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Friday, September 26, 2014

140 Frequently Asked Questions about Radha and Krishna

Last week, I checked Google Analytic’s data of National Discovery Channel. I was shocked because I found about 1000 questions there which were yet to be answered. I decided to answer all those questions because they were queries from my audience in Google and the answers were nowhere in the internet. That’s why those questions gathered there because my site could give indirect answers. But I think why not to answer those questions directly? So this week is Google Analytic week of National Discovery. This week I will answer all questions under my responsibility which are asked through Google. In this way, my audience will get the direct answer of their questions. Let’s begin the journey.

As the title suggests itself, I will answer the questions related to Radha and Krishna in this article. Remember that my answers are based on my own conscience. Yes, it is true that I have read almost all prominent books and articles on Radha and Krishna and people definitely take my opinion seriously. I may not be right all the time. If you have any cross questions and answers, you can start a conversation through comment section. Now without wasting your time I want to start the questions answers series.

1. Who is lord krishna’s favourite person?
One who is on the path of truth is the most favourite to Krishna. Krishna has no permanent friend or enemy. You are favourite of Krishna until you are on the right path.

2. Who is Radha?
Radha is the spouse of Krishna. She is power of lord Krishna.

3. Who is Krishna?
Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu. He is a philosopher. He is the preacher of Gita.

4. Why did Krishna not marry with Radha?
No, Krishna married with Radha. There is a big confusion about Radha and Krishna that they did not meet again. But the tragedy was only for few months.

5. What happened to Radha after Krishna left her?
Radha and Krishna met again, married and lived together. They lived together for many years.

6. Was Radha married?
No, Radha was not married when she met Krishna. She married lord Krishna later.

7. Was Radha older than Krishna?
Yes, Radha was about 10 years older than Krishna. Radha was a young girl and Krishna was a small child when their love began.

8. Why did Krishna marry Rukmini?
Krishna married Rukmini because Rukmini was Radha. This is the reason we don’t find the earlier stories of Rukmini.

9. How did Radha die?
Radha died when Dwarika sank. Krishna also died at that time.

10. Who is Radha to Krishna?
Radha is energy to Krishna. Radha is God to Krishna.

11. Whom did Krishna love the most?
Krishna’s heart is full of love. He loved everyone. However, Krishna loved Radha the most.

12. Who is Rukmini?
Rukmini is just another name of Radha. She is only one spouse of Krishna.

13. What happened to Radha after Krishna died?
Radha also died at the same time. When Krishna died, Dwarika sank in the ocean. Everyone including Radha died there.

14. How did Bhagawan Krishna die?
He died by the arrow of a hunter. The hunter mistakenly shot arrow at Krishna.

15. What happened after Mahabharata war?
Peace and justice established after Mahabharata war. Yudhisthir became the king of Hastinapur and the rule of justice began.

16. Was Krishna real?
Yes, he was really existed. India is his birth place.

17. When was Radha born?
Radha was born in 3000 BC. She was born in Dwapar Yuga.

18. How to meet lord Krishna?
If you follow the path of lord Krishna, you will find yourself to be Krishna. You should learn lesson of humanity for that.

19. Did Mahabharata really happen?
Yes, this is the real history of India. There are many proofs in India.

20. Did Krishna meet Radha after leaving Gokul?
Yes, Krishna met Radha again. He married with Radha.

21. Does Mahabharata have Radha character?
Mahabharata does not mention the name Radha but it tells about a Gopini who is not other than Radha herself. So we can say that Radha is also one of the characters in Mahabharata.

22. In Mahabharata did anyone marry younger boy?
Yes, during Mahabharata also child marriage was prevalent. Abhimanyu is one of the examples.

23. Is lord Krishna avatar of Vishwakarma?
No, lord Krishna is not the avatar of Vishwakarma. He is the avatar of lord Vishnu.

24. What is the difference between Radha and Rukmini?
They are different only by names. They are same.

25. Did Radha and Krishna meet after Mahabharata?
Yes, they met. Krishna went Drwarika after the end of war. Radhika was there.

26. Was Krishna shorter than Radha?
No, Krishna was not shorter than Radha. But Radlha was a tall girl.

27. What happens after krishna’s death?
Kali yuga began after Krishna’s death. Dwapar Yuga was ended.

28. What happens to Krishna after war?
Krishna lived simple life after the war. He goes to his beautiful city Dwarika.

29. Did Krishna and Radha have children?
Yes, they had. They had some children. Pradhumna is one of them.

30. Did Krishna really love Radha?
Yes, Krishna really loved Radha. So he married her.

31. Did Radha get marry to any other person?
No, Radha was married with only Krishna. Every story about her marriage with someone other is rumour.

32. In Mahabharata, how does Krishna marry Rukmini?
Krishna married Rukmini by abducting her from her marriage ceremony because the brother of Rukmini was against Krishna.

33. Was Krishna married earlier than Radha?
No, Krishna was not married earlier before he married Radha. Radha was krishna’s first and last love.

34. Was Krishna characterless?
No, Krishna was not characterless. People misunderstood his pranks.

35. Was Krishna a real person?
Yes, he was a real person. He was born in Mathura of India which is in Gujrat state now.

36. What about Vrindavan?
Vrindavan is a sacred place where lord Krishna played his pranks. It lies in India.

37. What are the evidences found in Vrindavan for Shree Krishna?
There are many evidences. Kurukshetra still consists of historical sources.

38. What happened to Radha at the end?
Radha died in Dwarika. She again met with Krishna in the space.

39. What is the full name of husband of Radha?
Only Lord Krishna is the husband of Radha. She was said to be married with Ayan Ghosh which is not true.

40. Why is Krishna said to be Radha’s true love’?
It is because Radha truly loved Krishna. Radha loved Krishna the most and the love from Krishna was pure.

41. When did Krishna leave Vrindavan?
Krishna left Vrindavan when he was a teenager. He had gone to Mathura.

42. When Krishna left Vrindavan what was the age difference between Radha and Krishna?
Radha was more than 20 and Krishna was less than 14. Krishna was still a child.

43. Where did Radha go?
Radha had gone to his father. She also left Vrindavan.

44. Why did Krishna hate Radha?
Krishna did not hate anyone. He did not hate Radha.

45. Why were Radha and Krishna separated from each other?
They were separated for a while due to misunderstanding and a curse. Krishna had to go to Mathura to complete his mission.

46. Why do we call Krishna Radha and not Krishna Rukmini?
It is because Rukmini was first recognized as Radha. It was Radha who loved Krishna.

47. Are Krishna and Radha going to meet again?
Yes, Krishna and Radha meet every era. It happens with common people also.

48. Did ever Rukmini meet Radha?
They are not different personality. So there is no need to meet each other.

49. Did Krishna return to Vrindavan?
No, Krishna did not return to Vrindavan. He went many places during his life. At last, he rested in Dwarika.

50. Did Krishna and Rukmini have a son?
Yes, they had. They had many sons.

51. Did marriage exist in Mahabharata?
Yes, it existed. Gandarva marriage was popular at that time.

52. Does Krishna and Radha story really exist?
Yes, the story of Radha and Krishna is real. This story is the proof of true love.

53. How did Krishna meet his end?
Krishna met his end as he planned earlier. He was shot arrow by a hunter who is believed to be Bali in Ramayana era.

