone else yet dared to gave such guidelines yet to the world.

Long awaited
Above letter I got from him and it is proved that the person who waited long time as same again as prophecy of Nostradamus.





Family members

On the internet we can see its proved by some other that his mother will be found as widow. MrShriramBankar’s mother is also found widow.

Another line of Nostradamus catching my eye is “And with the sole title of Victor will he be quite satisfied”. This line indicates another family member called “MrAjitkumarBankar”, who is elder brother of ShriramKalki. I can assume this as soul tile of victor.

Age proof

Again on the internet we can see that predicted age of this person must be in between 50 to 60.

The person above mentioned his birthdate in his mail 4-4-1967, by which we can count his age as 51 now.


Even if we study more on the proofs and prophecy given by the Nostradamus,  we can found the clue of person more as Medium height, medium form, middle aged, dark coloured, who born mostly in South India (I repeat South India, not in Punjab). The person who will give ONE RELIGON and ONE LANGUAGE to whole world.The person who gave a new knowledge and NEW CONSTITUTION.By this there will be no unemploymment, no poverty in the world.
I have met him, he is commerce college teacher, lord in a complete human form. No miracles no magic, NISHKALANKA AVATAR and LAST avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu.

He was expecting that the saints, the Yati’s, high educated, scholers will recognize him, but that never happened since last 32 years. So, the responsibility came upon my shoulders to give his identity to world through media.

I may wrong somewhere to decode the prophecy clues, but I request scholers or reporters to investigate more to him. And want to say that he is expecting our praise to him, just to call a God as “Jay KalkiShriram”. So he can give us direction again to start a Satyug.

I request to our honorable President to arrange a meeting with him as a Royal (even royal also the limited word for him) person, give him respect as Guru who came for establish humanity and just to guide people.

Written by Veyjanti

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Ultimate Weight Manipulation Guide

March 13, 2018 2
How many of you have thought of making your summer body ready by winter? How many of you really keep the courage to jump out of bed and take the first step in the cold morning? Wouldn’t it sound too good to be true if I tell you you’ll know everything you need to manipulate your body weight? Well, my body is a lab. After experimenting every single method on my own body for past 5 years, I’m giving this ultimate guide to you.

Before jumping right into weight loss or weight gain ideas, the most important formulae you should know is,
Weight gain= Calories you eat a day > Calories you spend a day
Weight maintain= Calories you eat a day = Calories you spend a day
Weight loss= Calories you eat a day < Calories you spend a day

Talking about the most common mistake, people tend to measure the quantity of food they eat to figure out if their weight is going to increase or decrease. However, all our body cares about is the number of calories we take in instead of quantity of food. I know what you’re thinking right now. Before you find the method of counting calories quite overwhelming, let me make it clear that I’m not telling you to do this all your life. You just have to educate yourself for few starting months. Later, you will have a rough idea of the number of calories just by looking at the food.

Now the question arises “How will I know how much calories should I take to manipulate my weight?” Click here to know the approximation. “How will I be able to know the number of calories in a food?” “Calorie counter by MyfitnessPal” made it a lot easier to keep track of your daily diary. Just enter the name of the food you are going to eat, and it will tell you how much calories your food contains. You can find this app here for Android and here for iOS for free.

Whenever you are trying to lose weight, it should be fats, not muscles. Same goes for weight gain. You should try to gain lean muscle mass, not fats. Yeah, this means you still have to take care of quality and type of food you take in along with counting calories. “But I don’t know if the weight I have is due to fat or muscle.” Just catch your love handles. The part of the inner tissue that can come to your grasp or pinch after hard muscle inside is all fats. Thinner the grasp you can get, lower the fat percentage and vice-versa. For precise measurement, you can get electric devices meant for fat percentage measurement. You can also use caliper and chart to measure fat percentage. The easiest method for fat percentage approximation can be done by Clicking here.

[PS- None of the above-mentioned app or website sponsors us and it is not an advertisement. It is solely just a recommendation.]

How to lose weight?

The first thing you should do is get your heart pumped. Doing cardiovascular exercises is gifting yourself some more years to live a healthy life. It can be hard to jump out of your bed in the morning to do some cardio at the beginning, but as you get used to, it becomes a part of your life. Losing weight for some days and gaining back more than ever is what you should try to avoid. For that sustainable change, you should be consistent. Consistency comes from the change of lifestyle. Does that mean you should do exercises for whole life? Probably yes! Is it worth it? Of course!  Doesn’t matter what time you get up. You should have the courage to step your feet out of the house. It can start with light jogging for 20-30 minutes, taking rest in intervals. Push yourself harder the next day. Challenge yourself every single day. Call your friend who is motivated more than you. Compete with your friend. This is what makes cardio interesting.

Next thing you can do is build some muscles. As muscles need more calories to maintain themselves, you will eventually lose fat in long run. This is how bodybuilders remain lean even after eating so much food. Hit the gym five to six times a week. Seeing everyone on fire gives you motivation like nothing else can. There might be some days when you don’t feel like working out. Just go to the gym even if you don’t want. A minute later, you will be working out for sure.

Doing cardio and hitting the gym might be quite interesting part. What haunts people the most is diet. Whenever you hear of diet, you might think of starving yourself. That is not what diet is. It is all about making the healthy choice of food. In weight loss, 80% role is of diet and only 20% is of exercise. Now that might be shocking but it’s true. Lazy people out there might jump into conclusion right away to stick with diet leaving exercises. Just losing the weight should never be a goal. Losing weight in a healthy way is what you should aim for. More importantly, not gaining weight after a certain period should be the goal.

How to gain weight?

“Hey! Why don’t you eat? Are you that broke?” Most embarrassing dialogue skinny people might ever hear. They are always heard replying “You don’t know how much I eat; I can win an eating competition if given a chance. It’s just my body which doesn’t grow at all.” When skinny people say they eat a lot, they are probably talking about the quantity of food. However, our body simply doesn’t care about what amount of food we eat. All it cares about is calorie count!

