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Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Saw Ghost

Ghost, perhaps, is the most popular word talked as superstitious on the land. After all, people still ask question each other that the ghost is really existed or it is a super fake. And I am much more surprised that most of them are from among the intellectual class. Today we will discuss on scientific reasons ghost can be real or not. First of all, let me narrate a true event happened with me last week.

The Amazing Event
It was festival of World Cup 2014 around the world. My close friend Amit needed company to watch television. So he invited me to be with him during the world cup season. As we were neighbours, every world cup night I went to his house. Some days, he came to my house also. But I found something strange in his house. We were sleeping near the window. And he was at the window side. Every midnight a black shadow entered in his body while he was sleeping. One day it came inside me too. {If you ask how I know it while sleeping, let me remind you. From my childhood, I have the quality of knowing every unwanted events surrounding me while I am sleeping. Because when my conscious mind sleeps, my subconscious mind is still awake and sends information to my conscious mind. Don’t be surprised. You can also develop this quality if you practice.} One night he was more dangerously attacked. The black shadow entered in his body so speedily that he shouted. But he was still sleeping. This time his body became so black which only I was seeing. Then after 5 seconds it came in normal. He was sweating. Later he turned well.

The next day before sleeping I asked him, ‘’Do you believe on ghost?’’ He replied, ‘’Yes, I do.’’ I asked, ‘’Have you ever seen ghost?’’ He said, ‘’Yes, I have seen ghost’s hand. It came and grabbed my throat. I tried to call someone for help but I couldn't speak. Later I prayed God and it disappeared.’’ ‘’Do you believe on God?’’ ‘’Yes, I believe on God.’’

He was a true speaking man like me. But I denied his saying that he had seen ghost’s hand. Then he began to talk about witch. He said that his family together had seen a witch lighting whole tree nearby his house while they were in village. She had strangely attacked them many times. Later she left the village.

Now let me tell you the most amazing and exciting event of this sequel. After 3 days of our conversation, one night a very strange happened with me. At midnight my subconscious mid gave me a very strange signal and I came to open my eyes. A face with dangerous look was staring me from the window. It was definitely not a human. It was perhaps a ghost. We were watching each other’s eyes. I had no fear on my mind because first of all I don’t believe on the existence of the ghost. Secondly, if ghost is real, I believe that ghost is the weakest power against me. Now I feel my eyes had become more dangerous than him and I was staring at him too. Then he disappeared.

Next day, I asked with my friend, ‘’is there any strange thing in this room?’’ Perhaps he understood me. He said, ‘’Sorry dude, I had hidden a thing with you. This room is haunted. My father had committed suicide in this room. Then after, no one sleeps in this room. But I wanted to watch world cup. If television was seen in that rest room, others might be disturbed at night. So, I decided to shift the TV in this room and I called you for help or company.’’

I am still stubborn on my point and I am saying that ghost is not existed on this earth. It is superstitious to believe on any paranormal elements. Then what about the events above happened with me? Now it’s time for scientific analysis.

Why did my friend and his family members see witch?
It’s so simple. So called witch was a superstitious and uneducated woman. She was trying to practice witchcraft which is ridiculous because witchcraft is not real. And she doesn't know it.

Why did my friend see ghost’s hand and it attacked him?
This is due to the imbalance in nerves while sleeping. Besides, he was a psychological patient in the past. He was made to believe that he had been attacked by ghost.

Why did he shout when the black shadow entered?
He was not shouting. It was my illusion.

Why was the black shadow disappeared?
It disappeared because Amit believed on God power. Once again read above where I asked him whether he believes God or not.

What was the black shadow?
Later I asked some superstitious people about black shadow. They told that ghost can be black or white. But this is a rumour scattered in the society.

Were that black shadow and ghost real?
It is obviously not. Due to world cup, I was not sleeping for many days. In the other hand when he said that he had seen ghost, it forced my mind to believe that I might also see the ghost. Moreover, I was in a new house and room. May be, my mind was unconsciously suspecting ghost and spirit’s existence there. So I experienced such strange things.

