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Saturday, March 28, 2015

About Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is one of the famous places in Nepal. It is enlisted in the world heritage site. It is located in Bhaktapur district in the Bagmati zone. Bhaktapur is about eight miles far from the capital city Kathmandu. It was the largest of the three Newa kingdoms of the Kathmandu valley the capital of Nepal during the great Malla kingdom until the second half of the 15th century. Today it is the third largest city of Kathmandu valley. It is known as Bhadgaun or Khwopa of Nepal because people used to sell paddies in Bhaktapur. There is the statue of Bhupatindra Malla in the courtyard of Bhaktapur Durbar Square. It is rich in culture, temples, wood, metal and stone art works. This city is famous for special type of curd called Juju Dhau which means king curd. Bhaktapur is still an untouched as well as preserved ancient city that is itself a world to explore for tourists.

The picture gallery
The art gallery contains ancient paintings belonging to the Hindu and Buddhist traditions of various periods and descriptions. This gallery is open every day except Tuesday.

Siddha Pokhari
SIddha Pokhari is the famous pond of Bhaktapur. This is a big rectangular water pond located near the main city gate of Bhaktapur. It was built during the reign of king Yakshaya Malla in the early fifteenth century and is associated with a number of Myths.

Statue of King Bhupatindra Malla
This statue showing King Bhupatindra Malla in the act of worship is set in a column facing the palace of the square. This is considered to be very magnificent.

Palace of 55 Windows
This magnificent palace was built during the reign of kind Yakshaya Malla in 1427 A.D. and subsequently remodelled by King Bhpatindra Malla in the seventeenth century. Among the bricks walls with their gracious setting and sculptural design is a balcony with fifty five windows considered to be a unique masterpiece of wood carving.

Batsala Temple
The stone temple of Batsala devi has many carvings. Batsala temple is most famous for huge bell. In ancient time, if any king wanted to tell some information then the bell used to be rung. Then all the people gathered. And king used to give information to the people. Nowadays people worship the bell.

Golden Gate
The golden gate is said to be the most beautiful richly moulded specimen of its kind in the entire world. The door is surrounded by a figure of goddess Kali and Garunda and attended by the two heavenly nymphs. The golden gate is the loveliest art in the whole kingdom.

Nyatple Temple
One of the temples that are still existed today is the Nyatpole temple which was built in 1702 A.D. under the rule of King Bhupatindra Malla. This beautiful sculptural building is considered one of the tallest pagodas in the country and is the lovely example of the immense work mastership that went into building of this type.


Bhaktapur is a social as well as religious place. It is very clean city. It is so peaceful. It is visited by a number of tourists everyday.
Discovered by Astha Tripathi, Sandhya Ghimire and Akriti Niraula via Don Prince

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nabin became Anjali

People in Nepal specially from Terai still frustrate if a girl child is born in the house. It is because of the system of Dowry. But Tamang community celebrates if a girl child is born. Because the birth of girl child is assumed as the sign of fortune and wealth among those people. So Tamang families pray God for a girl child. When they have a boy child, they become so frustrated that sometimes they cry.

Same happened with the parents of Nabin Lama. His mother wished at least a girl in her house. But she had four sons. She vowed for a girl ultimately. But she again had a boy. She cried for having a boy again.

See the miracle of God. Being a boy physically, Nabin was a girl with behaviour. He had a girl like feeling. Instead of helping father for ploughing field, he used to help her mother in household works. His way of talking, walking and behaving was just like a girl. He had an interest on makeup. He liked to be a bride while playing. Later when he was grown up, he was attracted to a boy not a girl.

After SLC Graduation, Nabin Lama came to Kathmandu from his village Kaule of Nuwakot and began to work in a restaurant. He started higher education in Pashupati Campus. He was fighting his own sentiments for a long time. Later he decided to live his life according to his wish. He decided to live as a girl. He changed his name from Nabin Lama to Anjali Lama. Since then he is living as a girl.


