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What Happened to the Buddha Boy?

Who is Buddha Boy?
This article is the second part of my previous article 'Is Ram Bahadur Bomjon Reincarnation of Lord Buddha?' which became remarkably popular across the internet. One of the live characters of the real story of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, namely Marici Zsuzsanna Takacs of Slovakia interacted me through this blog and wished to read another piece on this topic. The article is also proudly getting organic readers sent by Google for the latest search on Ram Bahadur Bomjon. Above all, I am morally obliged to write another article on the Buddha Boy. Let's begin the short and sweet journey.

Surprising News: Ram Bahadur Bomjon's Biography in Course book
Shubharambha Publication, Kathmandu has included the biography of Ram Bahadur Bomjon in its 'Spark English Reader' the course book designed for the students of Grade V of private schools in Nepal. According to Himalkhabar Magazine, the chapter with the title 'Ram Bahadur Bomjon' has covered many informations about Ram Bahadur Bomjon. See some examples:
- Ram Bahadur Bomjon is the reincarnation of Lord Buddha.
- He has meditated without food and water for several months.
- He had been fed by two Nags {holy snakes} during his meditation.
- He had visited many places like Lumbini, Pokhara and Deharadun before he started Meditation.

What Do Buddhists Think about Buddha Boy?
''Do you know the Buddha boy of Nepal?'' I asked this question to Mr. Sugra Lama, a 40 years old famous, dedicated Buddhist of Nepal. ''Yes.'' He replied. ''Do you think he is the incarnation of Lord Buddha?'' ''He does not say he is Buddha.'' ''OK, do you say like that?' ''Gautama Buddha says everyone can be Buddha.'' Mr. Lama replied.

The Mysterious Event
According to a website of Nijgadh, Ram Bahadur Bomjon's brothers Ganagajeet, Shyam and Babu along with sister Manamaya have already gone to Malaysia for employment. The sudden movement of this family has made a mysterious question for all. The family has enough land for agriculture in the village. However they have gone foreign country for employment.

Where is Ram Bahadur Bomjon Now?
According to the Himalkhabar Magazine of Nepal, he had left Halkhoria forest one year ago. He had gone to Kamalamai municipality of Sindhuli. But he decided to return Halkhoria. Before he returned, Nepal police destroyed his two houses made in jungle. Now he is living at Pattharghat-1, of Sarlahi district in Nepal. 
Discovered by +Don Prince


  1. He came out of solitary meditation after 6 years. You can read what happened to him in his own words here:

  2. His teaching stresses on non-discrimination, leading a moral life and be a vegan:

  3. he said so himself that he is NOT the reincarnation of Buddha

  4. Numerology. Birthdate master number 33 and his name in sanskrit the seventh reincarnate of vishnu

  5. The interviewer doesn't understand Buddhism. Buddha has escaped from reincarnation. So there can't be ANYONE being incarnation of Buddha.

  6. I see some articles that says he harms people and tortures them. Is this true

  7. What you don't hear is why his family's moved and why this guy isn't making would wide head lines?After coming across Discovery video on him back in 2004/2005.I thought why have I not heard of this guy before ?!. And it's well past 6years,did he do it?If so,did we found out if its real? And if he did 6 years with out food or drink and everything is on the up and up.What is this guy doing now? He got to be doing something good.You don't go and do something like not eat or drink for 6years or be compared to Budda,to just not doing any thing.And why is it that Media is not all over this guy?How come the only big name media that reported on this guy was Discovery Channel?Come on??!! For week we hear about a Olympic champion go from male to female and ever God damm newspaper,magazines,TV channel,Nightly new would wide reports on this for weeks.Until the next dumb down "news" report comes out.This guy don't eat or drink for 6years and their is only 1 hrs long documentary about it.And no follow up repost (that I can find but, still looking)Is this something they don't want the masses to know? Or did they find out this guy was fake? What's up.Well, so far I have not come across anything that said he is a fake (not yet).But, I don't find some other reports (from media that is only broadcast over there local news &newspapers) that don't give him a good report.They say he and his followers" beat people up,kidnappe people,torched people".In one report their is something about Buda Boy stabbing someone with a sword. Plus much more and it says that the authorities have told him to leave.I'm not sure if it was just him or the whole family.But,since he is the one in the little spotlight well you know (where the money goes the family goes).So maybe that's why the spotlight isn't bigger.Still not eating or drinking for 6years.That's something I thought would be in the headlines (spotlight) for at less 2/3 weeks tops.