What about the haunted house?
It was just coincidence.

If you see ghost, witch, and spirit anything, don’t believe that they are real. Think scientifically. It is your illusion or some types of miner or major psychological problem. More funnily if ghost is real, then also do not get afraid. Be strong. If you are strong, even alive can’t do anything. Ghosts are already dead.
Discovered by Don Prince

Friday, July 04, 2014

Science behind Ghost and Spirit

This is a real story of ghost revenging with people in India. It happened some years ago. This event became famous in India. It is also shown in ‘Sawadhan Indian’, the popular episode of the popular TV channel namely LIFE OK . We had done a formal investigation in this case and concluded with an entirely different result. All people closed this topic in the name of ghost and spirit. But we have extracted the science behind this event. Because we don’t believe on Ghost, Spirit, Tantra, Mantra, etc.

Let’s begin the story in short. Unlike many innocent women in India, a girl namely Rashmi was born alive by her husband and mother in law on the charge of not bringing much dowry in the marriage. The case was closed declaring to be a suicide case. But after 5 years the spirit of Rashmi went inside the body of another woman named Sunita. Then Sunita began to behave abnormally. She had become Rashmi completely. A witchdoctor made Rashmi speak everything through Sunita’s mouth. As per her description, she was taken to the father of Rashmi. She recognized everyone there. She had told how she was murdered by her husband and mother in law. Police investigated on the case. Finally Rashmi’s husband and mother in law accepted the offence. Most amazingly, Rashmi went out of the body of Sunita and then Sunita became well as if she was not sick before.

People still think that this was really a paranormal case, especially due to the moment of witchdoctor’s act. But the magic of witchdoctor was nothing more than a hypnosis procedure. And we like to relate this case with Spirit Personality Disorder. Spirit Personality is a type of mental disorder where the patient gets another personality or spirit within him/her. In this case, Sunita suffered from this disorder and she took the personality of Rashmi in her. There were two persons, i.e. Rashmi and Sunita in her. When Rashmi’s criminals were arrested, Sunita believed that Rashm has got her aim achieved. So she became cured herself.

Personality Disorder is still a vague topic in Psychology. We have found that a large number of people with this disorder are found in India as well as USA. But the cases are defined differently specially in remote areas of India where superstitions are extreme. Most of the people explain it as the ghost attack where as some cases are taken as rebirth case. The vast majority of intellectual crowd deny accepting it as spiritual or rebirth case. However, no one knows the reality. Many scholars are on the path of exploring the truth. We are some of them.
Discovered by Don Prince, Prem Darshan and Sujan Kshetry

Friday, June 27, 2014

Why don't Some People believe on God?

No one has seen God. But everyone believe on God. However there are some people who say that they don't believe on God. And their number is increasing. We had done an informal survey on this topic and found amazing result. According to our research, 5 in every 100 people do not believe on God. We also asked for reasons. Accordingly, three are 3 main reasons:

1. People give up God when they suffer
People in this category have religious background. They believed on God very much in the past. But when they suffered a lot in life or God did not listen their pray, they gave up their dedication. This type of people go back to their previous situation and start worshipping God again after a certain time. These people believe God but they don't want to say that they do.

2. People stop believing on God when they are influenced by environment
New learners fall under this category. They are highly impressed by Science and they are also half learnt. They quickly follow if someone presents strong argument against the existence of God. These people consider themselves to be highly educated.

3. Some people are trained by others not to follow God
These people don't know when they gave up believing God. Maybe their parents did not believe God. Otherwise someone else who is always with him had no faith on God. Or they are influenced by their teachers who don't follow any religion. It is very hard to let these people believe any God. They may enter temples or go to churches. However they have not real faith towards God.