54. How long does lord Krishna live?
Lord Krishna lived more than 100 years. He stayed how long he planned.

55. How would have real Krishna looked?
He looked very attractive. He was charming.

56. Is Jesus the reincarnation of Krishna?
No, Jesus isn't the reincarnation of Krishna. But there are many similarities between Jesus and Krishna.

57. What was Krishna and Radha recognized for?
They are symbols of love. Their love story is a sacred and ideal story in Hindu society.

58. Why did Krishna leave Vrindavan?
Krishna left Vrindavan to kill Kansa. It was the main reason.

59. What happened to people in Vrindavan?
They stayed up to last moments. Nothing bad happened with them.

60. What is truth as per lord Krishna?
The truth is that lord Krishna is an ideal person. He is the most powerful.

61. When did Radha Krishna meet again?
They met again after Krishna killed Kansa. They had a little misunderstanding.

62. When Radha asked to Krishna what love is what did Krishna answer?
Krishna says love is God, God is love. Love should be worshipped.

63. Where did Krishna live?
Krishna lived in Gokul. He was born in Mathura. He spent his final life in Dwarika.

64. Who did Radha die for?
She died for Krishna. The meaning of her life was only Krishna.

65. Who is Rukmini and where did she meet Krishna?
She is the wife of Krishna. She met Krishna when Krishna and Yasodha visited her house.

66. Why did Krishna go away from Mathrua?
Krishna got away from Mathura as per his plan and mission. He had to complete many missions.

67. Does lord Krishna tell about end of the world?
Yes, he tells. Mahabharata war was also for end of the world. After Mahabharata new world began.

68. Was Radha a goddess?
Yes, she was Laxmi herself. She is the incarnation of Vishnu’s spouse Laxmi.

69. What does lord Krishna say about marriage?
Krishna says marriage is essential. Marriage is essential to continue world.

70. What is the connection of Krishna with Radha and Mira?
Mira is the reincarnation of Radha. Mira is the character of modern age.

71. Why is Radha confused?
Rahda is a mysterious character in Mahabharata. So she is confused.

72. Will Radha reincarnate?
Yes, she will. Everybody will incarnate again according to Hinduism.

73. Why did not Balaram open the eyes until Krishna was born?
This is not true. It was Radha believed not to open eyes till Krishna see.

74. Why did Krishna disappear?
He did not disappear. He chose his death to continue the rule of nature.

75. Were Krishna and Rukmini separated?
They separated at the final moments. They lived whole life together.

76. How to get wishes fulfilled by lord Krishna?
Be a true devotee and pray the God Krishna with true heart. You will get your wishes fulfilled.

77. Was Radha really existed?
Yes, she was existed. But she was lately discovered by mythological researchers.

78. Were Radha and Krishna one soul?
Yes, they are one soul. They are one soul and two bodies.

79. Is there anything left behind after lord Krishna left the earth?
No, nothing was left behind after lord Krishna left the earth. However research should be done.

80. When did Radha die?
She died 5000 years ago. She died just before the beginning of Kali Yuga..

81. At what age did Radha become part of Krishna?
She met Krishna at her house. Krishna had come with his mother Yasodha. She was a young girl.

82. Did goddess Radha curse anyone?
No, she didn't. She was cursed.

83. Did Radha meet the sister of Krishna Subhadra?
Yes, they met. They met several times.

84. Did Shree Krishna and Radha wedding happen?
Yes, it happened. That’s why they lived together.

85. How can girls love lord Krishna?
Girls can love Krishna as true devotee. Krishna treats both girls and boys equally.

86. How did Radha look like?
She looked simple and attractive. She was beautiful.

87. Is it good to write different names of Krishna?
Why not? You can write all names of Krishna.

88. Is Karan’s mother Radha same as Krishna’s lover Radha?
No, they are different. Krishna is not the father of Karan.

89. Did Krishna leave his real parents?
Yes, he went somewhere else. Research should be done on it.

90. Is Krishna our lover or brother?
He is our God. He is what we think.

91. Is Krishna boy friend of Radha?
Yes, he is in today’s word. They were beloved of each other.

92. Did Radha and Krishna live for 14 years?
They lived many years. They did not live only 14.

93. Is there any curse related to Vrindavan?
Yes, there is. The story of Radha and Krishna was cursed.

94. Is there any proof of Krishna in Vrindavan?
There are many proofs. All temples are proofs.

95. What did Shree Krishna say on suicide?
Suicide is not appropriate. He does not support suicide.

96. Who did Krishna truly love?
Krishna truly loved Radha. He loved his devotees.

97. Who knows in Mahabharata Krishna is incarnation of Vishnu?
All know it. But some like Sakuni and Duryodhan did not believe it.

98. Why did Radha commit suicide?
She did not commit suicide. This is not true.

99. On which age Krishna left Mathura?
He was more than a teen age boy. He left Mathura after releasing his parents.

100. What does Krishna say about marriage and love?
He says they are important. Marriage without love has no meaning.

101. What happens after the end of Mahabharata?
Peace established. Krishna’s mission completed.

102. Does Krishna become old?
Yes, but he does not look old. Being old is rule of nature.

103. Why did Krishna hate boys?
He did not hate boys. He didn't hate anybody.

104. Can someone love lord Krishna?
Anyone can love Krishna. When one worships Krishna, this is love for Krishna.

105. Did really Krishna and Radha dance in Vrindavan?
Yes, it happened. It is one of the pranks of Krishna.

106. Is Krishna in Vrindavana and Krishna in Mahabharata different?
They are same. They are not different.

107. What is mystery of Radha and Krishna?
They are mysterious. Their story was overshadowed.

108. Whether Krishna is incarnation of Vishnu or Bhagawan Vishnu is created by Krishna?
Krishna is incarnation of Vishnu. Vishnu is the chief God.

109. Why is lord Krishna entitled as characterless?
Selfish people defined like that. He is not characterless. God can’t be characterless.

110. Why does Radha name come first before Krishna?
It is because Radha loved Krishna. Radha’s love towards Krishna has no bound. Krishna is incomplete without Radha.

111. Will Radha and Krishna reincarnate?
May be. According to Hindu Belief everybody will reincarnate. Krishna says in Gita he will come to the earth again and again.

112. Is Mira reincarnation of Radha’s friend?
No. She is not. She is the reincarnation of Radha herself.

113. What is meaning of universe in Krishna’s mouth?
He is patriot. He loves his motherland.

114. When did lord Krishna leave?
Krishna left 5000 years ago. He was there in 3000 BC.

115. Did lord Krishna hypnotise Gopinis?
Yes, he did but differently. He did not hypnotise intentionally. They were hypnotised automatically whenever they saw Krishna.

116. How and at what age did lord Krishna die?
He was more than 100 years old when he died. He died with the effect of the curse of Gandhari.

117. How did lord Krishna get 16100 wives?
They were not his wives. They were Gopinis who had come from the paradise to complete Krishna’s story.

118. How did Radha and Krishna story become famous?
It was made famous by writers. The story itself is enough to be popular.

119. Is Radha a simple girl?
She looked simple. She lived simple life.

120. Where did Krishna meet Radha?
He met her in her house. After killing Kansa he met her as Rukmini.

121. Who is the wife of lord Krishna in space?
Radha is the wife of lord Krishna in space. They stay together.

122. Why were all the females after lord Krishna?
Krishna was attractive to them. Not only females, males also were after Krishna as devotees.