Now Anjali Lama is 25 years old. She is a renowned model in Nepal. She is recognized as the first transgender model of Nepal. She looks exactly like a girl except her slightly different voice. She tells that she has taken the medicine to promote woman hormones. ‘’What is your aim?” Saptahik Weekly of Nepal had asked her. She has replied, ‘’I want to be a super model. Besides, I want to be a girl completely, for that, I have to earn 25 thousand dollars.’’  She has already transplanted breasts from Thailand by spending 4 thousand dollars.

According to Anjali, she has a boy friend who understands her. In the beginning her father and brothers were disappointed with her when she had returned as a girl from Kathmandu. But now a day they are also cooperating with her.

In the past, Ketlin {Pratik previously} had moved this courageous step. This time Anjali has come. There are many  Pratiks and Nabins in the society who are still living as dead due to lack of courage. Ketlin and Anjali can be ideals for them.
Discovered by Don Prince

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Hawking Was Wrong

Did time and universe emerge together or was there time before the origin of the universe? This is old aged question in Physics which is still unsolved. As I believe I also know a little about universe, I am sharing my opinion through this small but valuable article.

Stephen Hawking, the greatest living scientist of the world, says that as there can’t be north from North Pole, time can’t exist before the beginning of the universe. But I think Hawking was wrong here. In my opinion, the north from the North Pole is south as the earth is spherical. So the conclusion is that time can exist even before the beginning of the universe. And the beginning of this universe is the result of the end of the previous universe.

Einstein also believed on the cyclic model of the ultimate fate of the universe. As I am a big fan of Einstein, I also believe on it. However, I want to talk about the time before the beginning of the Big Bounce. So the question is what was there before the first event of the Big Bang?

I personally believe that there was time even before the first Big Bang. Singularity gravitation of the universe before the Big Bang event is the proof that there was empty space or something which is not even a space in the beginning. That empty space created the omnipotent power, a super being. This super-being created other super beings. Then the Big Bang was caused by them which is the beginning of the time and space of our universe.


Shiva Puran, one of the holy books of Hinduism, says that there was emptiness in the beginning. Lord Shiva was created from the emptiness. Then Lord Shiva created other Gods like Vishnu and Brahma. Finally Brahma created the universe.

I know today’s scientists take religion different from Science. But it can’t be underestimated that religious books have already answered so many unsolved questions of Science. Even the concept of popular Big Bang Theory is influenced by religious scriptures. So, religious texts must be taken seriously as the prominent sources of scientific discovery and invention.
Discovered by Don Prince

Sunday, March 01, 2015

End of the Universe

Stephen Hawking, the greatest living scientist after Einstein, doubts the human beings can exist in the next century. He says that the risk is in nuclear war, artificial intelligence, alien war and environmental degradation. As ‘Beginning of the Universe’ topic is a must discuss topic before explaining the term ‘End of the Universe’, I must begin it from the creation of the universe.

‘’How was our universe created?’’ A 12 years old child had asked me this question. I answered, ‘’We still don’t know it.’’ I know it was a really beautiful question. I also know that the discussion of this topic would be more interesting. However I closed this topic and said, ‘’Yes, it is true that we still don’t know how this universe was created. But don’t be depressed. You should be happy that no scientist has laid universally accepted theory that can explain how the universe began. So here you get the chance to discover it. Keep this question alive in your mind till you find the answer.’’ Yes, I did not want to kill her curiosity by presenting any controversial theory of Astronomy and cosmology on the creation of the universe. Because that could prevent a future scientist to discover the fact about the creation of the universe. And the mystery of the universe would be unknown. Then the question ‘’How was this universe created?’’ would be an unsolved question forever.


Majority of the scientists believe that this universe began from a large explosion nick named Big Bang. I read it from the time immemorial in my life. But I personally never believed on the theory of Big Bang. I know there are many evidences to prove that the universe began from Big Bang and our universe is still expanding. However these evidences are not enough to confirm that the universe might not have begun with another event other than Big Bang. I want to give example of Newtonian Gravity. The official science has already suspended the theory of Newtonian Gravity. However school children and college students are still reading it. Moreover scientists are also still hanging on it, though this theory has already been replaced by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. What is the reason behind it? The reason is that the theory of Newton and the theory of Einstein are slightly different and the Newtonian Theory is easier and more practicable.