God exists or not is still a hot topic. After all, everyone in the world should have faith on their God. At least this belief stops them from doing any unwanted, illegal and immoral activities in the society. Our research concludes that most of the criminals have either no faith on God or they think that their activities are not against their God. So if we can spread any religion and teach the right teachings of religions that will contribute to make this world peaceful and secured. So believing on God is smart regardless of the fact God exists or not.
Discovered by Don Prince

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top 10 Secrets of Lord Krishna

Why is Krishna blue in colour?
Krishna is blue in colour. It symbolizes that Krishna is creative and he loves art. It also symbolizes that he has excellent imagination power.

Why does Krishna play flute?
Krishna plays flute. The reason is obviously he loves music. But there is also another cause that he plays flute. He is a smart hypnotist who also knows how to hypnotize through music.

Why does Krishna wear peacock feather?
Since peacock feather has 7 colours, it symbolizes 7 qualities of Krishna, i.e., Ideal, Simplicity, Peace, Truth, Love, Politeness and Friendship.

Why does Krishna put Tilak?
As the Tilak is the religious symbol of Vaishnavism, putting Tilak by Krishna refers that he follows Vishnu God. He is also incarnation of Vishnu.

Why does Krishna show his finger while speaking?
Pointing up with a finger by Krishna symbolizes that Krishna is a great philosopher who has capacity to show the right path to the people in the society.

Why does Krishna wear yellow?
Krishna often wears yellow clothe. He has deep devotion towards Hinduism and he wants Hinduism to be spread throughout the world. Think that he wants to popularize this religion.

Why does Krishna love cows?
Krishna and Radha are the incarnations of Vishnu and Laxmi respectively. However, there is slight difference between Incarnation of God and the Main God. Attachment of Krishna with cows symbolizes the dedication of Krishna towards Laxmi because cow is also the form of Laxmi according to Hinduism.

Why does Krishna stand making his legs crossed?
Krishna was mostly depicted in idols and photos with crossed legs. It gives us a hint that he was a great social reformer.

Why does Krishna wear crown?
Krishna was seen in pictures and idols decorated with crown. Whatever reason there is, but the philosophical meaning behind it is that he was not like other common people. He is special. He is God. Besides he was a king of Dwarika if you are talking about big Krishna.

Why does Krishna love butter?
Krishna loves butter very much. He is even narrated for stealing butter and curd with his friends. Though this is a childish attitude of Krishna, it has a symbolic meaning. It is the symbol that he was a polite man.

Discovered by Don Prince
photo credit: Diganta Talukdar via photopin cc

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Secret behind Super Powers of Lord Krishna

Death of Lord Krishna can be marked as the end of Dwapara Yuga and the advent of Kali Yuga. Believe or not, the super powers of the earth also vanished with the end of Lord Krishna. I personally believe that it again starts with the beginning of the Satya Yuga. This is a cycle made by God.

I have already said in my previous articles that God is the greatest scientist of the world because God Power or Super Power is scientific. I have also said that Super Powers are the effect of Psychology. However there is not always Psychology behind them. But today I am exactly writing the super powers backed by Psychology. Moreover, I will tell you where Lord Krishna used his expertise in Psychology as a weapon in Dwapara Yuga.

Lord Krishna used the following psychic techniques to cut miracles:
• Hypnosis: Lord Krishna has been said ‘’Mayawi’’ in whole Mahabharata. If you translate this word into English. It is rightly ‘’Hypnotist’’. Yes, Krishna had full knowledge of this chapter. He mostly used hypnosis techniques in his whole real magic show. For example, just remember the event in Mahabharata war where he magically spread the illusion of sun set to end the life of Jayadratha through Arjun.

• Telekinesis: I think telekinesis is the most dangerous and biggest super power. Because it can paralyse any power, anything and anybody in the universe. Lord Krishna was very excellent at art of telekinesis. He used this power very smartly in many places. For instance, when Lord Krishna goes to Hastinapura for peace talk, Duryodhan’s soldiers try to chain him. But they can’t even lift the chain. Another most amazing example is in the beginning of the war. When Arjuna denies war, Krishna recites Gita. During Gita preaching he makes everyone motionless and senseless except Arjuna.