There are two easy ways of gaining the weight. One is easier, but I wouldn’t recommend that way. Easy ways are almost all the time unhealthy. The easy way is to gain a lot of fat and muscles at the same time by eating whatever you like. Yeah! You heard it right. Anything! Even junk foods and craps. For doing this, you have to pay some cardio to your body later on to decrease unnecessary fat you gain. You might end up accumulating unhealthy cholesterol too. As said above, it is an unhealthy way. Choose this way only if you have to gain weight in short period of time for a specific purpose; choose this way only you can promise yourself many days of cardio. Many gym newbies are seen going this way for bulking and ending up packing fats rather than muscles. You can see their pictures in “When bulking goes wrong” memes. LOL!

The healthier way is not that tough, but you have to free some time to monitor quality, quantity, and schedule of your meals. Just because you want to bulk up doesn’t give you an excuse to eat craps you want. You should eat healthy food just like one who is on a diet to lose weight. Aim to eat 500 more calories every single day than you’ve been eating before: eat in order of 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fats. You should never let yourself feel hungry. Eat a small portion of meal every 2-3 hours to keep yourself satiated forever.

Should skinny people go to the gym? Of course, they should. Everyone should do weight training to let muscles grow. Having more muscles is a sign of a healthy body. When you break your muscle fibers by challenging yourself, your muscles think that they are not enough in the amount to handle the stress you’re giving them daily. This activates cell division in your muscles. In presence of amino acids (components required to synthesize protein), your muscles grow in an amount sufficient to handle the stress you’ve given them before. This is why you have to constantly add weights to your training session. Progressive overload principle works. Skinny people gain 3-4 kgs of weight in first few weeks of their weight training session. After that, visible changes stop because they stop challenging themselves like they did in their first few weeks. In other words, the body gets used to the stress. Lack of nutrients is also another reason for slow progress. If you do all right, there is no way you don’t get the result.

•    Remember that even Mr. Olympia had to start somewhere. Bodybuilders wouldn’t have ever reached there if they had given up the way you do.
•    Think about where you would have been by now, what body shape you would have by now if you hadn’t given up a year ago.
•    Don’t give up because you don’t see results. It takes nearly 14 days for you to notice a small change in your body.
•    You and me, we both know what’s right and what’s wrong for our body. If you ruin your body unknowingly, it is a mistake. If you ruin your own body by giving excuses while you know deep inside that you’re wrong, it is a sin.
•    Going for cardio in the early morning is all about the mindset you make before you go to the bed. Tell yourself you’re going out for cardio tomorrow in the morning no matter what; even if you sleep for just 4 hours due to workload, you tell yourself you will wake up to do some cardio. Get more cups of coffee later in the day if you have to, but don’t cheat yourself.
•    If you wake up late and feel like skipping cardio that day, just step out of your bed and take a walk around your house at least for 5 minutes. This will prevent you from the guilt of cheating and will remind you how disciplined you are. It will help you do the right thing next morning.
•    Don’t make your workout sessions boring. Try to add some new stuff every day: that can be weights, volumes, reps, new forms, or even new exercises.
•    Whenever you have to fight between eating or not eating a crap meal, remember your goal and imagine your goal body shape. Skip the crap meal and after some minutes, you’ll be proud you did. This motivates you like nothing ever can.
•    Tell about your target to your friends and family or post it even on social media if you’re comfortable. This will push you to work out and eat right whenever you feel like giving up. Since people start asking about your progress, you try your best to prove your dedication to the mass.
•    If fat loss is your goal, drink coffee, tea, or anything caffeinated, for it increases heart rate and metabolism, thereby promoting fat loss. Avoid this if you have high blood pressure or any kind of heart problem.
•    Last but not the least, actually it is first, always keep yourself hydrated. Aim to drink 8-10 glass of water every single day. Add 500-1000 ml of water in your diary for work out session. You can alter this amount on basis of your body type. Some people sweat a lot, while some don’t sweat at all even during an intense workout. If you sweat a lot, obviously you have to drink more water accordingly. Coffee is diuretic (promotes urination) and hence promotes loss of water from your body. Drink more water if you drink coffee.
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Can We Predict Our Future? Yes We Can

January 06, 2018 1
Hi, this is Don Prince. Today I am going to discuss about a cool topic {or say hot if you like} which is about our Future. Can we predict our future? What do you say? I believe, yes we can.

In order to predict our future, we have to be confirmed first whether our future is already fixed or not. Because if we can't say our future is already triggered, this article ends here concluding it is not possible. But here is a good news for you. Our future must have been fixed already. But how? Let's begin with an example.

Assume that you are acting in a drama. The total time for the drama is 60 minutes. You have 30 minutes role in this drama. After 30 minutes, you die and your role is over. Now what do you do? You will come and sit with the audience and see rest of the parts of the drama, right?

Now answer the following question:
''Was your future already fixed in this drama?''

Yes, you were going to die after 30 minutes in the drama which was already fixed.

Our life is somewhat like a drama. We are acting on the stage. We feel. We think. We love. We hate. We laugh. We cry. We are born. We die. We are doing what we have been directed by the director. But we don't feel we are acting. Because we have been instructed by the director to feel real while acting. He has also strictly instructed us to remember past and present of the drama and forget future so that our acting does not seem to be artificial. He wants to make his drama natural.

This is the reason we remember present and past but not future.

But what if you disobey the director and start feeling you are acting? What if you try to think about future? Sounds crazy. Keep on thinking......

Let's come to point. Question again. How can we say that our future must have been fixed already?

The M theory of Physics has its answer. M theory deals with the infinite universes with every possible alternatives of the events as parallel universes.

This sounds starnge in public. But it is the most burning theory in Science. It is supposed to be the theory of everything in future.

Ok, this much. Now you will believe what I am going to say.

What are you doing now? You are reading this article. What will happen to you after reading this article? Is it fixed?

There are multiple possibiliteis of your future. After you finish this article, you may sleep. Life goes as usual tomorrow in the morning. Or, someone may call you. You receive the call. You go outside and you are shot dead {I am sorry}. Or, your best friend will come to you. You will discuss about your business. There are infinite numbers of possibilities. Every possibility is a new universe. You are living everywhere. The only difference is your thought and your action. Remember particle can be at multiple places at a same time.

Be happy and excited. You are a Superman somewhere in another universe. You are saving the life of people reight now.