Big Bang says that the universe is open, flat and edgeless because it is still expanding. I want to give an example here. Let’s go to a vacant room. Take a glass of water and pour it on the floor. Now the water starts to move on the ground. Assume water as our universe. Now let’s see moving water on the ground. Consider the water is open or closed, flat or round. Ask question to yourself. If water is moving on the floor, on what basis the universe is expanding? If you started the event of water expanding then who caused the first beginning of the expansion of the universe? Moving water is edgeless, but can’t room have boundary? Can’t we go out of our universe and see how is it expanding? What happens if you pour the water in different places of the room from different glasses and they are moving towards different direction leaving loop holes between one and another? Are not they multiple universes moving in different direction? Will water collapse or remain somewhere forever? Will it be moving forever like that?

If you believe on the Big Bang theory, then you must believe on the end of the universe. Not only that much, if you believe that the universe was somehow created in the past, then you must accept that it will end one day. Because the thing which has beginning must have ending. I have already said it in my previous article. Moreover Big Bang itself predicts collapse of the universe with contraction, though it depends on the reaction of the Dark Energy. Similarly, some scientists have proven that all solutions of the equations of General Theory of Relativity of Einstein imply the possible end of the universe.

So what is the conclusion? Will this universe end one day? Are we heading towards the end? A theorized scientific model Big Bounce suggests that the formation of our universe is the result of the collapse of the previous universe. In a plain language, this model suggests that the universe will repeat the cycle of a Big Bang. So the universe where we are living will definitely end one day and there will be recreation of the universe with another Big Bang. What is your opinion?
Discovered by Don Prince

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Happens Before Just A Minute You Die? A Near Death Experience

Have you ever thought what happens to you before just a minute you die? It seems to be a crazy and stupid question. But I bet you admit in the long run whether you have read an amazing article today.

According to a survey 38%-50% of the American adults who come close to clinical death have experienced a near death experience. But is it possible to experience NDE {Near Death Experience} without coming close to clinical death? You wonder it is possible. And some people around the world already have had it. Fortunately I am also one of them.

Case Study
It happened many years ago. I was a student of Grade XII. One day I went to visit nearby city. I had gone by my own truck. Mr. Raju Deuja who is no longer in this world now was driving the vehicle. While coming back, we parked the vehicle in the bank of the river Rapti. It was 11 o’clock night. As it was a truck parking area, there were many trucks. But all the drivers and helpers had already slept inside their own vehicle. Mr. Raju and I also slept in different seats of the truck. There was silence inside the vehicle. I don’t remember exactly what happened there. But I can still recall that moment instantly. Suddenly I had experienced an attack like situation. However it was not a direct attack by anyone. It was spiritual feeling. As far as I remember I had seen the vivid glances of God. Suddenly I began to think that it was last moment of my life. I was dying. My soul was leaving my body. I am sure I was not out of my body and I have not seen my own body from outside. But it was similar feeling. I felt that after a while I would come out of my body and see my own body lying dead. I just can’t explain exactly what I feel there. Think that there is no exact way and word to describe such feeling. I also felt that I might have been attacked by ghost or witch and I am dying. I tried to call Mr. Raju. But I could not speak. I know it was not my dream. It had happened just after 5 minutes I lied on the bed. And I guess Mr. Raju was also awake but he was unknown I was struggling with my life. I noticed I can’t even move. But I can think. At last I did what anyone could do in this situation. In a plain language, I remembered God and said on mind, ‘’I don’t want to die. I won’t die. I don’t die.’’ Honestly speaking everything became normal then after. I felt as if my soul went back to my body. I don’t remember how long it happened. I guess it was not for more than 1 minute. After all it was an amazing experience. I was feeling refreshed, cool and fearless. I asked Mr. Raju if he had experienced or noticed anything. I got normal answer from him. I told him to go to hometown which was only 40 km far from there. He agreed. After 1 hour we arrived home. In the next day I retold this event in front of my aunty {person changed}. Since she was an uneducated woman, she simply linked it with ghost or witch attack. She informed me that the place where I had stayed at night was the exact place where dead body is burned.