• Atmoskinesis: When Bal Krishna {Little Krishna} stops people to worship Indra, Indra attacks whole village with natural phenomena like air, rain, fire, etc. But they are controlled by Krishna. He even lifts Gobardhan Parbat {hill} to save the people from the disasters. He had used the power of Atmoskinesis there.

• Precognition: Precognition is the feeling of future events. Lord Krishna had precognition skill genetically. For example, he promised with the queen of Birata to make Parikshit the final king of the Kuru dynasty and the Dwapara Yuga. Because he had already known with the power of precognition that Abhimanyu and other sons of Dropadi will die in the Mahabharata war.

• Personology: Lord Krishna used Personology several times in his life. When his friend Sudama visits him, Sudama can’t express his problem of poverty. But with the knowledge of personology Lord Krishna knows his situation and helps him economically.

• Dreamikinesis: Dreamikinesis is still one of the uncovered chapters in the Psychology. But Lord Krishna had already used it in Dwapara Yuga. When Duryodhan and Sakuni planned to arrest Krishna, he knew it previously. This is the miracle of nothing other than Dreamikinesis.

Besides Psychology, Lord Krishna used all branches of Science like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If you study them, you also can be powerful. I don’t say that Lord Krishna was not a God. I want to only prove that everything in this universe is scientific. It is up to the people to take them blindly or scientifically.
Discovered by Don Prince 

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Why Can't Krishna Marry Anyone Other Than Radha?

Today I am going to prove that Lord Krishna had ONLY ONE queen. She is not other than Radha. Surprised? It is obvious because you have been carrying the misconception from your childhood that Krishna married 16108 girls except Radha. Why did not Krishna marry Radha? If you had this question on your mind and searched it in the internet, you must have read my popular article {till now this article has been read more than 30,000 times} and got the right answer.

When I was first heard, taught and said about Lord Krishna, I never accepted any negative expression about him. Later I found how some bad and good people criticize him. Whenever those people were questioned for their immorality and some miner offences, they presented the story of Krishna to save themselves. It was really intolerable for me. I read and watched some scholars trying to save Krishna from misinterpretation. I still want to salute them. But I was sorry, their philosophy was too extra ordinary to make common people understand. Moreover, They themselves were confused. In this situation, I naturally had many questions which everyone deserved. But the only difference between us was that they were still standing with questions but I had been answered from my inner soul. Perhaps God had chosen me to convey his messages to the people.

The BIGGEST PROOF of marriage between Krishna and Radha is that Radha has been listed  as one of the Ashta Bharyas {8 wives of Krishna} in ancient Hindu scripture. Similarly, the strongest point to disagree the false fact of Krishna marrying 16108 girls is that this saying has no uniformity in different countries. For instance, People of some countries specially that of India say that Krishna had 16108 wives. But people of some other countries specially from Nepal say that he had 1600 wives. I know you all are genius. Now, I don't have to say you that the biggest crack of any false rumour is dis-uniformity.

You must read my previous 3 articles linked above {16108 girls, my popular article and Ashta Bharyas}. If these 3 articles are made ONE, they conclude that Krishna married only one girl, i.e. Radha. Rest of the girls were mistakenly interpreted  in course of time. I don't want to repeat them again as it is not ethical to spam the internet by repeating the same thing again and again. And I still recommend you to read about the reality of Mira and love story of Andal who are the two big names attached with Krishna after 16108 girls.

Krishna was a great social reformer. He can't encourage polygamy though polygamy was common for a king at that time. Gita is the proof that Krishna was an ideal God. The love of God Krishna either for Gopis and Gopinis or towards 16000 captives of Narakasur, should be taken as the love between Human Being and the Supreme Soul.
Discovered by Don Prince

Friday, June 06, 2014

Why is Goddess Radha called Radharani?