123. Did Radha complain to Krishna?
No, she never complained. Krishna was perfect.

124. Does Krishna commit suicide?
No, he did not commit suicide. He willingly died.

125. Does Radha suicide for Krishna?
No, it is not true. She loves Krishna.

126. How had lord Krishna so many powers?
He is powerful. He is incarnation of lord Vishnu. He was putting on two roles. They are a simple man and a god. As a god he was powerful himself and as a simple man he was helped by other gods.

127. How much did Krishna love Radha?
Krishna truly loved Radha. The love had no bound.

128. How tall was Radha?
Radha was simply tall. But she was shorter than Krishna.

129. In which century was there Krishna in Vrindavan?
He was there in 3000 BC. It is just 5000 years ago.

130. Is it true that Durga married Arjun in the form of Subhadra?
No, it is not true. But Subhadra was the sister of Krishna.

131. Is lord Krishna and Ram the same?
They are slightly different. They are same. Both are the incarnations of lord Vishnu.

132. Does Krishna fulfil our wish, how?
Yes, he fulfils our wish. He fulfils our wish by his power.

133. How is Vrindavan different?
It is different due to its religious aspects. This is mysterious even today.

134. Is it true that Krishna still exists in Vrindavan?
No, it is not true. However God is present everywhere and any time.

135. How many Gopinis did Krishna have?
There were altogether 16000 Gopinis. They were incarnations from the paradise.

136. How is the love of Radha and Krishna justified?
They are the symbol of true love. They message love and peace as well as humanity.

137. Is Krishna a liar?
No, he is not. He was funny and makes some lies for fun but not as a serious liar.

138. When does love happen between Krishna and Radha?
It began when they met from the beginning. It was made from the heaven.

139. Was Krishna and Radha love stories cursed?
Yes, it was. So they suffered some times.

140. Why is Krishna so popular?
Krishna is popular due to his pranks. His childhood stories are more popular.

If you want to read in details of the informations above, go to the channel section of this site and select religion then read the articles about Radha and Krishna as well as other religious personalities. If you still have some questions, this is a good opportunity for me. Write down your questions in the comment, I will try my best to satisfy your queries.
Discovered by Don Prince

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

7 Misconceptions about Radha and Krishna

Radha is not a less amazing character in the Hindu Mythology. She is the most prominent one who has made mysterious Krishna more mysterious. The story of Radha Krishna is too old to narrate it rightly with its evidence and proper justification. There are thousands of different stories about them. Hundreds of the conceptions are serious misconceptions. This article deals with some of the most serious misconceptions about Radha and Krishna.

1. Radha is not the spouse of Lord Krishna
Perhaps this is the biggest misconception. There are many novels and stories around the world that tell why Radha and Krishna did not marry. Some of them have got the biggest literature based prize in their corresponding country. But the real truth has been set aside the bank of river. The reality is that Radha and Krishna married with each other and stayed together till they live on the earth.

2. Radha was a married woman
Another misconception is that Radha was a married woman. And it is true. Radha was obviously a married woman because she had got married with lord Krishna.

3. Radha is not one of the characters of Mahabharata
Some people believe that Radha is not a part of Mahabharata stories. But the reality is that Radha is the real energy working behind Lord Krishna to fight the Mahabharata war. Yes, it is true that Mahabharata does not mention any girl with the name ‘Radha’’. But it definitely says about a special ‘Gopini’ who is dearest and closest to Krishna. And she is not other than Radha.

4. Radha is the imaginary character in Krishna’s story
This is true that Radha was lately discovered in 14th century. That does not genuinely proves that she is the miracle of someone's imagination.

5. Krishna married many other than Radha
Krishna married many princesses. This concept is very ridiculous. The one who preached Gita and taught other to live ideal lifestyle can never have more than one spouse.

6. Radha and Krishna were equal in age
If you see the idols and pictures of Radha and Krishna, you will find both being depicted as similar in age. But the reality is that Radha was 10 years older than Krishna.

7. Radha and Rukmin are different
It is universally accepted truth that Krishna married Rukmini by abducting her during her marriage ceremony. But a few know Radha and Rukmini are not different.

Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. Finding out the real history of Hinduism is as difficult as finding out the history of the origin of the earth and universe. However there are many people around the world who try to interpret the mythological stories of Hinduism in a smart way. Take this article as one of the organs of them. Have a Good day!
Discovered by Don Prince

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Beginner's Guide to Self Hypnosis by Don Prince

What is Hypnosis?
I want to start the journey from a funny, interesting, amazing and exciting event of my childhood pages. Though I hated my school’s course book, I was highly curious about what is happening around me. Wherever I went, I used to attach three big questions with me, i.e., What, Why and How. More funnily, being unknown with the world’s discoveries and inventions I often tried to create the things which were already invented by someone. Sometimes I used to be happy and satisfied even by lighting the torch light by using wire and battery. How funny I was! I am still laughing, aren't you?
Rita Timalsina

One day I was in the market. I saw a crowd. I often ignore crowd on the way. But magic show was my weakness. I thought the crowd may be for magic show. I checked it. I was right. Now I forgot everything which I should have done at home and stood there with others. If you are non Nepalese let me tell you a funny thing. Here in our country Nepal, magician exhibits magic on the street hoping that he will get some money at the end of the magic show. But the people vacate the place after the final magic item. It was going to be again here. So I confirmed first whether there is any item left or not. Yes, I was lucky again. The magic was going on. As the magic item was not understandable since I joined it in the middle. I waited for another. After sometimes new magic began.

The magician called an audience. The audience was 9 years old child like me. He was showing his teeth. But soon he became red and nervous because the magician made one of his hand paralyse for a moment. He was not able to move his hand. Then another hand was stopped. Then his legs, head and at last whole body was paralyzed. Now he was standing like statue. When he began to cry, the magician released his body one by one. At last he was made totally free. Now same began to happen.

On the way I remembered this magic and asked a question of ‘’How?’’ to myself. I still remember, I made my mind to research on it in future. At that time I wanted to know it by this magician but I knew it was in vain. The magician would never have told me this secret. So I determined I will definitely find out the secret behind this magic. Now, I am enough grown up to research on it. However I have not stepped over even a step. Because I know what is the secret of this magic. It is nothing other than ‘’Hypnosis’’.

I know what you are thinking. What an interesting topic Hypnosis is! Right? I assume that you know nothing about Hypnosis. So let me tell you what hypnosis is first. Hypnosis is the process of reaching subconscious mind by making the conscious mind passive. This neither is the situation of sleep nor awake. In this state, the subconscious mind is totally opened that any suggestion can easily enter inside the mind and the subconscious mind follows accordingly.

What is Self Hypnosis?
You can hypnotize either others or yourself. If you hypnotize yourself, it is Self Hypnosis. Question may arise why to hypnotise oneself? The answer is for the same purpose why you hypnotise others but if you are going to practice hypnotism with bad intention, then it is different and I don’t recommend hypnotism for negative purpose.