A Question
Wait. This article is not over. We are yet to enter the scientific and psychological part of it. But at first I want you to ask a question with me. Would I have died if I had not prayed God to get rid of the near death situation? You can’t answer it without knowing the amazing and intellectual aspects of this event. So let’s open the pages of Psychology.

Psychological Analysis
A numerous theories have been developed by the psychologists to explain near death experience. Some believe that the common reason for this type of near death experience is the belief on angel. 46% Americans believe on angels. They have claimed that they have seen angels in NDE moment. Another theory says that extreme stress by life threatening situation may result brain state similar to REM sleep. Near death experience is similar to the dreaming while awake. In the situation of dreaming while awake, subject can experience NDE. So it is not different from dream.

My Opinion
According to the self developed anonymous theory of mine, Near Death Experience has nothing to connect with death, though it is experience of being closer to death. Rather I enjoy linking it with the life situation which is similar to the death. I believe that this type of experience is triggered by one’s subconscious mind to give warning of something dangerous situations to his/her conscious mind. The possibility of dangers may be chance of robbery, theft, kidnapping or any other normal situations but they are strongly against the norms and values of the subject. To pass message of such situation, subconscious mind becomes active when conscious mind is passive. It may happen in both situations after or before the subject sleeps. I call this type of situation as ‘’Unconscious Active, Conscious Passive ‘’ state. If subject sees God, angel or light, that’s the representation of the subconscious mind according to his/her belief mechanism. Sometimes the subject can also get direct message with clear sound in place of NDE. I believe that NDE happens only with the persons whose subconscious mind is sharply sensible.

Now let me answer the questions I asked above. If I had not escaped from the near death situation, I would have got the same situation which I got after praying God. It means, according to my language, my soul would have returned to my body. So I would not have died. My pray to God was the response of my brain’s defence mechanism for me but it was a message delivered alertness of conscious mind for subconscious mind. Moreover if I had stayed there at that night, maybe even any unwanted event like robbery, theft, etc would not have encountered. Because such situation may decay before it happens through other alternative situations like discussion about theft event, talking about robbery event, indirect invitation for crime, etc.

Extra Knowledge
NDE can be induced by injecting a special type of substance into the body. It can also be induced artificially by making the body too tired and brain very stressed through auto hypnosis.
Discovered by Don Prince

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Atmokinesis: the Power of Controlling Weather

Today I am presenting an amazing superhuman whom you can not believe. But you have to believe, at least at the end of this article. As I was requested not to expose his name, face and address, I am not going to tell much personal about him. However I will talk every aspects of his superhuman quality so as to help you for your further research. And if you are searching stuff to develop such type of quality, this article will definitely be proven the best one for you.

He found me in Google Search while he was searching articles about super powers. After reading some of my articles, he trusted that I can answer some of his unanswered questions. Particularly he wanted to know that he really deserved any super human quality or that was a coincidence only. As I was also searching some super humans for my upcoming book about superhuman and I prefer helping people, I welcomed his invitation. We were from different countries. However the close distant and the open border of our countries made our meeting more convenient.

First I asked him about his super power experiences. He said, ‘’The experience of my super power began anonymously in my life when I was a small child. I remember I hated working in field. When my parents took me in the field, I used to dramatically and childishly pray for rainfall and after a few minutes rain began to fall. Then we used to come back to the home which was near our field. When it repeatedly happened, my parents did not take me in the field. Instead they gave me work of cooking food at home while all members of our family were working in the field.’’

I understood what was happening with him. This type of quality is called Atmokinesis. Atmokinesis is the power to manipulate the weather condition like wind, rainfall, etc with the help of some extraordinary things like emotion, belief, words, mind power, etc. By applying Atmokinesis, the superhuman can control over wind, rainfall, cloud and so on.