Goddess Radha is often called Radhikarani or Radharani. Unlike other Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism, she has numerous names. But Radharani is the most commonly used name to call her. Why is she called Radharani? I searched it in Google to know the reality. But I was shocked I did not find any relevant result. Now I am both excited and sad. I am sad in this sense that my query is unanswered and I am excited in this point of view that I have got unique stuff to avail online for others. Let's not kill time.

Radha is known as Radhikarani or Radharani because this name is given to her by her beloved love Lord Krishna. I know this answer is a little bit funny. But I will tell you lots of things for evidence. I am not wrong if I tell you that majority of you like to call your beloved by a different name which is dear to your love. Same principle applies with Krishna. He also likes to call Radha as Radhikarani or Radharani and this name sounds very pretty to Radha.

Why did Krishna lovingly say Radharai to Radha?
Here is a point never to forget that Krishna has added only rani after the name of Radha. Radha and Radhika are the original names of Goddess Radha. You can crossly ask me a question. Why did Krishna add rani after the name of Radha to call her affectionately. If you want to know it deeply you must read my previous article 'Untold Story of Radha and Krishna'. According to Google, 6813 people have read this article until the time of this article being written. I have said in this article that Krishna had dreamt of establishing a large palace on an iceland and serving the helpless and needy people there. So he told Radha he was a king in reality. Now in this recent article, I want to advance my saying that same is the reason Krishna added rani after the name of Radha or Radhika.

What is the evidence to support my opinion?
You may scold me for saying the untold fact that Krishna had a dream of establishing an iceland for helpless. But if you reconsider the story of Krishna, you will find that Krishna later became a king by establishing a unique city and kingdom named Dwarika which was an iceland. The skeleton of this city is still found beneath the sea in India. But no one knows the emotional attachment of Krishna with this city. If you want to learn more about it, I hugely recommend my popular article ''Reality of the Story about 16100 Girls with Lord Krishna''. Enjoy reading and let me know if you have any curiosity.
Discovered by Don Prince

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Why Can't Radha Marry Anyone Other Than Krishna?

There is a terrible misconception in Hinduism that Radha was a married woman before she fell in love with Krishna. Ayan was said to have married with Radha. I have already described in my previous post how the rumours of marriage between Radha and Ayan spread mistakenly. In this post, I will tell you why Radha can’t marry with anyone other than Krishna.

1. No one can deny the truth that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi had come to the earth in the forms of Krishna and Radha respectively. So is not it funnier to believe that Radha married any other?

2. The story of the marriage between Radha and Ayan is not accurate in itself. Some mythologists say Radha was married before Krishna loved her and some scholars say that she married with Ayan after Krishna left Vrindavan. Such dual descriptions have made the marriage story of Radha and Ayan more complex and unbelievable.

3. Everyone accepts the truth that Radha was a completely ideal girl with high moral character. How can she have relationship with other after marriage? Same point applies to Lord Krishna too. I have already described it in my previous post.

4. Radha was discovered so lately that even Mahabharata and Bhagawat can’t mention her anywhere. So chances are high that people will describe her personality and life as per their benefits. So such rumours may have spread.

5. The number of people believing Radha’s marriage before she meets Krishna is too less than the number of people believing Radha being single. The ‘’Shree Krishna’’ episode of Ramananda Sagar is an appropriate verification.

6. No society can refuse the love between Radha and Krishna, although they are not in the side of the emotional connection like LOVE. Because the love between Radha and Krishna is so pure that they are still taken as symbol of love. In this condition, it is really foolishness to say that Radha was previously married.

7. Radha and Krishna are always worshipped together. They come together in hymns. They are incomplete without another. So there is no doubt that Radha can marry only Krishna.

In my previous article, I have proved that Radha and Rukmini are same. Rukmini is nowhere mentioned to be a married woman before she gets marry with Krishna. So it is unjustifiable to say that Radha was a married woman before Krishna marries her.
Discovered by Don Prince

Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Stop Someone From Loving You?