Conscious and unconscious hypnosis
I am not a hypnotherapist but I am a self trained and practically experienced hypnotist. I have used the art of hypnosis several times in real life. In my personal experience, hypnosis is of two types on the basis of its nature. They are conscious and unconscious hypnosis. If you hypnotise someone consciously with his/her permission, it is conscious hypnosis. If you hypnotise someone unconsciously without his/her permission, then it is unconscious hypnosis. In another word, in conscious hypnosis, the subject knows he/she is going to be hypnotised. But in unconscious hypnosis, he/she does not know of being hypnotised. Let me clarify it with example. Let’s say you have the habit of smoking. You want to get rid of this habit. You went to the hypnotherapist. He told you that he was going to hypnotise you to send positive message into his subconscious mind so that you could give up smoking habit. You became ready. Now he hypnotised your mind and sent the suggestion into your mind that smoking is bad for health, you should not use it. Accordingly you left the smoking. This type of hypnosis is conscious hypnosis. Now let me tell you what unconscious hypnosis is. For that I want to present a real incidence. One day one of my friends said that his wife always gives him threat that she will commit suicide. Now my friend was being emotionally blackmailed. He asked me for psychological help. I decided to use unconscious hypnosis for his wife. I told my friend, ‘’Next time if she again talks of suicide then say like this, ‘Ok, you can do it. But I don’t blame myself for your suicide attempts because I know a normal man cannot suicide. Only abnormal person commits suicide. And they don’t need any special reason to suicide. In the other hand your two sisters also suicided. That is proof that you are hereditarily suffering from suicide disorder.’’ Don’t be angry with me. I know my words with this suggestion were too rude and insulting. But I was doing it for her wife’s good health and life. After all you know poison kills poison.

Automatic hypnosis
Sometimes we are automatically hypnotised. In my personal opinion, it is automatic hypnosis and it falls under unconscious hypnosis. Below are the some incidences of automatic hypnosis:
1. Raju got deceived by Radha so unexpectedly that Raju couldn’t speak a word. When he arrived home he began to think with complete consciousness. He was surprised how he had arrived at home. He remembered he was walking long to his home and it was raining cats and dogs. Actually Raju had temporarily reached in the state of neither sleep nor awake due to a sudden injury on his mind. This is actually the state of hypnosis.
2. Tom and Rock were working in a same office. Tom was new to the office. Rock unintentionally told Tom that previous employee in the post of Tom was getting 1500 $ salary. Actually Tom was getting only 1000 $. Now Tom became frustrated unconsciously and it affected his performance in the office. In this case, when Tom knew vast difference in his salary, he had been passive. The information by Rock has automatically hypnotised Tom.
3. A famous reality based TV series of an Indian Channel was the favourite show of Sanjeev Malhotra and her wife Salini. Whenever they have time they watch this serial. They like to see the husband wife episode which is about cheating husband or wife. Now a days Salini and Sanjeev shout and fight in small matters. Because they lacked belief on each other. This is the example of being hypnotised automatically by TV serial.

Purposes of Hypnosis
Purposes of hypnosis can be both positive and negative. If you are performing hypnosis with negative intention you are doing it on your own risk. The positive purposes of the hypnosis are as follows:
1. Mental doctors can use it for the mental treatment of the patients.
2. It can be very effective in rehabilitation centres to help people quit the habit of smoking, drug abuse, drinking alcohol, etc.
3. Police can use it for investigation.
4. An individual can use it to gain positivity, self confidence, etc
5. It can be helpful to get rid of sudden pain like headache, injury, etc.

Risk of hypnosis
Is hypnosis risky? The answer is a small ‘’yes’’. However if you do it cautiously, it is safe. It can give following harms if performed carelessly:
1. It can cause mental imbalance in both practiser and the subject.
2. It can overshadow the actual disease when the symptoms are fixed.
3. It can cause great physical loss and legal harms if it is done illegally.

Things to remember while hypnotising
There are some basic things to follow before, during and after practising hypnosis.
Before hypnosis
1. Make sure that you will not be disturbed.
2. Make sure that no thought is boiling on your mind.
3. The subject {who is going to be hypnotised} must not have been influenced previously by a certain type of mental disorder.
4. Make sure the subject will not sleep though it has no side effect but the process will be unsuccessful.

During hypnosis
1. Don’t make the process too long.
2.  Make sure that the description is not misleading, confusing and vague.

After hypnosis
1. Take a rest for sometimes.
2. Consider how you are feeling and be normal.

How to perform self hypnosis?
Internet is full of tutorials how to perform hypnosis. But the reality is that one method can’t work for all purpose. And there is no certain process for certain goals. Before you perform self hypnosis, you should consider why you are performing. Then you should follow the method accordingly. Here, I assume that you want to perform self hypnosis for self confidence. Let’s begin.

Be isolated and confirm the place where you can perform hypnosis independently.

Fix your body somewhere comfortably. Forget everything except you and your hypnotising suggestions as well as your goal.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself being self confident in diversified situations.

Think that you achieved your goal and be ready to come out of hypnotic state. For that count your breathing as 1, 2, 3 and when you reach 10, open your eyes.

Stay calm to take a rest. After a while be happy that you have successfully achieved your goal and now you are a confident man.

Surprised? Yes, I have made it simple. It is not like other articles you read in the internet where you get long description to imagine while hypnotising. I know you are confused or overwhelmed with the information you got there. But I say everything depends on your own creativity and ease. You can do it how it works well with you. Obviously you can use another method for the same purpose mentioned above. Because the target is same. Anyhow you have to send positive suggestions into your subconscious mind. Let me illustrate. Suppose you want to reach USA from India and for that only airways is not the way. Right? You can use waterways and railways too. Same happens here. So don’t be worried and confused.

To make it clearer, I want to present another method of self hypnotising. To make it interesting, practical and trustworthy, I am going to present my personal experience. Once I was in the mountain region of Nepal. I had gone there for 1 year. So I was alone in my room. I had toothache problem in the past. Now it was so cold there. One night I suffered from the toothache. I searched medicines in my room but I didn’t get. It was not a big town, so there was less chance to get medicine in the market as almost all shops used to be closed in the evening. I used to have food in hotel. So I am not in condition to boil water. Neither could I get salt to keep inside my teeth. In nutshell, I had no option left except I do something using my experience of hypnosis to be cured.

I was already lying on the bed. Now I began my self hypnosis challenge to cure my toothache. I had two options. Either I should sleep by hypnotising myself or cure my toothache through it.  I chose second option because if I sleep, I may feel the ache even in the dream. However I decided to go in deep trance. Because by that I may sleep, and I should not try another method of self hypnosis in case I failed to cure myself.

I closed my eyes and try to make my mind thoughtless. After a while I began to visualise my imagination. First I visualised how I am lying on the bed. Then I visualised my spirit stood from my body and rushed towards the sky. I am going up and up. I saw stars in the sky. I was enjoying my journey. I reached in a yellow colour garden. I was alone there. An old man came and asked me, ‘’why are you sad?’’ I said, ‘’Because I have pain in my teeth.’’ I asked him how I can get my toothache cured. He told me that I have to take right turn. After flying a minute I will get a light like sun. I have to request the light to cure my toothache. In this way my 25 percent pain will go down. Then the light will tell me what to do. So I took the right turn and reached the light. The light took my 25 percent pain and it gave me another direction. I followed I saw a big flower. Water was dropping. The drop was normally hot and it was salty. I opened my mouth to take the drop inside my teeth. When a drop went inside my teeth, I got magically relief. I took some drops. Each drop was taking my pain away. Then I went to another direction according to the flowers suggestion. I met a sun giving cool light. When I opened my mouth the sun rays went inside my mouth and my pain began to get relief. Then the sun told me that now I have to go very far to meet the god of disease to kill my remaining 25% pain. I followed. After flying 1 minute I met the god of disease. The god smiled and passed light from his hand which touched my teeth. Now I got all pain gone. I thanked god and became ready to come back. I flied back then I saw my body lying on the bed. Then I entered my body and I closed my eyes. Now I did not have any pain. So I slept. Tomorrow in the morning my teeth began to ache again. I went to medical hall and took a medicine and got relief.

The most important thing is your belief. If you do not believe what you are doing then it will not work at all. Because all I imagined above was to persuade my subconscious mind to kill my pain. And the subconscious believes and works accordingly if you believe consciously.

This is my secret and one of the most confidential discoveries and I believe it is well worth of charging some dollars to you. But I have gifted it for free of cost on the auspicious occasion of Haritalika Teej, the festival of Hindu woman. I hope I have helped you to learn self hypnosis to solve some problems of your life and it will definitely change your life.  Happy Teej!
Discovered by Don Prince

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Untold and Unheard Facts about Lord Krishna

The history of Hinduism is still unknown and unclear. It is because Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. When we discuss about Hinduism, the name of Lord Krishna comes first. He is worshipped by all sects of this religion. Again, if we talk about the vague stories in the Hinduism, the story of Lord Krishna should be given first priority. Lord Krishna is the most popular character in religious scriptures. He is still a topic being researched all over the world. He is a mysterious character in our mythology. Today I am going to present some untold and unheard facts about Lord Krishna.

1. Lord Krishna was an ocean of knowledge. No one could estimate how deep it was. Just remember Gita. Wasn't he a great philosopher? Let’s remember how he used the psychological powers like telepathy, telekinesis, hypnotism and precognition. It proves that he was excellent at Psychology. If you read his story, you will find him talking from physics to biology and history to politics. In whole Mahabharata, you will find him a well diplomat and perfect politician. In this way, there was no one more intellectual than Lord Krishna. Think that Goddess Saraswati herself was residing in his mind. Moreover, Lord Krishna was a versatile man having knowledge of all domains like music, war, medical science, etc.

2. This universe both physically and spiritually is ruled by nature. Do you know? The nature is ruled by Lord Krishna. Remember the chapter where God Indra poured natural disasters upon Gokul and Lord Krishna made all of them meaningless. As you know a saying, ‘’you will reap what you sow.’’ This is the rule of nature. It is also governed by Lord Krishna through his Sudarshan Chakra. But what makes Lord Krishna different from a human being is that he himself abides by the rule of nature. In spite of being the master of nature, he never breaks the rule of nature as he knows that may result imbalance in the universe. He knew his city Dwarika was sinking but he did not try to stop it. He could make all life events positive and favourable for him, but he did not do it. He believed that a man should do everything on his own capability. So he never used his powers for his own benefit. He was immortal on the land however he embraced the death himself. Because he is God and God can’t break the rule of nature which is made by him.

3. The most controversial debate about Lord Krishna is he is God or not. During the time of Mahabharata, some people believed him to be God whereas some didn’t. Today he is worshiped as God of God in whole world. However some people create confusion after knowing his half story. Because somewhere Lord Krishna seems to be God whereas sometimes just a human. It is because he was doing the role of both human and God on the earth. After all he was following all the rules of nature as a simple human being.

4. Lord Krishna was man of the missions and principles. He was the incarnation with all the qualities of Lord Vishnu, the supreme lord. He strictly followed the principles of justification or religion. Obviously, he was on the earth with special purpose. Establishment of peace and justification was his main mission. However, his all deeds were different missions.  Either assassination of Kansa, or support to 16000 captives, fight with Kaliya Naag or dance with Gopis and Gopinis all were the prefixed actions of Lord Krishna.

5. I think it is the fact first time mentioned instantly whether Lord Krishna never returned to Gokul or Vrindavan after he accomplished his missions there. Neither did he go to Mathura after he killed Kansa. What were the reasons behind? The reason is not mentioned anywhere neither in religious books nor in internet articles. Because Lord Krishna wanted to keep it secret. If he does not want to expose it, then how can I dare to write about it? Right?

6. Lord Krishna was totally different person on the planet. Sometimes he from the part of a human felt he was not for the world as he was feeling uncomfortable to adjust. And it was true because he was there not to live like others as a selfish, sinner and criminal but to finish the crimes and sins and establish true world as a powerful messenger of God. Let me remind you he was dark in colour that is the sign that he was against crimes and sins in the world. He believed that whenever sins go extreme, he comes to the earth with the mission to fight a war against crimes and sins. You may ask me a question. Only Kali Yuga is described to have extreme sins. But it is not true. Sins exist in all ages even in Satya Yuga. Because, it is the natural phenomena. Only the difference is its level. For instance, cheating by vegetable seller is minor crime in Kali Yuga but a great crime in Satya Yuga.

7. Lord Krishna was full of love and service. But he was frustrated with all. However he being God lived of others and proved his godhood. He says himself in Gita that a man should do the duty without expecting the fruit. A great salute to his thought!

8. Lord Krishna was a mysterious guy in Gokul. His all deeds and pranks were unexpected actions and wonderful ventures. The most mysterious fact about him was that he was not from among the common people. He was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But Krishna never told it from his own words. He never said that he was God. It was people who gave him the honour of God.

9. Krishna was very social and he had so many close friends. He was liked by all friends. His charming face, attractive personality and fascinating behaviour attracted hundreds of girls in Gokul. He was loved by everyone.

10. Lord Krishna recommends vegetarian life. He says that it is good from religious, social and physical points of views. You may have noticed that the followers of Krishna are called Shree Krishna Pranami and they are pure vegetarian.

History should be rewritten time to time. This philosophy has been justified with Lord Krishna. However some parts of Krishna Katha have been overshadowed. So the story of Krishna is incomplete. Especially the government of Nepal and India with the collaboration of other Hindu dedicating country should pay much more attention to explore the hidden truth and unknown stories of Lord Krishna. It will contribute to the spread of Hinduism and so the peace in the world.
Discovered by Don Prince

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Comprehensive Manual to Dream Interpretation

What is dream?
Dream is the manifestation of one’s thoughts, experiences and memory of bygones as well as the scenario of the future. Dream can be both random and meaningful. It is the responsibility of a dreamer to interpret the dream rightly. Dream is still an unfolded topic in the intellectual community. After all someone hardly knows dream is the storehouse of several fruits which are unbelievable, incredible and wonderful because dream is associated with our subconscious mind which is said to be the treasure inside our mind. There is a belief in several religions that dream is the actual medium God communicates with us meaning that we are walking in the right path by following the guideline of the omnipotent guide.


What is dream interpretation?
Dream interpretation is the process of explaining and understanding the hidden symbols of dream in order to understand the meaning of dream which may represent one’s present, past or future. Yes, it is true that dream can give us detail about our past, present and also future. Let me illustrate it. Pharaoh in Egypt had seen 7 cows eating other seven cows in his dream. He also saw 7 ears of corn eating other seven ears of corn. By interpretation of this dream, Pharaoh knew that Egypt is going to suffer from drought and starvation for 7 years in near future. So he stored corns for 7 years. When the starvation began, he supplied corns among the people. Julius Seizer is another example. Her queen had got symbol in her dream that he will be killed. The queen warned Julius and told him not to go anywhere. But Julius did not believe and went out and he died. There are so many such examples in the pages of the history. But scientists are yet to understand why some dreams come true.


Is dream interpretation scientific?
There are some topics in Psychology which are yet to be verified officially. Some of them like telekinesis have been officially rejected. Dream Interpretation is out of them. Large research has been done in the past. Dream Scientists are still researching on it. The burning example of the dream interpretation research is the world famous book ‘’the Interpretation of Dream’’ by Sigmund Fraud who is an established psychologist and writer.


What are the advantages of dream interpretation?
Interpretation of dream has many advantages. It is helpful to medical science to investigation bureau. Let me summarize some of them.
1. Psychiatrists can diagnosis the mental disorder of a person by interpretation of his/her dream correctly.
2. One can know the secret of present, life of past and the events of future through dream.
3. A person can mend his life by controlling his dream to visualise the desired scenes in the dream.


How to interpret dream?
Interpretation of dream is as easier as you are reading how to interpret dream. Follow the following steps to interpret your dream.

Remembering the dream
This step is very important and must be followed rationally. Some people prefer to write their dream. If you are also doing so, write as soon as you wake up from your dream.

Finding out if the dream is random or meaningful
If you interpret a meaningless dream, your work is meaningless. So first of all be confirmed that your dream has some senses in your or others life. Simple, take it meaningful if your dream is extra ordinary.

Understanding the symbols in dream
Dreams are coded in symbols. Try to understand the actual meaning of the symbols of your dream.


Illustrations of Dream Interpretation
Let's be clear with everything with the support of 3 dream interpretation illustrations. These three illustrations are true.

Real Case 1
Carrying bed in dream
Anjana is a 19 years old girl who lives in Birgunj city of Nepal. One day she saw a dream where she was going somewhere by carrying bed. She told about the dream to her mother. Her mother said, ‘’This is not a good dream. This is the sign that someone in our relatives is sick.’’ In the same day a call informed them that Anjana’s uncle is sick and he has been hospitalised. Anjana’s uncle lived in a village. Though Anjana’s relatives had arrived in the hospital, Anjana also had to stay there for the proper care of her uncle. She took bed from her house to hospital to stay at night.


Psychological Analysis
Carrying bed in dream is the symbol of this dream. This is a common symbol in Nepal. People in Nepal believe that if somebody carries bed in dream, he/she has to go for cooperating sick relatives. So Anjana’s mother knows that someone will call them in hospital. Everyone knows it. But it is hardly known by anyone why carrying bed represents relative’s sickness. Let me clarify it. Nepal is a developing country. There is less hospital. In the hospital there is less bed and place. So relatives bring their beds themselves. So in Nepal carrying bed means somebody is sick in relatives. If it happened in developed countries like USA and England, the interpretation of this dream would be definitely different.


Real Case 2
Pushed into river by someone
In a dream, Bhola was walking with his brother in the bank of a river. His brother suddenly pushed him from the back. Then Bhola went into the water. Then he woke up. What may be the meaning of this dream? Bhola was confused. Is his brother planning to kill him? Bhola went to a friend named Dinesh who had a good knowledge about dream interpretation. First question Dinesh asked with Bhola is ‘’Do you know swimming? If Bhola knows swimming, then this dream should be explained positively. But Bhola didn’t know swimming. So Dinesh started thinking negatively. He told that somebody is against Bhola. But who is he/she? Is he his borhter? Obviously not, because Bhola knew how good Bhola’s brother was. Now Bhola was asked so many questions. Another question was ‘’Do they know anyone who is somehow like Bhola’s brother either by name, face colour, hobby or profession?’’ They made a list of 10 similar persons. Now the question was ‘’Who may be going negatively?’’ No. 4 was selected whose name was Ravi. The similarity between Bhola’s brother and Ravi was their name. Yes both shared same name. Now it was time to find out the connection between Bhola and Ravi. It was easily found. Both liked same girl name Shila. But Shila liked Bhola. Last time, Ravi had told some negative things about Shila, so Bhola had become far from Shila. It was a trick of Ravi to separate them. Now Bhoal and Shila discussed it and found the result exactly what the dream was indicating.

Psychological Analysis
This case reveals that the same symbol may results different things for different persons. For instance if Bhola knew swimming the dream could have meaning that somebody was helping him.


Real Case 3
Seeing oneself inside coffin
Anamika lives in India. One day she had a strange dream. She saw herself inside coffin. She felt that she was dead. People were preparing for funeral procession. It was a terrible dream. In the very next day she died.

Psychological Analysis
This is a type of dream which is not symbolic. This dream has direct message that she was dying. Being in coffin means to face death. This is universal truth.


Final Words
In this way dream symbol can be individual, common and universal. If you understand the situation and symbols you can interpret any dream without reading dream interpretation dictionary. However, if you understand them, it will be easy for you to interpret the dream.
Discovered by Don Prince

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Psychological Disorders Behind Paranormal Activities

I think nothing in this universe is beyond the science. However our society is still rigid to believe on ghosts, witches and other unreal as well as unseen stuffs. But official science does not support the paranormal phenomena.  What I believe is the part of another topic. I want to say that sometimes paranormal activities will be experienced due to the concerned psychological disorders. I have tried to clarify my opinions through some illustrations. Have a look.

Case Study 1
Gita is often reported to be attacked by unseen powers while she sleeps. She tells that she can’t speak at that moment. Sometimes she can’t even move her body. She becomes OK after a while.  She believes that it is the attack of ghost, witch or any other evil spirit.
Associated Psychological Disorder
Gita is probably suffering from Sleep Paralysis. It is a type of psychological disorder in which a person will be temporarily unable to move any parts of his/her body.

Case Study 2
Atmaram thinks himself to be God. He has delusion that he has got special skill or powers and he is not among the common people. His mother is worried about him. It is almost impossible to bring a change into his belief system without the help of psychiatrist. But he never accepts that he needs treatment.
Associated Psychological Disorder
Atmaram may be suffering from a psychological disorder called ‘Psychosis’. It is a type of disorder in which a person thinks that he is not among the common people. He thinks that he is God. He won’t be ready to change his belief even one presents evidences against his belief system.

Case Study 3
Sabita is often sick. People in her village believe that she has been caught by a kind of ghost. Sabita has reported that she is sometimes called by unseen power which is probably a ghost or an evil spirit. Sometimes she sees the ghost while she is in neither sleep nor awaken state.
Associated Psychological Disorder
Sabita is suffering from Schizophrenia. Hallucination and delusions are its main symptoms.

There are some other types of disorders which results strange paranormal activities. If you experience such things, don’t believe on them. You should consult with an expert psychiatrist. I hope I helped you with this article. Wishing you a good mental health!
Discovered by Don Prince

Monday, August 04, 2014

Hidden Science Behind 10 Real Ghost Stories of the World

Real Ghost Stories
1. Rakesh Kshetry had been first time in Indian subcontinent. He was doing internship of his academic study there. He was excited being in a new place. He was roaming late night every day. One day he was coming back to his residence, someone called him from his back, ‘’Excuse me.’’ He turned around. A long man in dirty dress was standing like a tree. He had thick mustard and brown hair. He smiled to show his yellow teeth. Before Rakesh says anything, he asked, ‘’Will you please manage me a cup of tea?’’ As Rakesh was talking with a stranger, he simply denied by saying he was being late for his home. Say it coincidence or something you think about, in the next day, Rakesh watched in the news channel about the man asking tea with him. According to the news report, the man was asking tea with every person on the way and he was a ghost.

2. Rahul and Saroj were around 12 years old. They were cousins. They had habit of stealing money in their own house. One day they spent so much money that they did not dare to go back to the home. They wandered on the street of Kathmandu city. It was dark winter night. They ate some eggs and searched place to sleep for the night. They went through an open gate and slept on the floor of the old house. Whole night they were disturbed with the sound coming from the house. In the morning, they woke up and got shocked when they found a big lock at the door of the house. They rushed out of the gate and inquired some people about the house. The people nearby the house reported that no one lives in this house because the house is haunted.

3. Mr. and Mrs Tripathi lived in a wooden house of a village. Later they went to city. The house was empty except some furniture like cupboard, cots and chairs. After 6 months, strange incidence began in the house. People listened loud sound inside every night. Some people tried to watch what it was but they did not find anything, anybody. Now whole village began to talk on it. Later the house was declared to be haunted.

4. When Kaji Bahadur finished his property, his family shifted to an old house. Nobody was living in this house for long years. From the beginning day of settlement, the Kaji family reported to the villagers that the house is hugely haunted. People in the village also simply believed on it. The villagers told that the house is on the way of ghost. According to Kaji, the house is full of noise in the midnight. Sometimes they were called by their name. They also said that their cot was sometimes moved by the ghost.


5. Mr. Balram was only 18 years old when this event happened. It was time of Dashain festival. A local concert was going on. It lasted 12 o’clock midnight. Mr. Balram was coming back to his home. On the way he was called by someone. When he looked back a woman on sari was standing behind. Then Mr. Balram ran a way straight to his home.  He did not know how and through which way he reached his home.

6. Abeba is a 26 years old married woman from Africa continent. According to her, she had seen ghost live. It happened when she was coming back from the jungle. On the way, she found the ghost standing in front of her. The ghost had no head and it had two eyes in its chest. Abeba became so scared that she directly ran a way towards home by chanting mantras of Goddess she knew.

7. It happened in the day of the death of Mr. Motilal. After funeral rites, rest of the things began at the home. In the night, everybody was in a deep sleep. Mrs. Shila, the wife of Mr. Motilal suddenly called everyone in the house and reported that she was tricked by ghost. It was not other than her husband. According to her, her husband had come and stood in front of her. Then some members stayed there whole night.

8. Sushma’s 6 years old child Vibek became sick one day. Vibek said that he had seen a small child at night that was playing in front of him. Vibek was taken to the witchdoctor. The witchdoctor said that it was a ghost who was playing in front of him. Then the witchdoctor cured the child with his mantra.

9. A house was famous as haunted in a place of China. Amazingly some people were murdered by the ghost. It was a small village with a few houses. Later the people became so irritated and frustrated that they vacated the village and began to stay in the nearby village for some months.

10. This is an event of Bhutan. A famous man died in the village. Many people joined his funeral procession. While his body was burning. The last piece of the body came out of the pyre rolling down and killed all people who were present there.

Scientific Analysis
1. In the first case, there is a man who asks tea in the midnight. He has been described as a ghost in the locality. As a part of research, we met the man in India and detected that the so called ghost is a living man. He is a mentally challenged person. He calls himself ghost. He sometimes tells himself God also. He had run away from his home. He does not say from where he had come there. He says that he is happy with his life there. He is not a ghost. The story of ghost is nothing more than a widespread rumour.

2. We went deeply in the case number 2 and found that the activities in the house are done by the people. Some people wanted to buy this house in a cheap price where as some people couldn't see the house being sold. So some people had spread the ghost story for their benefit.

3. The sound in the house in story number 3 is by the mouse. We stayed one night there and found that some big mousses live in the house. They had also made holes in the furniture. So there was no ghost living there.


4. According to our investigation, the house in case number 4 is very old. It is situated a bit lonely in the village. The sound is nothing like ghost. This is the sound of the things in the house. Yes, goods in the house can make sound themselves due to the change of temperature in them. We hear this sound only in the night because the environment is quiet in the night. Similarly, the sound became very clear in the story because hot air was blowing there. It is because humidity is less in the hot air.s

5. Case number 5 is product of teenager’s joke. We conclude that the event had been kick started by the local boys. Otherwise the woman may be a helpless woman wandering place to place. It was the fear of Balram which made him encounter with ghost.

6. According to our research done in Africa, Abeba was a lie loving woman. She had told so many lies in the society. That day she imagined something strange while walking and narrated it to be real with her friends. Firstly people did not believe it. But when the story became older, it was described as a true story in the society.

7. Mrs Shila lives in our locality. We met her and asked so many questions about her ghost experiences. We found that she hugely believe on ghost. She is an uneducated woman. When she was shocked by her husband’s death, she was mentally disturbed for some days. The environment of her house and her belief on ghost made her watch ghost. This case gave us a lesson that some types of psychological disorders appear in the patients for a temporary moments especially during the time of unpleasant events.


8. In the real ghost story 6, Vibek is only 8 years old. Shushma is a superstitious woman. She had told so many ghost stories to Vibek. So Vibek had seen ghost and become ill. He was later cured by the witchdoctor. But actually he was cured by his own belief. It can be best categorized into the topic ‘Power of Mind backed by Faith’.

9. When we deeply investigated case number 9 in China, we got further story in which police and an engineer found the reality of the ghost attack. It was a criminal attack in the form of ghost for some benefits. Later the villagers were reinstated.

10. In the case of Bhutan, we found that the story is only a story. This story is famous in our homeland Nepal also. Accordingly, people believe that the last piece of the body must be burnt completely. If it came out, it can kill all people present there.
Discovered by Don Prince, Prem Darshan and Sujan Kshetry

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meaning of Your Dreams in Nepal

The society of Nepal provides a big background for psychological research. The society is very much potential for the research of psychological phenomenon like Dream. In this article, I have collected 40 dream symbols and tried to interpret them from the eyes of Nepalese people. Let’s kick start.

1. Flying in the sky: You may travel long distance.
2. Falling down from the sky: You may face humiliation in the society.
3. Watching Sky: You will get good honour.
4. Watching cloud in the sky: You may get profit in the business.
5. Raining: You may fall in sick.
6. Raining in the same place: Crops will be cheap.
7. Raining with thunderbolt: Problem like sickness, debt will be solved.
8. Watching up to the land: You will get wealth.
9. Cultivating land: You will get success.
10. Watching storm or dust in the sky: This is the sign of war.
11. Watching thunderbolt: This is sign of wealth.
12. Mixing with land: You may face destruction.
13. Walking in the forest: You will get religious progress.
14. Eating in the forest: This is the sign of wealth.
15. Eating soil: You will be humiliated.
16. Walking on the soil: You will be rich.
17. Digging well: This is the signal of economic profit.
18. Taking water out of the well: It will increase income.
19. Falling into the well: This is the symbol of problem.
20. Coming out of the well: This is the symbol of success.
21. Walking in the water: You will succeed.
22. Seeing flood: This is the signal of great problem.
23. Seeing darkness in the river: You will face great grief.
24. Bathing in the river: This is the symbol of happiness.
25. Drinking dirty water from the river: This is the symbol of sickness.
26. Seeing boat: You will get rid of your problem.
27. Sitting on the boat: You will be arrested.
28. Seeing boat on the dry field: It brings grief.
29. Seeing twinkling star: Family member increases.
30. Taking star on the hand: Daughter will be born.
31. Seeing mountain: You will get victory over enemy.
32. Walking on the hill: You will get honour.
33. Climbing hill: You will see success.
34. Seeing flower: Lover will meet.
35. Seeing cage: Imprisonment may result.
36. Seeing green forest: Good news will come.
37. Seeing dry forest: Anxiety may cause.
38. Seeing moon: You will get honour.
39. Cooking food: Children may be sick.
40. Finding gold: You may lose money.