Now let me say what your are going to face after reading this artilce is already fixed. You can't say what will happen to you because you can not remember future. But you will act accordingly and it will happen. For example, you received a call. You went out side and you were shot dead.

It's not clear. Let's continue. Now suppose before someone called you, I called you and warned not to receive next call and not to go out. Then what will happen?

You will not receive that call. You will not go outside. You are saved. You will sleep and life goes as usual. right? No.

In this case, you will not believe me. Instead you may call police. Police will arrest me. Then you will be called by someone else. You go outside. And you will die.

Because your future was already fixed. You can not change your future.

Yes, there were more possibilities like you would sleep. Life would go as usual. But you can not do it. Because this possibility is one of the timelines of parallel universes. That is another universe. You can not jump from one universe to another.

It's like a train running in a track. There are many other lines where similar types of trains are running in different directions. But they can't jump from one track to another. It is managed by the creator to avoid accident.

Sorry, you are many but you can not meet anyone. You can not meet yourself and ask ''How are you?''

Now you may be convinced that our futuere is already fixed. That means we can predict our future. But how?

We have not developed such Science yet. Or may be Astrology is right.
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Rebirth: Fact or Fiction

September 24, 2017 2
One of the reasons people want to believe on rebirth is they want to live forever. But is rebirth really possible? Is it a fact or just fiction? I personally accept the rebirth hypothesis. And why? Let's begin.

Psychological Point of View
After researching some days on the topic of 'Rebirth', the strongest point I caught to support the rebirth phenomenon is that in most of the cases, past life memories tend to appear at the age of two to six, after eight the experience begins to disappear, and with few exceptions, vanishes completely in adolescent.

I believe all children have past life memories either directly or indirectly, mostly indirectly. Let me clarify it. You may have wondered how a one year child is aware of the fire. You may have noticed how a child is aware of the height of a place. More amazingly, how quickly a child learns language. All it's doing is with past life experiences. After age of eight, the child would have developed self controlling on such things. Then it begins to forget the past memories and earns the future experiences. But some continue to remember past life memories even in adolescence. It is because there is always a special purpose behind his/her birth.

Theory of Cause and Effect
Now let's talk about Science. What are the scientific arguments that can take side of Rebirth? I would like to begin with an established theory of Physics, i.e., 'the theory of causality' which is simply known as the 'theory of cause and effect'.

I don't want to spend digital inks here for explaining in detail what the theory of cause and effect is. Because it is not our mainstream topic today. I just give a funny example that will vividly clarify this theory. When a girl and a boy marry, they will give birth to a baby. This is exactly the theory of cause and effect. Here you can not expect effect without cause and when there is cause, there must be effect.

Let me open the pages of Philosophy. You will wonder if you consider the fact how our current actions affect our coming future. You will reap what you sow. Do good , outcome will be good. Be bad, bad will happen. In my whole life I have noticed it. But there is a question what if a person dies without facing the effects of his/her good or bad acts? It's simple. To maintain the cycle of cause and effect, nature deals with the thing like rebirth.

Quantum Mechanics
Another mechanism that can strongly advocate rebirth is quantum mechanics. What is this? This is study of the universe in smallest scale like atom or sub atomic particles.

There are around 100 trillions cells in our body. Each cell consists of 100 trillions atoms which were formed millions of years ago, before we were born. More interestingly, they will remain in the universe even after we die. They can just change their form. They can never be destroyed. There is an amazing belief that our consciousness or soul exists as energy at a sub atomic level. It means our consciousness or soul is simply a packet of information stored at a quantum. After death, it comes out of the body and enters in another which is called rebirth. Max Planck, a Nobel Prize winner Physicist and the father of quantum theory has said, ''I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We can not get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.''

Finally I want to pour my personal thought that our consciousness or soul might have begun with the event of Big Bang and then everything we experience is happening as per the set up cycle. So we can say we were, are and will be in all times till the universe exists. What do you think? Let's discuss in the comment section.
Written by Don Prince
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How to Create a Simple Virus Using CMD and Notepad?

September 03, 2017 5
HI… ever wandered if you could make your own simple virus………. wait but if you want it usually harmless for irritating someone for some time, then it’s the right choice for you….

I started this article harmless because some programs can unknowingly cause your pc to shut down and go for a long sleep. But don’t worry the program I am going to tell you is not too

dangerous and harmful…….it has a simple work of irritating the users.
 So Without wasting any time/////

1). Open your cmd. Usually people do it with notepad but there’s a shortcut to do it directly through CMD...

2). Then go to desktop by giving command, cd desktop. You can also save it on other drives but I prefer desktop. Do as shown in the picture.

3). Then create a file through a name. Let’s suppose “virus”. So, type copy con virus.bat.……. *.bat extension gives you freedom to make the virus through cmd rather than notepad. “Copy con” helps you in generating the file.

4). Then its free for you… you can type any of the commands to disturb the execution such as………
Mkdir =which creates un necessary folders…. But never forget to type .exe after you create those folders at the end as shown in the figure and give spaces for separating folders.
Starts= which opens CMD when you type a command. You can type command ‘start’ many times to irritate user
Shutdown = shutdowns the computer

5). You can do this step several times
6). Then you press CTRL+Z to save it. As in the picture…

7). Then you can see such file in your desktop…

8). Now you can go through notepad, by clicking right mouse button in the virus file and click edit….

9). Then you will see such notepad…

10). Then click as many start as you can…. you can copy “start” here which you could not be done in it’s easy for you…

11). Then at last type shutdown/g /t 10 /c “halakha you are looking to be funny……. goodbye” ... where g means shutdown and restart……. (t) means to shut down after 10 sec and (c) means to comment. 

12). Then click on save or CTRL+S

?????Now open the virus file……… it will make your screen and the creation of folders as shown in the picture….

Then the computer will go through unexpected shutdown……

Discovered by Kapil Sharma
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What does it mean to be creative?

May 07, 2017 6
You have certainly heard many times people saying s/he is highly creative or genius and there you might be wondering if you too could be as creative as they are supposed to be. Let me give you good news, I assert that it is possible. Ability of being creative is not inborn. It is something you acquire eventually with your interest and past experiences. Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean to discover/invent or think something totally new. We just need no see the world in different manner never seen before.

No one in the world abruptly get to know new things. They just keep going deeper in the subject they are concerned about. Either accidentally or by constant research they find out new stuff linked endogenously with stuff they had idea on. All we need is close observation which we often skip. We aren’t courageous enough to think out of the box. Creations are totally new sometimes when some incidents happen out of the blue. People are seen taking the credits from those creations too but I rather consider nature as creator for such creations or discoveries. The way you see and observe defines what you understand and explore.

None of the successful scientists kept on searching for things which they didn’t even know to exist. Everyone searched for what they suspected and on their journey, they encountered with some events which forced them to think about it later leading to a new discovery. We have numerous examples of scientists who didn’t imagine something totally different but rather combined the existing theories, observed from natural processes or went deeper in already established theories.

Scientists like Newton, Einstein, Thomas Edison, Stephen Hawking, etc. contributed many great theories and inventions by their creative thinking. Einstein gave general theory of relativity which changed the world intuition on classical physics. He always believed that physical thinking discovers and invents stuff virtually while mathematical thinking executes and repairs the proposed theory. So, thinking at physical level is more important than grabbing a paper and a pen to write down all possible equations you know. Einstein compelled other physicists to learn completely new topic on mathematics called tensor to explain his theories. It proves that basic level of discovery is at physical thinking. Mathematics is complementary requirement to prove such theories or discoveries. Newton gave his laws of gravitation by observing the processes occurring in the nature. Falling apple made him think the cause of it. Everyone in the world saw falling objects but none dared to think the cause behind it. It was never a new phenomenon. This is the difference between seeing and noticing. Here lies the boundary of creative thinking. Stephen Hawking used second law of thermodynamics “Entropy of the universe increases constantly” to put forward his idea “Surface of black hole is constantly increasing”. He unified quantum theory (used for invisibly small particles) and general relativity (used for cosmic scale objects) which seemed highly incompatible with each other. He gave theory on Hawking radiation based on quantum theory and concept of disturbed annihilation of elementary particles and anti-elementary particles near black-holes. Hawking didn’t discover something that was new. He just gave a new direction to existing theories. We always assume being genius is something we inherit but ask those genius people “what made them genius?” and you will get your answer. Thomas Edison defined genius as 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The hard work you do today will result in fruit tomorrow for sure.

Creativity is combination of imagination and experience we gain from our past. Their unique combination and relevant match in natural processes we see are keys to theories in physics. Same goes with mathematical derivations. We combine previous knowledge and experience in form of equations to obtain an easier way to describe what we know. All scientific theories and hypothesis are based on shuffling of ideas in brain from past and their combination. Art and craft also fall under same category in creativity. Artist can never create something that is totally new. Creation of music is combination of tunes or sounds we hear either knowingly or unknowingly that get stored in our brain. If a painter paints something, even if it has never been painted before in the world, it is never completely new. It is combination of what s/he has seen before or imagined. Imagination itself is combination of shuffled information present in our brain. If I tell you to imagine something that you have never seen before, not even in shuffled combination, I’m afraid, you cannot do it. Even dreams are combination of information stored in brain from past experiences. You can never dream of anything you are unaware about. You might question me “What if I see ghost in my dreams I’ve never encountered with?” and it is good question indeed but don’t you dream with same images and sound you’ve been watching in horror movies since your childhood? In a nutshell, every creation in this world is linked with one another and you should catch one end to uncoil it yourself to reach to the other end. You might even reach to end of coil you never wanted to uncoil. This is how you discover something new and it is called creativity. It is based upon curiosity. It depends upon how interested you are to uncoil the secrets.

If we too keep on searching deeper for what we know, we will undoubtedly encounter with such stuff which haven’t been discovered before. This is the way we can become successful discoverer/researcher or creative thinker. Some people encounter with such events and still don’t have a clue whether that is strange, out of theories proposed and experiments held in our world so far or not. Some people suspect such events to be quite strange but give up on them too quick thinking that those might have already been discovered and they are just unaware about those events. If you encounter with such, just don’t leave it until you completely know about it deep enough to make sure if it is already discovered or not. I hope someday you all will proudly say “Yes, I am creative and genius”.

Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi
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Dreamikinesis: Integrate Hypnosis and Dream Interpretation Together to Explore Past, Present and Future

March 13, 2017 0
What is dreamikinesis?
Dreamikinesis is the art of exploring subconscious mind to unlock the secrets of past, present and future by integrating hypnosis and dream interpretation together. In the process of dreamikinesis, the dreamer, on the basis of self hypnosis, brings his/her mind into deep state of trance and directly leaves a question to the subconscious mind expecting to be answered through dream symbol. While questioning, the subconscious mind will be asked to show any one between two alternatives so as to answer the question correctly. Then the dream will be analysed to perceive the given answer accurately. Dreamikinesis can be practised on both oneself and other.

What types of question can be asked?
As aforementioned above, dreamikinesis gives one answer between two alternatives. See some of the illustrations below:

Regarding Present
1. Does s/he love you or not?
2. Who between A and B has stolen your money?
3. Is he your friend or enemy?

Regarding Past
1. Was she honest or dishonest?
2. Was he poor or rich?
3. Was he good or evil?

Regarding Future
1. Which party between A and B will win the election?
2. Will she marry with you or not?
3. Will you get success or failure in your business?

How to practise?
The dreamer asks a question to subconscious mind by hypnotising himself/herself and requests the subconscious mind to answer in dream by showing one of the alternatives between two. Then the right answer will be decided on the basis of the dream.

Following is an example:

Targeted question: 
Does s/he love you or not?

a. Don’t show him/her in my dream if s/he loves me.
b. Show him/her in my dream if s/he does not love me.

a. Hypnotise yourself. {Don’t know how to hypnotise yourself? Click here to learn it.}
b. Tell your subconscious mind what you want to know by simply asking your question.
c. Give your subconscious mind two alternatives.
d. Come out of the hypnosis.
e. Sleep.
f. Experience dream.
g. Recall the dream after you wake up.
h. Interpret the dream.

If you have not seen him/her in dream, s/he loves you. If you have seen, you are not attractive at least for the one whom you like.

Dream Interpretation becomes more challenging when you do not see clear dream. For instance, in the example above, you may see in your dream that you have seen him/her but you do not see face. You see him/her from backward where s/he is walking ahead and you are following. You call but get no answer. You call again. This time s/he speaks but does not turn back. What does it mean?
This dream shows that s/he loves you. But s/he has something that stops him/her from coming close to you. For example, may be s/he has a lover. In your dream, you called him/her but s/he did not turn back. However, s/he replied in the second attempt. This gives a hint that s/he may be convinced if you try a little more.
{Feeling difficult to interpret your dream? Click here to learn it easily.}

How does it work?
The base of the dreamikinesis is subconscious mind. Because subconscious mind is powerful enough to tell about past, present and future. And the dream is one of the mediums through which subconscious mind communicates with our conscious mind. That is why dream has become an indispensable part of dreamikinesis. As subconscious mind knows everything, it responds accordingly to the conscious mind when asked to answer a question through dream symbol.

Is Dreamikinesis real?
Dreamikinesis is as much real as your subconscious mind and dream interpretation. However, it makes sense to recommend that practice should be done again and again till expertise is achieved to receive the answer accurately.

What can Dreamkinesis do?
Dreamikinesis provides unlimited opportunities from dealing with personal life to the exploration of the greatest mysteries of the universe. A step ahead, it can be a door to a vast treasure of new inventions and discoveries.
Discovered by Don Prince
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Are We Alone in Our Universe? Science Says Aliens are Living Quietly among Us

February 01, 2017 2
‘’Are we alone in our universe?’’ One of my students asked me this question. I funnily replied, ‘’HOW DARE YOU?’’ A loud laughter aired in the class room. But it was not only a simple joke. We have got unlimited space from the host. We don’t even know the boundary of the land where our house stands. Moreover, we are still unknown the space is flat, open or closed. In the other hand, there are millions of heavenly bodies in our galaxy and there are billions of other galaxies in the space. And the most interesting thing is that we are yet to know how many planets are dancing around the sun in our solar system. And we still think that we are the only master mind in the universe though we are yet to know who we are, where we come from and where we are going. Is not it ridiculous? The convincing speculation is that there must be intelligent in other world too because we are here is a proof that life can exist somewhere else. But there are some unavoidable questions in the other hand. Our universe is 13.8 billion years old. We are here for a long time. We are searching aliens in other planets for many years. But we have not found even a pigtail of an alien. Why?

‘’What would you do if you met a ghost on your way?’’ I don’t remember who asked me this question, but I still remember what I answered. I said, ‘’I would be happy and give a treat to the ghost because I would have discovered the life after death.’’ I was not joking. There are three questions which are lapping human minds from ages. Where were we in the past? Where are we now? And where will we be in the future? If you open the pages of Physics to know the answer, you will get the answer like this, ‘’the distinction between past, present and future is illusion.’’ And the answer comes from an authorised source, i.e., Einstein. Yes, according to general theory of relativity of Einstein time is unreal. In the Bhagavad Gita of Hindus, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, ‘’Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings, nor all the future shall any of us cease to be.’’  Wikipedia has mentioned. This means we were in past, are at present and will be in future.

As Earth was a mystery yesterday, universe is a mystery today. The Earth is round. It was a hidden secret in the past. Similar secret about universe is waiting for us which is even basic. What’s that?

Photo Credit:
People often say life is an illusion. There is a concept in Hinduism called ‘Maya’ which says the universe we feel is illusion. But most of the people may not know there is even an amazing theory existed in Science which speculates that the universe where we are living is fake. It is called simulation reality.

According to this theory, we are not real. Our world is virtual world created by some intelligent beings through simulation possibly by using a very powerful computer. They are doing it for the research of cultural development, medical science, etc. If you have watched sci fi movie like ‘Inception’ or played a game like ‘Call for a Duty’, then you understand this type of simulation vividly.

Scientists say that if we build a very powerful computer that can create history simulation, it is likely that we will also be able to make such simulation world represented by our duplicates where artificial beings made by us will think that they along with their world is real not a part of our computer simulation. They will feel their universe has begun from something like Big Bang like ours.  The notable thing is that the beings that create our virtual reality should not necessarily be real. They also may be in the simulation of other beings stroking keyboard in the computer. Again they are also simulated by others. And it goes up to who created everybody.

The theory of artificial simulation may not be a concrete reality. However this theory cannot be completely avoided. Because its idea of being in the chain of multiple worlds is thinkable. This belief supports a well established theory ‘Many Worlds Theory’ which says that there are parallel universes. Yes, we can say that the tool or system may not be a computer. Rather it may be something another technology more advanced than a computer which has created this real world but not as a virtual. We say it's computer because we know computer. However if it’s the computer which we have built, then hurrah! We are near the secret hidden behind our universe. And may be this generation is going to know how beautiful their universe looks like from outside.

Today physics is heading towards ‘Many Worlds Theory’ which is a right direction. There are multiple universes existing parallel to each other. This is the basic postulates of Quantum Mechanics. It says that particle can be in multiple places at a same time. It means you are reading this article here in this universe. In the same time you may be watching TV in another universe. And you are walking along the street in another universe. Accepting that multivers is real, in my opinion, there are two ways to walk from one universe to another.

First way is travel through spacecraft. But the speed should be faster than light. But it is not even possible. Because the general theory of relativity forbids us to travel faster than light. It says that nothing can travel faster than light. The fasted motion on the earth in the Large Hadron Collider of CERN with the highest speed of 99.99% of the speed of light convinces that Einstein is not going to be proven wrong. So the curiosity ends here.

Another option is break the barrier between two universes. Yes, there is special mechanism between universes which works as a wall between two. What’s that? It’s a turtle but not the one which lives nearby you.

You may have heard the old story that said our world is on a turtle. When they said the earth is on a turtle, they were not joking. Actually they were talking about our universe and black hole not earth and turtle at all. We are inside a black hole because our universe has been coded here.

There arises an obvious question. If the earth is on a turtle, then what is the turtle on? They have given symbolic answer again, ‘’There is turtle all to the down.’’ Hey there, did you understand what they said? They just talked about multiple universes.

They actually meant to say that a universe is inside a black hole of its mother universe and a baby universe also has black hole with another baby universe inside it. And that universe also has another black hole with another universe. And it’s all to the down.

Besides, they have clearly mentioned a hollow in the story which is not other than black hole they are giving hint about. But who are they? How do they know about black hole in earlier than 17th century whereas black hole was discovered in 19th century? They are amazing. I am their big fan now, aren’t you? Moreover, as they illustrated a flat earth on a turtle, it makes sense to believe that our universe is flat in shape.

So now we may believe that we are in the core of a massive black hole and beyond the black hole there is another universe. And for the beings living in that universe we are in a white whole. And so are they.

Based on the Carton theory of Einstein, World renowned physicist Nikodem Poplawski says when a black hole forms upon the collapse of a dying star, a universe is born at the same time from the white hole on the other side of the wormhole. For this discovery, Nikodem Poplwski has been enlisted in the list of top 5 scientists of the world with the possibility to be another Einstein by National Geographic Magazine.

White hole is the hypothetical region of spacetime where matter and light can escape from it but it cannot be entered from the outside. It’s the reversal of black hole or time. In a black hole matter and light can checks in but can’t escape because the escape velocity is faster than light there. According to a reliable source white holes are expected to have gravity. So they attract objects, but anything on a collision course with a white hole would never reach it.

In this way black hole and white hole are the mouths of wormhole. As there is black hole between universes neither we nor our messages can reach there. Even our light can’t be detected. As the wall is unbreakable you can never meet living beings in another universe. Neither can they communicate with us. It’s impossible to cross the event horizon of the black hole to reach the other side. Neither is it possible to reach the event horizon of a white hole.

As atom represents the pattern of our solar system {electrons orbits around the nucleus without falling on it}, there must be something which represents the pattern of the whole universe. What’s that? We should find out what that is. Let’s assume, that is our earth itself.

Assume that our earth is a universe. Now those 8 planets are other universes. Now there are many planets in this universe. For instance, there is sea where different species live. There is forest where many animals live. There is life even in the air. And we humans are also here. For a creature in the sea, the universe is only within sea boundary. For an animal of forest, the space is only the forest. For the species of the air, life is only there.  These species can never explore how and how big their universe is and they don’t even know we humans exist quietly among them.

Same happens with us. We think the universe is all what we know. But it is not. We think we are the most intelligent beings in this universe but we are not. Since we have not created this universe it is likely to say that we are not the master mind here. There are multiple civilisations in our own universe which are ranked according to their advancement. As we know that there are some galaxies which are billions of years older than us, there is definitely another civilisation more advanced than us and there may be even another civilisation more advanced than that one. The story does not end here. This rank goes up to the greatest civilisation living across our universe that has created all of us. Hinduism describes millions of gods and goddess and they are believed to be more than worshippers in numbers.

This may be a wild theory but it may be a reality too. I call this theory ‘’Many Tribes Hypothesis’’. According to this theory it is clear that there is advanced society better than us in technology and knowledge. They are in thousands of stars of Milky Way and other galaxies. We are not able to contact them because our technology is not matured to reach up to them. They are so far from us. But they can contact us because they are more advanced than us. However they have never communicated with us. Why?

Scientists say that they do not contact us because they do not think we are important. For instance, as we are human civilisation more advanced than other species on the earth, we do not communicate with other species to share our knowledge with them.

Another reason we can say that they are living among us but we don't know their presence. It’s because we do not have natural sense or artificial technology to detect them. For instance, we are humans more civilised than ants but they may not realise we are present here watching them every moment. Because they lack natural sense and artificial technology to detect our presence.

We know the plants of the Sahara desert can not survive in Atlas Mountains. The animals of the water can not survive on the land. We can’t survive on the summit of  Mt. Everest or in the Pacific ocean without oxygen. Neither can we reside in Antarctica permanently. However we sometimes go there for research. It happens with aliens too. The difference in gravity, distance from the sun, climate, etc in their planet may have made them different in shape, weight and adaptability. As a result they may not survive in our world. So they don’t live with us permanently. But they may come to our world for research purpose. This may be the reason some reputed personalities had seen UFOs on the earth.

There is no doubt we are not alone in our universe. There are different tribes of aliens which are living quietly with us. But our sense and technology are too little to detect their existence. Perhaps it’s impossible for us to contact with them. However, there is a way we can contact with them. We should make them contact with us. And we can do it by two ways. We should either convince them that we are important for them or make them feel that we are a threat to them. But I am sorry dear, it may not work. Because it’s similar to the penguins of Antarctica trying to convince NASA scientists that they are very important for humans and they are giving a big threat to the humankind.
Discovered by Don Prince
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5 Controversial Methods of Earthquake Prediction

December 10, 2016 0
What is Earthquake Prediction?
Earthquake Prediction is one of the branches of the science of Seismology which deals with the prediction of the future earthquake along with its specific time, space and magnitude.

What are the various methods of earthquake prediction?
Generally there are two approaches:
Precursors: It is an anomalous phenomenon that gives effective warning of an upcoming earthquake.

Animal behaviour
Certain abnormal behaviours of animals have been recorded some tens of seconds {sometimes even days} of an earthquake. However these signals are explained to be responded to the P- wave that comes about twice time earlier than the S- wave which causes major shaking of the ground.

Weather Change
Abnormal weather condition has been experienced before a tremor in some cases. Nepal had experienced notable change in the atmospheric condition before 7.8 hit in 2015 A.D. Huge fall in the temperature had been detected which continued for several days recording a fierce storm in the capital city. However USGS denies the myth weather can trigger earthquake. But they believe that earthquake can affect weather.

Changes in Vp/Vs
Vp and Vs are the symbols for the velocity of the seismic P {primary wave} and the velocity of the seismic S {secondary wave} respectively. The experiments based on this method predict that the ratio of these two velocities changes when the rock is near the rupturing point. Though it led some successful predictions in 1973, later it was suggested to be fluke. Because its predictions failed to occur in 1976. Wikipedia has stated.

Emission of radioactive gases
Most rock contains gases. One of such gases is Radon. It is believed to be released before a tremor caused by high stress on the rock. But it is said not be correlated as it is linked to an earthquake with thousand kilometres distance, months of time gap and inaccurate magnitude.

Trends: This approach is based on statistics. This method tends to be useful for long term prediction, and so merge into earthquake forecasting.

Seismic gap
According to this module at the contact where two plates slip past each other every section must slip in course of time. They do not slip at the same time. It happens in different stages. In this model, a big earthquake is expected in the segment where earthquake has not occurred for a long time. But the experiments say that its time and magnitude are not known.
Discovered by Don Prince
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Why is the Earth Round?

October 08, 2016 1
We live in the earth which is a sphere (but not regular) in shape. This is a strange type of thing. Why did it become sphere rather than being in other shape?  So, today I am going to tell you about what makes earth round. I am going to explain it with the help of theories of Newton and Einstein.

Einstein’s theory

I saw most of the people being concentrated on Newton’s gravity only. So I decided to describe it with the help of Einstein theory……..

Our space is fourth dimensional. It gives out different kind of force that is a kind of curved force. If you throw a stone vertically from a straight pillar then it will never go straight but it will bend a little bit and fall when it goes on reaching the ground. This is also said to be an effect of this fourth dimensional space. We can say that a fabric kind of cloth is residing on a space due to the curved force of fourth dimensional space (The reason we supposed a fabric cloth will be explained in last paragraph). When a huge mass gets on the fabric then it becomes conical. For e.g. if a cloth is hold at its edge with some persons and a huge mass is kept in the cloth then the cloth is depressed and becomes in a shape of cone. Again if an irregular clump of mud is rotated on its slanted conical surface then it goes on being round as it moves on circular path. In earth it will fall down while rotating due to gravity but in space it doesn’t fall down due to absence of such downward gravitational force. Same as this, in space too the planets in solar system revolve in this conical surface (created by huge masses like sun and other stars) around the sun and these kinds of stars also revolve in the galactic centre due to which they go on being round.

But in real there is not such fabric in space. It’s just supposing. In my view, this is due to the displacement of force of fourth dimensional space which is caused by huge masses like sun and other stars due to their huge masses, which causes conical surface same as in the fabric. The huge mass causes to displace the curved force and that force is displaced to other place creating a depression on its original position that totally creates a conical surface. Same as a fabric, the displaced force created by huge mass and the original curved force of fourth dimensional space exerted on the planets tries to hold the planets above the huge mass so that they tend to revolve in that conical area continuously. This causes the planets to revolve around the stars and satellites to revolve around a planet which is the main reason for them to be round.

Newton’s theory

According Newton’s, law of gravitation anything having mass exerts gravitational force towards another mass. This force tries to attract everything towards its centre. This force is distributed everywhere around the body. It’s not one sided. It is like a magnetic force in small area where it attracts magnetic substance from all sides rather than a one sided vacuum cleaner which attracts the things from one side only. As this force is distributed all around the mass it tries to collect mass from all sides which are collected in all parts of the surface of mass and again a mass tries to be collected at the centre due to the influence of gravitational force so it remains on every part of the surface. Due these reasons the mass forms roughly a sphere. So everything in this universe tends to be in spherical shape. Also small droplets of water in leaves tend to be in spherical shape due to their freely moving molecules but it is not so in more amount of water because more gravitational force of earth is exerted on it. This is also due to the curved force illustrated above.

 You may be thinking why the substances like brush, doors, utensils etc in the earth are unable to be sphere. This is because they have very less mass due to which less gravitational effort is applied between their smallest components. Also they don’t have free molecules like water. So it doesn’t become sphere. So, small rocks in the space are also irregular in shape. The last and most important thing is our earth is also not totally round because its rotation makes it having greater radius at equator. It is roughly a sphere.
Discovered by Kapil Sharma
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You Can be Master of Your Brain

September 08, 2016 3
A sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provide data for perception. We feel whatever there is going on beside us. Our sense organs catch those stimuli and create impulse to send it to the brain where the actual interpretation is done. Our brain understands what is happening out there and sends back impulse to different body organs to react accordingly. For these processes, nature has provided us with five sense organs. They are eyes, ear, nose, skin and tongue.

Human brain is well developed organ and is the most developed among all the creatures nature has ever created. It can function far better than anyone can ever imagine. Despite all these, brain too gets confused or even overdriven when it has to control more than three organs voluntarily. When brain has to interpret more than three senses at a time, it tries to execute all simultaneously and movement of our body gets mixed up. It has lots of disadvantages and even advantages too.

You all might have experienced the situations I’m explaining here. Sometimes you need to be disciplined and you need to stay focused to your meeting or classes if you are a student attending lectures. Meanwhile if a loud music hits your ear, your concentration breaks there and you start enjoying the music diverting your mind instantly. You even start tapping your legs unknowingly. Actually that is something already set in your brain and you can't just skip the action of your brain. No matter how much you try to avoid the music you cannot. At the very instant, your brain is catching the sense of vision that lets you know that the lecturer is in front of you and you are supposed to be concentrated. On the other hand, your brain is attracted by the sound which orders your body to move or dance like you used to before. The impulses simultaneously flow and as a result you keep looking straight and keep tapping your feet maintaining the beat at the same time.

Brain is the organ that stores data you receive every day. The data you repeatedly provide to the brain is more likely to be stored permanently. Likewise, the activities you carry on daily eventually becomes your habit and your brain take it as a compulsion no matter whether it might be good or bad. This is the way we develop a habit. If you ask me, I would tell you that the most difficult task in this world is changing the habit.  This is the reason you cannot avoid your brain to function more than two things at a time which might be harmful too. If you are an active person or if you are someone who can’t stay still for more than 10 minutes then you of course have a habit of shaking your legs continuously while sitting on a chair attending a meeting or a lecture. Don’t worry it is not just your problem. Anyway it might seem quite annoying for the person next to you.

If the brain plays the game with you, why don’t you try playing games with your brain? Utilize your brain’s confusion for your own benefit. Your brain is the master of all the body organs and if you become the master of your brain, you’ll win yourself. Suppose you have to do any work calmly but your brain is totally perplexed and you mess up with everything around, listen to the calm soft music. Your brain receives sound and interprets it as a soft melody which forces it to send the impulse to the body organs to react as slowly as possible keeping the same constant beat as given by the music. If you are in hurry and you need to work fast or run quickly to reach somewhere or even  write a piece of paper instantly but your hands and legs are slow like a slug, just turn the fast music beat or some kind of hard metal songs. Believe me, your brain will order your hands and legs more than 3 times faster than it would be at normal condition. I would better call this as power of music. You can use this idea to hack many of your tasks to make those smooth as butter. Music can change your mood anytime instantly. If you use music at wrong time, it can even be harmful. If you play emotional soft melody when you are really depressed, you might even be suicidal. When you get depressed, it is strongly advised to listen to highly motivating songs having fast beats. Your brain starts catching those motivating words and processes it at the speed of the beats flowing in the song. It gives brain no time to think about the matter that depressed you. It might easily recover you from the depression. When you’re angry, don’t listen to the hard songs or see some evil pictures. It might strictly divert your brain to become evil as you exactly see or listen to at that time. Try getting away from everyone and do something that makes you extremely happy. It might be playing something or reading some interesting books. When you’re angry and extremely frustrated, don’t try doing something that is challenging or difficult. It might increase your frustration level and even worsen the situation, which is exactly the opposite of what you want. You get intertwined with many of the things at the same time and it might either depress you or make you more aggressive.

You should be the master of your own body. You must not let any of the senses control over you. Everyone has the capability to control the senses and hack the brain if it is habitual to some kind of ill behavior. It is hard to change your habit abruptly but what if you use your stubborn brain to benefit yourself. It’s you who can explore how to control your brain. Try finding more ways to make your life easier, better and stress-free. If you have any sort of confusion regarding this topic or if u want us to provide you with any kind of suggestions related with any topic, please contact us without any hesitation. We will answer you as soon as possible. You can contact us on our facebook page at any time you want.
Discovered by Madhusudan Duwadi
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Dreamkinesis: the Right Formula to Make Future Showing Computer Part II

August 25, 2016 1
Hi again, this is Don Prince. I am not a scientist. But I love to explore new things. I believe our universe is so mysterious not to make us confused but to let us enjoy our life by revealing the amazing secrets of the universe.

This is my second article on Dreamkinesis. If you have not read the first part, I strongly endorse you to go through the earlier one. Click here to read it.

Dreamkinesis combines hypnosis {including self hypnosis} and dream interpretation together. The base of Dreamkinesis is sub conscious mind which is already mentioned in the previous article. In dreamkinetic process, the subject will be driven to the hypnotic state where the subconscious mind will be asked to show any particular signal {between two alternatives} in dream so that the fact of past, present or future will be determined. Then there comes the role of dream interpretation.

After hundreds of experiments, I have found that Dreamkinesis gives exact answer of the questions regarding past and present {because their time line is known} but it has surprisingly given vague and multiple answers about future {because its time line is unknown} which is due to the influence of Multiverse. So it is not otherwise to say that our future is not static. It’s dynamic. It’s matching with the prediction of Quantum Mechanics that the current position and speed of the particle can not be determined thereby we can’t say where the particle will be in the future. So future can not be predicted because it is arbitrary or random. However, it is an oddity not impossibility.
Discovered by Don Prince
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How to Stop Our Eyes From Being Irritated While Cutting Onions?

July 30, 2016 0
How does onion burn our eyes while we are cutting it? The answer is interesting. There are two kinds of enzyme in onion. The first named as alliances and second as lachrimatory factor synthase (LSF). There is also an acid called as amino acid sulfoxides. While we cut the onion we break the cells of onion. The enzymes and acids that were kept separate inside the cells begin to mix up with each other. The first enzyme helps to convert amino acid sulfoxides into sulfenic acids. Then LSF treats with sulfenic acid to produce Syn-propanethial-S-Oxide. This reaches to our eyes and reacts with the waters or moistures present in our eyes. This interaction produces sulfuric acid which produces a burning sensation in our eyes and this signal is carried up to brain through a sensory neuron called as ciliary nerve. Then brain again signals lachrymal gland to produce tears in a huge amount so that the acid will go out and the irritation would stop.

There are many ways to stop our eyes from being irritated while cutting onions………They are…..

(a) Before cutting the onions cut it into two or four halves and dip inside water for some time. The enzymes of onions are water soluble so, they dissolve in water. This will prevent the reaction between enzymes and acids which will prevent our eyes from burning and being watery.

(b) Use sharp knife to cut onions. Enzymes are released when we cut them by breaking their cells. This will apply more pressure (since the area will be small) so the cells will be sliced rather than being crushed down and spreading which will stop mixing of chemicals and so on.

(c) Chop the onion very fast. Due to inertia the enzymes and cells remain at the same position which prevents the mixing of enzymes and acid. It will occur so fast that the gas will not get too much chance to touch our eyes.

(d) Put the onion in freezer for some time before you cut onions. The enzymes will freeze so there is less chance of mixing of acid and enzyme.

(e) Burning candle around where you cut onion is also a way because the acid emitted will go towards flame although it is not much effective all the time.

(f) Wearing swimming goggles prevents the acid from going towards your eyes and you will not find it burning. This is the most effective way.

(g) Use fan during you cut onions. This will blow the acid away.

(h) Sing a song or simply blow air from your mouth while cutting onion. This will also blow the acid away.

(i) Spray some water in your chopping board and cut the onions. The mechanism works as the first on.

(j) Cut the root at last because you will find more acid over there which is enough to burn your eye badly.

(k) Cut more onion as you can. This will develop your eye in such a way that it will find its way to protect against the acid.

(l) If you have a clean cloth then make it wet with water and cut onion above that surface.

(m) If you have practice you can close your eyes and cut the onion.

There is also another device that you can make in your home if you don’t have swimming goggles………I created it like this………..

Take a box like this.

Cut its three sides from middle in this way.

Paste a hard and transparent plastic in it.

You can keep it like this.

Decorate it if you want.

Put elastic as shown above.

Cover it from back side and put button on one end side of it.

Note: You have to bend a little bit while cutting this so that that will be comfortable for you.
Discovered by Kapil Sharma via Don Prince
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