I know you wonder why I am giving you such amazing tips. Everyone wants to learn how to make someone be in love with him/her. But this article is going to teach you how to stop someone from loving you. Trust me, this is more important. Still not convinced? Read my short but real story.

14 years back I had been in a remote country of terai region of Nepal to gain some experience for teaching career. A girl similar to my age used to live in a house next to my door. She was SO black that whenever I saw her I couldn't turn my eyes from her. Since I had never seen so black girl in my life, I always stared her playing with many kinds of feelings in my mind {Remember that my intention here is not to humiliate anyone}. She also used to look at me. I did not know what she was thinking. But after three months, I came to know through my friend that every villager is talking about my affair with that girl. I became so shocked that I without delay packed up and rushed to my home leaving my career and the girl there.

Who do not be loved by others? But it is really SO painful {at least to me} being followed by someone whom we do not want to notice. I am really dedicated and positive towards my well wishers and I salute their feelings. You should also think like me. But LOVE is not emotionally forced and blackmailed. If it is done so, it is rather a huge CHEAT. Let’s not go in deep. Sometimes we must stop someone from loving us. If you are a girl, this is more important.

If you are searching the resource to learn to stop someone from loving you, I think I can help you. Note the given below points and work generously.

Don’t stare at any one
If you look at anyone continuously, it can activate LOVE BIOCHEMICAL {I love to say it love biochemical} in her/his mind that creates love towards you. So don’t do such a silly thing if your intention is not to attract anyone.

Remember you should not be matched with anyone’s check-list
No unmarried person can deny the fact that he/she has made check-list of qualities of his/her dream-girl/dream-man. In this situation, if you are matched with anyone’s list, you can’t be escaped from being loved. Congratualation! Ok, I will help you. Find that what types of partner he/she imagines to have and behave oppositely.

Don’t talk about him/her
If you talk about him/her, that will cause thinking about you. Also, don’t give signal in conversation that you like him/her either consciously or subconsciously.

Don’t mistake to praise
Appreciation helps people to think more. So be cautious while praising anyone. If you do not praise someone, chances are low that you will be liked.

If you do the above mentioned activities just oppositely, the situation will be opposite. Either you like to be loved by someone or do not like to be loved by anyone, this article will help you.
Discovered by Don Prince

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

List of Super Powers Backed by Dream

People often dream. But they don’t care about their dream. They don’t know that dream is much more thing than they think about it in their life. Let’s see 10 super powers that anyone can unleash by using dream.

1. Dream as a career guide
I got an emergency call by my friend. His name was Sandesh. I immediately went to visit him. But the case was normal at least for me. He had seen a strange dream and he wanted to interpret it rightly with my help. His dream was something like this. ‘’He with his three friends Arun, Bishwash and Sameer was going somewhere. They found a river on the way. Arun, Bishwash and Sameer crossed it. But he was still waiting. He saw the river. It was very clean that the surface was easily seen. But it was so deep and he did not know swimming. His friends also did not bother to call him. He also did not try to cross the river.’’

Now my friend had given me a case and I had to investigate it. As our friendship was older I didn’t have to spend my time for asking his history. But my friendship with those other three friends was not date back to 4 months. So I asked Sandesh about Arun, Bishwash and Sameer. He also told me all he knew about them. Now the case was clear to me like the water Sandesh had seen in his dream.

I interpreted Sandesh’s dream like this. ‘’Walking on the road indicates one’s going on task, aim, goal, competition, mission, etc. Sandesh is not walking alone in his dream. He is accompanied by his three friends. That means this dream is about the common task of four friends. River on the road indicates the obstacle to fight in reference to the life of Sandesh. Three crossed it. But Sandesh could not. Because he did not know swimming. It means Sandesh lacks the main skill to achieve the goal which rest of friends have got. Sandesh's friends did not encourage him to cross the river. It means none of them like Sandesh achieving the goal. In conclusion the subconscious mind of Sandesh was saying Sandesh to learn a particular skill to achieve his particular goal through this dream.''