‘’Can you tell me more experiences?’’ I asked him. He began to speak again, ‘’When I was a child I lived in a small house which was vulnerable to rainfall and thunderstorm. When rainfall used to begin with storm, I felt discomfort and a type of fear took rent in my mind. Mostly I used to pray God to stop the rain and storm. Later I noticed every time I prayed God, the storm was stopped. Moreover I noticed I can really stop them.’’

After a while he said again, ‘’When I was grown up, I felt my complete control over weather. One time drought occurred in my locality. It did not rain for a long time. One day I saw a religious rally of farmers. They were involved in the procession so that their God listen to them and it rained. I thought I can do something for them. I just wished rainfall at night. In the next day the rainfall began and it was a beginning of the rainy season of the year.’’

I asked him another question, ‘’Have you ever noticed weather responding you in some situations in your life?’’ He paused for a moment and began to speak, ‘’Yes, I think so. I remember. I was unmarried. I had a girl friend. One day my friend forced me to marry someone other than her. That day I noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere and also surprising rainfall with wind and thunderbolt.’’

His experiences seems to support the existence of Atmokinesis. But there are some paradoxes of Atmokinesis.

1} There is definite natural cycle before particular weather. It is not possible within the moment the Atmokinetic does. For instance, an Atmokinetic claims that he can bring rainfall any time he wants. If he calls rainfall and it’s really raining. That means the rain is caused without its natural cycle, water cycle or evaporation anything you name it. Because there should be time gap for water cycle after the prediction of rainfall by the Atmokinetic. But when it rains as soon as the Atmokinetic calls it, there is no time gap. So Atmokinesis strongly violates the laws of causality which is an established theory in Physics.

2} The another paradox of Atmokinesis is that Nature or natural phenomena can’t be controlled. It controls, is not controlled. This is universal truth that this universe is running on the basis of laws of nature. So controlling nature is against this established belief in the world.

So there may be three reasons behind the experience of Atmokinesis:

1} It may be the symptom of some kinds of Psychological Disorders. There are various types of psychological disorders that give hallucination to the victims that they possess some kind of extraordinary powers.

2} It may just be a coincidence. Thousands of incidences happen in our daily life. It’s not difficult to catch the event or situation among thousands which instigate our illusion.

3} It may really be a kind of super human power. We know only 4% of our universe. That means we don’t know so many things. Our universe is full of mysteries. May be Atmokinesis is also exists somewhere.

In this way I told him my opinion. I suggested him that first he should be confirmed that he is beyond the paradoxes mentioned above. If his experience is normal and he really possesses such psychic quality, he should not use it for his personal purpose. Neither should he tell about it with anyone good or bad people. He should explore more about it so that he can unleash his power more efficiently. Then he should also find out why he has got this quality. And he should use this quality always for the well being of the human beings in the world.

He says that he is afraid superstitious people may declare him a God. So he does not like to be flashed. But he does not fear any bad man. Because according to him he is beyond the capacity of humans. He also says that coming century is the age of super powers in this world.

At last I obviously asked him to give a sample of his power in front of my eyes. I said that I would believe him and do further research if it rained today at night. He agreed. Then we departed. I wanted to notice rainfall at night. But I could not wake up on time due to tiredness. However before I asked anything, someone told me in the morning that it rained yesterday. I looked outside. The place was wet. It was a surprised rainfall after a long drought.
Discovered by Don Prince

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Scientific Proof of God Was Discovered

Today is Martyr day in my country. On this very special day, I have written this confidential and semi secured article to give answer of the most burning question ever asked ‘’What is the scientific proof of God?’’ Hope you like it.

Good news is that I will not only give you the scientific proof of God but also tell you where he resides. Don’t worry I am not going to present any philosophical logic. Neither am I talking about some hypothesis and theoretical laws of Science. Today I am talking what you want to talk and listen on the topic of God.

For the better understanding of the concept, I want to ask you some questions if you don’t mind. But you should not give answer. You should only consider the question. Then you are done.

1. Our brain receives only necessary information within millions of wanted and unwanted information available in the surrounding in a matter of a second. Just imagine, what might happen if our mind receives all of them? We won’t have control over our mind, right? But we are safe because of the filtration of information. Who is filtering the information?

2. All of us have experienced the condition of confusion when we decide to do something which we don’t really want. It happens especially when we think for a moment to do a wrong thing which is against our norms and values or laws of the nation.  Who is trying to stop us from doing something wrong?

3. Some of us often wake up in the same time though we don’t set alarm. Who is waking us up on time?

If you are a fan of Psychology, you know the right answer of these questions. However let me tell you just for the refreshment of your knowledge. The answer is our subconscious mind. Yes, the unknown doer of the above mentioned tasks is our subconscious mind. I know you have read several times about subconscious mind. You can still find millions of articles about subconscious mind in the internet. You can also download thousands of books on it. Or you may have watched hundreds of movies about it. But you wonder this is first time you are reading that our subconscious mind is the scientific proof of God. It is the messenger of God. It is the part of God.


I had discovered this finding many years ago. Since then I was fighting with myself whether expose it or not to this world. As I was fearful to be treated as a crank, I chose to be a miser discoverer though it was not true at all. But when Hawking openly published his article about Time Machine challenging impossibility, paradox and oddity, I got courage to write what I have concluded. After all even Einstein, Aristotle, Hawking, and Newton were wrong in some of their findings and conclusion. Who the hell am I?

God resides in our heart. He is inside human beings. He is inside all creatures. These are old aged, real and universal saying. We don’t know who brought such concept for the first time. But I think you know why this concept was brought. It was a hint from our ancestors that the subconscious mind which is controlling our mind as well as life is the God himself.

Do you know I have written about 60 articles about subconscious mind and about 100 articles about God in this Blog? If you want to read them, simply go to the Tags section and read them all at free of cost. Happy reading!
Discovered by Don Prince

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

God Created Us or We Created God?

Today we have an evergreen topic. God created us or we created God? You and I know I have already discussed on this topic in my previous article. But this time we are here for scientific discussion not philosophical. That’s why I believe this is merely a different article and you are really interested.

I am a theist and always will be. I have created this article especially for agnostics who neither believe nor disbelieve on God. Let’s begin.

Now I want to present the popular God Paradoxes on which atheists do not believe on God. And also I like to advocate from the side of God.

Atheists say that God is not real because if he had existed he would have appeared and removed the confusion and controversy of people regarding his existence.

Now let me answer this question. As all of you know that this universe is running on the basis of laws of nature and this is accepted by all scientists of the world. Who has constituted these laws? Science has no answer and never will have. Because scientists are not ready to accept that Science and God are relative. They never agree that science and God can go in the same line or same path. So they will never know who is behind the scene of our universe. Because it’s not other than the supreme power whom we say God.

Now let me tell you why God is not appearing in our world to prove his existence and you are yet to see God with your physical eyes. We have already accepted the truth that this universe is run by laws of nature or laws of science. The more interesting thing is that these laws are abided even by God himself. What is the process of appearing in our universe? It’s by birth, right? Yes, this is laws of science that anyone who comes to our universe must have come through birth. Then how can God appear in our world without taking birth? Isn’t it violation of laws of science? And if he violated it to prove that he is existed and he appeared, that makes imbalance in many other laws and the universe will be full of chaos which later can’t be controlled by even God. So God never appears by breaking laws how much people shout he is not there. It does not mean that he does not come to the earth. He definitely comes to the earth time to time but by following the laws of nature not compromising the balance of the universe. Remember Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus. They were parts of God and they came here by birth which is the evidence that even God follows the laws of nature. So you can’t even say that you have not seen God. Because humans like you in the past have not only seen but also lived with God like Ram and Jesus. May be God is still around us. We everyday see him. We always talk with him. But we don’t know that he is God. Because we think that God appears not by taking birth but by violating the laws of nature.

The second vast question that atheists and agnostics often ask is that if God is existed why are there things like disasters, sorrows and problems in the world?

Even Einstein says that he does not believe on the God who gives reward and punishment to his creatures. Let me remind you, Einstein was not atheist. He was not even theist. He was agnostic who believed that God is unknown.

Simply I want to remind you the laws of casualty of Physics. We know we can also say it laws of cause and effect. This law says that there must be a cause behind any effect. First cause happens and then there will be its effect. So this law clearly says that even God can’t do anything if there is already cause for disasters, sorrows and problems in the universe. So we people are the reason for anything happening with us. If you are suffering today, that is the effect of the mistake you have done yesterday. Likewise, if flood is taking place, the cause is deforestation by the people in the past. List is still long.......

So the above mentioned proofs are enough to say that God created us and we did not create God.

It has not been longer time we humans have arrived on this earth. Our own universe is still an unsolved puzzle for us. God is very far. He lives in another universe and we have not yet developed the right mathematics that can calculate the existence of God. May be God and the universe where he resides is not even mathematical.
Discovered by Don Prince

Monday, January 19, 2015

10 Things That Your Physics Teacher Taught Were Totally Wrong

It is said that the real genius is the one who learns everything thinking that the stuffs they are learning might be wrong too regardless how much popular and authentic the information may be. I think reading new thing is similar to digging the field. The more you dig the more soil you collect. The information which Aristotle discovered was proven wrong in the time of Newton. And the things which Newton discovered were proven wrong by Einstein. And the things discovered by Einstein might be proven wrong by someone else in the future. So I think the reader should take anything read as reference only. To illustrate my opinion, I have collected 10 popular beliefs of Physics which are still spreading as a superstition and myth, though scientists have already proven them to be wrong. Let’s see.

1. Many people still illustrate that Newton discovered laws of gravitation by watching an apple falling down from the tree. It is true that Newton discovered laws of gravitation but he has not mentioned anywhere that he did it by watching an apple falling down.

2. I was sometimes asked by my offline colleagues and students about the mystery of Bermuda Triangle. When I ask them to plot their understanding first about it before I explain, then they say that it is the triangular shaped area in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the worldwide belief, many aircrafts have been mysteriously lost in this area. When I asked what might be the reason behind it, then the uniform answer I get is that it happens due to the strong gravitational force of the area.

Now let me present the reality. I agree that there is a place named Bermuda which is an Iceland and Bermuda Triangle is named after it. But Bermuda Triangle, the sea giant, is hypothetical. The concept of mysterious gravitational force is very ridiculous. Because if there had really been so strong gravitational force that could pull down even the flying aeroplanes, then that place would have converted into a black hole and everything around would have been dragged inside it. Similarly the another most widely known reason behind the mystery of giant triangle is that there is the gateway to the lost city of Atlantis which was far developed than today’s technology. Both concepts are very funny because many ships travel every day through the Bermuda Triangle. But the travellers experience neither gravitational force nor do they find any lost city of Atlantis.

For more information, Bermuda triangle is not listed in the list of United States Board of geographical places. In conclusion, Bermuda Triangle is nothing more than a promotional, intellectual and business stunt of scholars.

3. I often find some people believing that Einstein had used only 10% of his mind potentiality. How can it be possible? If a man uses only 10% of mind capacity, what happens to the rest of the 90%? Is that paralysed? According to the scientists, everyone’s brain is always active by 100%. So we can’t say that Einstein has used only ten percentage of his mind potentiality. However 10% mind potentiality myth is still a controversial issue. There are many movies in Hollywood that support the 10% mind capacity myth. One of them I have watched is Lucy. Where Lucy becomes super intelligence equivalent to God after upgrading mind power from 10% to 100%. But it is still not proven scientifically.

4. When people discuss about reaching aliens’ planet or doing time travel, they present the idea of making a spacecraft which can travel faster than light. In fact, travelling faster than light is against the established theory of Physics. If we believe we can travel faster than light, we have to rewrite the physics. It is impossible. Einstein says that we can never go faster than light. If we can, we will die. So, the world can never have a spacecraft that can travel faster than light. It is already proven in the CERN that matter can travel only 99.99% of the speed of light. It is proven by accelerating particles near the speed of light not more than it.


5. Einstein is not the real inventor of nuclear bomb. He only showed the path to develop it. He had suggested US government to start nuclear project before Germany invents it. Because he believed that nuclear power should be invented at first in US. But Einstein did not participate directly in the first nuclear power project. Einstein is linked with the invention of nuclear bomb only because the nuclear bomb was invented on his idea of general theory of relativity that large power can be generated through a small matter if that is thrown in the speed of light.

6. Gravitational force discovered by Newton is not the actual reason planets revolve around the sun. According to the Einstein it is because the universe is curve. However Newton’s theory is accepted worldwide. Stephen Hawking says that it happened because Newton’s theory is more practicable and very easy.

7. District six is not the place of aliens’ prison. It is the former inner city residential area of South Africa where about 60,000 inhabitants were forcefully removed by apartheid regime in 1970 A.D. District 9, the Hollywood movie based on this event, has been released worldwide which is a modified story of aliens who were trapped on the earth with their spacecraft. So the rumour has spread that District Six is the banned place for humans.

8. God particle is not related to God. Its real name is Higgs Boson. During research, Peter Higgs, the discoverer of this particle, was so overwhelmed that he blamed God for irritation and named it God particle.

9. There are not only four dimensions {width, height, length and time}. According to modern scientists there are more than 12 dimensions, though we don’t know them. This belief is similar to the belief that there are only five senses like smell, hearing, taste, touch and sight{determined by Aristotle} where as there are more than 20 senses like thirst, hunger, pain etc.

10. General relativity is not the merely unique discovery of Einstein. Unlike Marxism of Karl Marx, General theory of relativity was already scattered in the world. Einstein integrated it and gave a new form. Think that there was no house on the earth. But there were bricks, water, cement, rod, furniture, paint, etc. Einstein collected all these things and gave an idea that these things can build a house. This idea later was proven by the engineers by building a house.

Do you agree with the facts mentioned above? If yes, what are other things you know? If you don’t agree, don’t forget to present your logic to start the intellectual discussion.
Discovered by Don Prince

Friday, January 16, 2015

Science Behind 10 Superstitious Beliefs

Society is the source of knowledge. If you are searching something in the society, think that you are heading towards a huge library but not to read a book but to add a new book for others. However, some beliefs in the society are really funny. I say such beliefs the superstitious beliefs. But the funnier and interesting thing is that these superstitious beliefs have hidden science behind them. I have collected some of such beliefs and also tried to expose the secret science behind them. Hope I have served a well stuff for you all. Enjoy it.

1. Son and mother should not be departed on Saturday
If son has to leave home for some reasons like job, education, etc, he should do it in other days except Saturday. Because son and mother should not be departed on Saturday.

Actually mother makes sure her small child take bath and also washes his clothe on Saturday because it is holiday. So people made rule that they should be together on Saturday.


2. Don’t live in daughter’s house
When daughter is sent to another house, the parents should not eat anything in her house. Neither can they live there in their old ages.

The reason is that if parents are free to eat at daughter’s home and they can also live there, daughter will be equally valuable as son for the parents and it may eradicate the gender inequality problem in the society.

3. Insect found in tea is the sign of fortune
People believe that if insects like fly and mosquito are found in the tea or coffee, it is a good sign. They should just throw the insect and have the tea. They will meet good fortune.

This belief was made so that people do not throw the tea. And it can save the money of the shopkeeper.

4. If daughters are married in the early ages, the parents will go to the heaven
Some superstitious parents still force their daughter to get married in early age thinking that they will go to the heaven.

This system was made by the people not to invest on daughters for her education as they think that they will go to other’s home and they can’t give them any returns.

5. If you find money or gold that is unfortunate
People take finding property like gold and money to be unfortunate.

This system was made to force people report their findings without digesting.

6. