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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Little Dog Master

Some children were playing on a public playground. They began to quarrel. They wanted to beat a boy. But an amazing thing happened. Some dogs gathered there and began to bark at those boys. At last all boys ran a way. But the single boy was still staying there. The dogs also stopped barking. Can you believe on this event if I tell you it is real?

Yes, it is real. The name of the boy is Basu Aryal {name changed} from Nuwakot, Nepal {address changed}who is widely known as Little Dog Master in his school and community. Basu likes dogs. He has accurate record how many dogs there are in his little city. He is only 9 years old. He studies in Grade 3. Suman Joshi, one of his friends says, ''There is a special dog among all dogs. The dog carries the bag of Basu on its neck while coming to school. And the dog arrives at school before 15 minutes Basu arrives.'' Raju Shrestha, the another friend says, ''Sometimes, Basu comes to school by sitting on that dog.''

The Little Dog Maser is an average student in school. But his teachers say he is different than other students. He writes his answers creatively, ask cross questions smartly and tries to make new instruments also. For that he is known as Albert Einstein among students and teachers in his school.

There are many people in the world who have succeeded to keep friendship with animals. Some are staying with even tigers, leopards and other dangerous animals and insects. It proves that if animals are loved and cared, they also can be our friends. These cases arise a question, i.e., Do animals have feelings like us? I want to know your opinion. You can support me to find my answer by writing your views in comments. SAVE ANIMAL, SAVED EARTH.
Discovered by Don Prince

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

20 Interesting Animal Facts

1} The horse can sleep by standing.
2} The cat sometimes hide its stool.
3}The dog moves around before it sleeps.
4} Dogs and Cats sometimes eat grass.
5} Some birds like gray goose stands on one leg.
6} Animals also communicate with each other.
7} The earthworms come out after rainfall.
8} Lizard changes its color time to time.
9} Animals like dogs, buffaloes and horse take water by lapping by tongue.
10}Most of the experiments are done firstly with mouse.
11} Large birds can fly in the sky without flapping their wings.
12} Ants return through the same path they travel.
13} The white polar bear has black skin.
14} The dog tries to catch its tail by its mouth.
15} The eyes of cats shine at night.
16} Animals also cry by rolling down tears like humans.
17} Dogs keep its tongue out of its mouth in hot season.
18} Dogs cry much at night.
19} Some animals like cats, dogs and lion sits by lying their legs front.
20}Some insects do not feel pain.
Discovered by Don Prince

Thursday, April 03, 2014

A Few Words about Badi Society

About 10 years back, I was returning my hometown from the far western territory of Nepal. The travel was so long. A young man came besides my seat. I was somehow compensated. By his conversation I guessed he was a police officer. As Maoist Conflict was going on in the country, his explanation was very adventurous. In each new location, he was telling me the notable features as well as major events taken place there. Anyway he had made my journey exciting.

A man near us was listening us. He also joined us. Now the time pass talking became more time pass. Our discussion has all things like fun, jokes, adventure, recreation and somewhere griefs. I still remember the condition of Nepal was very scaring and frightening at that time.

The man who had joined our discussion left us in his destiny. The policeman asked me a question, ''Do you know why did he drop himself across the bridge?'' It was an amazing question. Obviously I did not know the answer. So he answered, ''Because before the bridge, there is a society which he belonged to and it is Badi Society.'' I was hearing first time about Badi Society. The policeman explained it in short.

Badi society exists in the terai region of Mid Western and Far Western Development Region of Nepal. According to some websites, there are about 40,000 Badi people living in Nepal. They are believed to have come from India. In past, they were sexually exploited by ruling side . So they are still following prostitution as their major occupation.

Badi people are getting inhuman treatment. They need special protection by the constitution. Many Badi women want to leave their traditional profession. Government of Nepal should pay special attention for the rights of these people.
Discovered by Don Prince

Friday, March 28, 2014

Masto The Lost God

''Excuse me! can we exchange our seat?'' A teenager was requesting me. ''Sure'' I smiled, ''Where are you going?'' ''Ramechhap'' Then our conversation began.

Our bus was heading towards Ramechhap district which lies in the hilly region of Janakpur zone of Central Development in Nepal. My destination was on the way. Both the teenager and I lived in Kathmandu. He was going to visit his grandfather and grandmother in the village. ''What do you do?'' He asked me. ''I specially do research for my own company National Discovery Channel.'' ''Oh! once I had ended with it while I was googling Masto God'' ''Why?'' Why are you interested on Masto God?'' ''Because my grandfather also practices Masto Tradition'' '' That means your grandfather is a Masto God?'' ''Yes, you are right'' ''And he lives in Ramechhap?'' ''Yes, he does.'' ''Nice to meet you.''

Till now Masto Tradition was believed to be practiced in Karnali, Seti and Mahakali zone of Mid Western and Far Western Development Region of Nepal. But this teenager gave me the new information that Masto Tradition is also practiced in other parts of Nepal. I guess Masto God is existing in India and China too.

If you don't know what the Masto God is, let me tell you. Masto Tradition is a type of tradition which is particularly practiced by Khas caste of Nepal. Masto God is a witchdoctor who calls God's spirit within his body. Then he proves it by performing several miracles like dipping  hands into boiling oil, breaking iron chain, forecasting future etc. There is no any specific idol of Masto God.

''Do you believe on Masto God?'' I asked this question. He said, ''How don't I believe? My own grandfather is a Masto God.'' While conversing with the son of God, I noticed he was from a common Kshetry community not from the typical Khas group. This is evidence that Masto Tradition is not limited with Khas people.

I wanted to make the Masto God live in National Discovery Channel. But the teenager suggested that the performance of the Masto God is better in Deepawali time. Because Masto Tradition is specially practiced greatly in Deepawali. So we exchanged our mobile number. I said, '' We'll definitely meet in Deepawali season to make documentary on Masto God.''

Khas caste and the Masto Tradition provide a big background to research. Sociologists say that Masto Tradition is vanishing day by day due to modern influence. They say that focus should be given to conserve this tradition as a part of cultural heritage of the country.
Discovered by Don Prince

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Unification Campaign of Prithvi Narayan

After the restoration of Democracy in Nepal the wave of hatred towards King and Kingship flowed uncontrollably. Criticizing became common. Cabinet discussed on several issues regarding the kingship. Idols of many ex kings were destroyed by the people in public places. The chapters about kings were removed from the curriculum. Government decided to remove the chapter of a late king. But public openly protested it. Who was the king liked by public even in such grimy situation? He is not other than the great sovereign Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Prithvi Narayan Shah is called Bismarck of Nepal. Because he unified Nepal. Before unification, Nepal was fragmented into more than 52 states. Prithvi Narayan launched his mission for unification which was succeeded by other kings with the help of several courageous Nepalese warriors. People in Nepal either communists or congress, royalists or democrats all respect him because it due to his contribution Nepalese are proud to say Nepalese today.

Prithvi Narayan Shah was born to unify Nepal. He had only one mission, only one dream and only one duty, i.e., Nepal. Even death could not defeat him before success of his target. He dedicated his personal life for Nepalese people. System comes and goes, but Nepalese people never forget him. Because he was not only  a king of a kingdom, he was a real leader of Nepal.

The appreciation of Prithvi Narayan Shah above is not untrue. Anyone can read the history of Nepal. And they should also read the 'Divine Instruction' of Prithvi Narayan Shah. These are the enough evidences to prove Prithvi Narayan Shah as a patriot leader.
Discovered by Don Prince

Monday, March 24, 2014

Can a Person be Superhuman?

Yesterday one of my friends asked me a question, ''Can a Person be Superhuman?'' He wanted to know if anyone can be a superhuman or not. This is really a simple question. But I wonder I have not asked this question to myself whereas my book 'Secret of Super Powers' has almost finished to be written. First of all I want to thank my friend for raising me with this simple but very important question.

Question once again, can anyone be a superhuman by practicing superhuman skills? The answer is a big NO. Forgive me for my bitter words everyone can't be a superhuman. Just imagine that anyone can develop super powers. Many people learn it. Among them some are really so ill minded people. Some are selfish people. Some are abnormal and some are over ambitious. How will be the condition of this world then? But sorry my dear, it never happens. Because everyone can't be superhuman.

You will find three types of people on the earth. You meet them in every turning of your life. First one is electron who is born with evil mind. Second is neutron who depends on condition and situation to be good or bad. And the third one is proton who is light hearted by birth. And if you are in third category, here is a good news for you. You can be a superhuman. You can be a super hero. You can definately be a super man.

So 'Secret of Super Powers' is coming soon. Don't expect that you will be doing miracles on the earth by reading this book. This is only a book on Psychology. You should be super human or psychic by birth. If so, you can really promote your skills with the study of this book.
Discovered by Don Prince

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why Does Lord Krishna Have So Many Names?

All Gods and Goddesses have multiple names in Hinduism. Lord Vishnu is specially known as Narayana and Shree Hari. Lord Shiva also has different names like Mahadeva, Shankar, Bholenath, etc. Likewise, the angel of love Lord Krishna also has got many names. Do you know why he has so many names? The answer is simple. He is known with different names which have special meaning. Let's see some examples.

@ Krishna is called KRISHNA because he is black in color.
@ He is called MURARE because he killed a demon namely Mura.
@ He is called VASHUDEVA because he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu {Vashudeva}.
@ He is also called GIRIDHAR because he lifted the Gobardhan Parbat to save people.
@ He is called MURALIDHAR because he plays the musical instrument named flute {Murali}.
@ He is also called DAMODAR because he was bound by a rope by her mother when he was a child.

Lord Krishna has so many names. I have listed only those names which are very common and are often used to call him. See the most famous hymn on Lord Krishna.
Shree Krsihna Govinda Hare Murare
Hey Naath Narayana Vashudeva
Ananda Baikunda Mukunda Krishna
Govinda Damodar Madhava veti

I think there is no Hindu in the world who can't sing this hymn. See the underlined words. These all words are different names of Lord Krishna. Now you can imagine how many different names Lord Krishna may have.
Discovered by Don Prince

Saturday, March 22, 2014

World Famous Foolish Scientists

SLC examination 2070 has begun in Nepal. Every year several students commit suicide in Nepal after facing failure in this examination. I have written this short post to encourage all the SLC students of Nepal not to loose heart in case of failure.

The world got many famous scientists in the past. Most of them were genius from the beginning stage of their life. However there are some scientists who were said to be very foolish by their relatives, teachers and other people. Some of them moved the world later by their mind blowing inventions. They are as below:

1. Elbert Einstein: Elbert Einstein is specially known for his general theory of relativity on which atom bomb was invented. He is the father of science. But he was not intelligent student in his life. His teacher used to humiliate him by saying foolish and dull student.

2. Thomas Elba Edison: He is specially known for the invention of electric bulb. After some months of his school life he had been restigated from school as he required proof whatever his teachers taught him. Then he never went to school. However he invented more than 1000 inventions.

3. Michael Faraday: Michael Faraday is the inventor of electricity. He could not go to school due to his poverty. He was the boy who used to live by selling newspapers. Later he became a world famous scientist.

Education is no doubt  important. But it is not heart of life. It is only part of life. So don't depress if you fail. There are many options waiting for you. Best of luck for success.
Discovered by Don Prince

Friday, March 21, 2014

Power of Mind Backed by Real Desire

About 10 years back, I was staying in a typical community. One day, I was lying on my bed. I was feeling so exhausted. The door was open. I was feeling so lazy to get up from the bed to close the door. But I had to close it anyway. I did an strange activity. I stared at the door. After a while the door slowly closed itself. Next day I tried to do it again for test but I could not do it again.

6 months back, I was alone in my room. It was 11 o'clock night. Some people in the next to my room were still making a noise. Drinking and playing cards were going on there. I was too disturbed by them. Then I opened the curtain of my window and lied on my bed. Now the electric bulb of that room was straight to me. I continuously stared at the bulb. After a while its light went down. I continued this activity. At last the bulb switched off itself. Next day I tested it again, but I did not succeed.

2 months back, I was feeling bored in my room. I had a mobile on my hand. I was waiting for a call by one of my friends. But in reality, I did not want to talk with him on that moment. I watched my mobile again. I planed to play a game with it. I was not going to play any mobile game. I stared at its networking signal. The signal bars began to reduce. After 5 minutes my mobile had no network. Then I went for tea in a tea shop. I found all people facing networking problem on their mobile. Another day, I wanted to do it again for test but I could not do it.

You can find a similar point in those three events above, i.e., I was unable to do any miracle if I was doing it without real desire. So, in conclusion we can say that mind is powerful if there is real desire. Because if there is no real desire, it decreases the faith on the ability. And the mind power is necessarily backed by faith.
{The three events mentioned above are not real. They are only for illustration purpose.}
Discovered by Don Prince

Thursday, March 20, 2014

5 Interesting Brain Facts

Why do you feel peace in temples? Why does a drunkard get courage? Why do you love someone uncontrollably? Why can't you stop missing someone very much? How does a man become happy? If you want to know the scientific answers of these questions, read this article right now.

There are some biochemicals in our brain. These chemicals have different functions. You have to know about 5 chemicals to get the answers of those 5 questions. They are as below:

1. Serotonin: This chemical functions to make us feel peace and relaxation. When you are in temples area this chemicals will be active in your brain. So you feel peace there.

2. Oxycontin: This is love chemical. When this chemical becomes active, you will feel love towards someone. In the beginning days of marriage, new couples are very attractive towards each other. When time passes, this chemical starts fading . Consequently, they will be less attractive.

3. Endorphins: It is for happiness. When you get something, this chemical becomes active in your mind. Then you will be happy. If you tell a joke to a man who is crying, he may laugh. Because your jokes will activate this chemical inside his brain.

4. Acetyl choline: This is the chemical which controls memory. When it is active you will miss someone. For example, you have got gift by someone. Whenever you see that gift, this chemical will be active and you will miss him/her.

5. Testosterone: It provides courage. When a man is drunk, this chemical becomes active in his brain. So he becomes brave. Similarly if a man gets support by some other powerful people, he will have courage.

So, if you want to get courage, you have to somehow activate your testosterone. If you want love from someone, you have to activate his/her Oxycontin. Similarly by activating serotonin, you can make your body active in case you are tired of something.
Best of Luck
{Based on an interview with doctor Shirish Bastola}
Discovered by Don Prince