After 1 hour of brainstorming, I clarified the meaning of Sandesh’s dream which goes like this. ‘’These four guys have started working hard to run social networking sites. All of them are working in different projects. Three of them have progressed much. But the pace of Sandesh is like that of tortoise. Because there is a major problem. The knowledge of programming is a must to tackle this problem. But Sandesh is lagging behind in programming skill. He must learn it to meet his goal.’’

Now Sandesh is learning programming. He has done tremendous changes in his project. So dear friends, dreams are not the product of our random thoughts. If we understand dream it is a map to reach our destination.

2. Dream as a spy
I often know previously whatever trick my good friends plan for me. I work accordingly and they get surprised. Some well wishers ask me, ‘’How do you know everything?’’ My simple answer is ‘’I have a spy.’’ Now they think that I really have someone to work as a detective for me. But the truth is another. The spy behind me is nothing other than my dream. I am always alerted by my dream whenever there is something  going at my back side. I am imparting this skill to everyone who are interested. If you develop the efficiency to interpret your dream, your dream can expose any secret behind and forward you. See an example.

‘’ One day I found a surprising trick designed for me. By interpreting my dream, . I recognised the person behind the stage. Then I verified it by doing a little investigation for some days. When I became confirmed, I gave an amazing answer secretly. Though it was not a bad answer, it is still unknown.’’

3. Dream as a private astrologer
I don’t believe on horoscope and astrology but I have full belief on precognition through dream. Go and read some pages of history, you will find so many incidents. Subconscious mind of every person shows a glance of the future through dream. The only difference is that some people just ignore it whereas some people use it genuinely. How many times have you seen a dream of arrival of your dearest one at your home and it has become a true event next day?

4. Dream as a doctor
As a librarian manages books in library, our subconscious mind sorts our life situation, thoughts and events in mind through dream. So dream can be a good medical instrument to measure the mental condition of people. Modern psychologists use the dream of the causality to diagnosis their mental problem.

5. Dream as a magician
If you develop the power to control your dream you can materialise your dream by visualising it through your dream. You know that modern psychologists believe on power of visualisation. Just think, when you control your dream you can see the dream of getting your goal fulfilled. Is not it a golden opportunity?

6. Dream as a mind reader
If you know the exact interpretation of your dream, you can read any person by listening his/her dream. Let’s see an example.

One of my colleagues told me that he sometimes sees unknown girl in his dream. I immediately know about him that he had not a good relationship with his wife. That’s why he was frustrated. So he imagined a girl for support and he saw her in his dream.

7. Dream as a means of communication
Telepathy is the way of communicating with mind without getting physical access. Dream is the excellent idea to have such communication. There are several movies in Hollywood and Bollywood where two lovers meet first in their dream then after in their real life. Assume it to be real. Then isn't it the magic of telepathic communication through dream?

8. Dream as a weapon
If one knows how to control other’s dream, he can easily hack other’s mind. He can do it by sending certain situations, messages or suggestions in mind. I still remember. One of my friends tried to dominate me. I controlled his dream and send suggestion of feeling sorry towards me. Tomorrow in the morning he asked for an excuse.

9. Dream as a historian
The history of your subconscious mind is older than your physical presence. So it knows past life before you were born. Dream is the right media your subconscious mind talks with to remind you the special thing backed by your past life. You may have heard several rebirth cases in India and other parts of the world where the victim first sees events of previous birth in dream. This is the proof that dream can represent our past life.

10. Dream as an energy
By controlling what you see in your dream, you can see good dreams which will charge you positively and spiritually. Dream is essential part of our life. If one does not see dream for several days, he/she will face several health related problems.

Dream is still an mysterious chapter in Psychology. Dream is not just a dream. This is something more than a dream. Have a sweet dream.
Discovered by Don Prince