People in Nepal also believe some types of dreams to be either good or bad. Let’s see them.
Good Dreams
crops, riding horse, ox, cow, teacher, white flower, curd, rice, elephant, king, fruit, sweet, statue of god, scholar Brahman, bathing in the sea, star, moon, god, temple, music, mountaineering, children, study, sage, drinking milk, snake, corpse, speech, crying man

Bad Dreams
fire, burning pyre, empty pot, falling teeth, falling hair, red or black clothe, eating sweet thing, throne, enemy, monster, buffalo, monkey, hanging to death, flying in the air, flood, playing with snake, dry tree, ash, storm, drowning, waterless pond, well, river, mask, ghost, landslide, bridge, being alone in the forest, sweating, noise, marriage

{With the help of Nepalese calendars and some books}
Discovered by Don Prince

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Kalki Avatar: Real or Fake?

I often get contacted by new Kalki Avatar through internet message or comments on my articles. I don’t know what the reasons are behind. But every time I have to meet new Kalki Avatar. May be they want me write about them. May be they think I am related to their mission regardless of their mission is true or false. I respect their sentiment. However I never respond back. I am sorry for that. Though I am writing this article for all who are interested to know something new about Kalki Avatar, it will answer lots of questions of so called Kalki Avatars too.

Who is Kalki?
If you are non Hindu you might be asking a question, ‘’who is Kalki?’’ Kalki Avatar is believed to be the upcoming incarnation of lord Vishnu. It is believed by the Hindus that he will come to the earth to fight against evil.

How many people claim they are Kalki?
According to Hindu holy books, there are still thousands of years left to welcome Kalki Avatar on the earth. However so many people in the world claim that they are Kalki. India only consists of more than 200 Kalki Avatars. Some of them are underground too. They have managed to describe the Hindu Epic to meet their godhood.

What is the evidence of Kalki?
Many people don’t believe on the claim of Kalki Avatar because they don’t have any concrete evidence. Yes, some Kalki Avatars do exhibit some abstract proofs. But they are not sufficient. The only one proof the real Kalki should exhibit is his supernatural power because this is the right parameter to distinguish between human and God. And we know no one has shown it.

Do I believe on Kalki Avatar?
I have already told in my previous article that everything which has beginning definitely has ending in this universe. If you go back to our world history, you remember that there is war time to time at the end of the eras. So I can’t deny the truth that religious war will be a must to stop the ongoing sins in the world. But I can’t say the war will be triggered by Kalki Avatar, Jesus Avatar or a dictator. After all, arrival of Kalki on the earth is reality and he must be staying in India. I guess so.

Then what should we do?
What should we do then? I want to repeat the appeal of Einstein here. Save humanity to save the earth. Let’s walk on the path of peace and non violence. Let’s promote humanity. I want to add here that if we are right in our place, we should not fear of anything, anybody.
Discovered by Don Prince

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Saw Ghost

Ghost, perhaps, is the most popular word talked as superstitious on the land. After all, people still ask question each other that the ghost is really existed or it is a super fake. And I am much more surprised that most of them are from among the intellectual class. Today we will discuss on scientific reasons ghost can be real or not. First of all, let me narrate a true event happened with me last week.

The Amazing Event
It was festival of World Cup 2014 around the world. My close friend Amit needed company to watch television. So he invited me to be with him during the world cup season. As we were neighbours, every world cup night I went to his house. Some days, he came to my house also. But I found something strange in his house. We were sleeping near the window. And he was at the window side. Every midnight a black shadow entered in his body while he was sleeping. One day it came inside me too. {If you ask how I know it while sleeping, let me remind you. From my childhood, I have the quality of knowing every unwanted events surrounding me while I am sleeping. Because when my conscious mind sleeps, my subconscious mind is still awake and sends information to my conscious mind. Don’t be surprised. You can also develop this quality if you practice.} One night he was more dangerously attacked. The black shadow entered in his body so speedily that he shouted. But he was still sleeping. This time his body became so black which only I was seeing. Then after 5 seconds it came in normal. He was sweating. Later he turned well.

The next day before sleeping I asked him, ‘’Do you believe on ghost?’’ He replied, ‘’Yes, I do.’’ I asked, ‘’Have you ever seen ghost?’’ He said, ‘’Yes, I have seen ghost’s hand. It came and grabbed my throat. I tried to call someone for help but I couldn't speak. Later I prayed God and it disappeared.’’ ‘’Do you believe on God?’’ ‘’Yes, I believe on God.’’

He was a true speaking man like me. But I denied his saying that he had seen ghost’s hand. Then he began to talk about witch. He said that his family together had seen a witch lighting whole tree nearby his house while they were in village. She had strangely attacked them many times. Later she left the village.

Now let me tell you the most amazing and exciting event of this sequel. After 3 days of our conversation, one night a very strange happened with me. At midnight my subconscious mid gave me a very strange signal and I came to open my eyes. A face with dangerous look was staring me from the window. It was definitely not a human. It was perhaps a ghost. We were watching each other’s eyes. I had no fear on my mind because first of all I don’t believe on the existence of the ghost. Secondly, if ghost is real, I believe that ghost is the weakest power against me. Now I feel my eyes had become more dangerous than him and I was staring at him too. Then he disappeared.

Next day, I asked with my friend, ‘’is there any strange thing in this room?’’ Perhaps he understood me. He said, ‘’Sorry dude, I had hidden a thing with you. This room is haunted. My father had committed suicide in this room. Then after, no one sleeps in this room. But I wanted to watch world cup. If television was seen in that rest room, others might be disturbed at night. So, I decided to shift the TV in this room and I called you for help or company.’’

I am still stubborn on my point and I am saying that ghost is not existed on this earth. It is superstitious to believe on any paranormal elements. Then what about the events above happened with me? Now it’s time for scientific analysis.

Why did my friend and his family members see witch?
It’s so simple. So called witch was a superstitious and uneducated woman. She was trying to practice witchcraft which is ridiculous because witchcraft is not real. And she doesn't know it.

Why did my friend see ghost’s hand and it attacked him?
This is due to the imbalance in nerves while sleeping. Besides, he was a psychological patient in the past. He was made to believe that he had been attacked by ghost.

Why did he shout when the black shadow entered?
He was not shouting. It was my illusion.

Why was the black shadow disappeared?
It disappeared because Amit believed on God power. Once again read above where I asked him whether he believes God or not.

What was the black shadow?
Later I asked some superstitious people about black shadow. They told that ghost can be black or white. But this is a rumour scattered in the society.

Were that black shadow and ghost real?
It is obviously not. Due to world cup, I was not sleeping for many days. In the other hand when he said that he had seen ghost, it forced my mind to believe that I might also see the ghost. Moreover, I was in a new house and room. May be, my mind was unconsciously suspecting ghost and spirit’s existence there. So I experienced such strange things.

What about the haunted house?
It was just coincidence.

If you see ghost, witch, and spirit anything, don’t believe that they are real. Think scientifically. It is your illusion or some types of miner or major psychological problem. More funnily if ghost is real, then also do not get afraid. Be strong. If you are strong, even alive can’t do anything. Ghosts are already dead.
Discovered by Don Prince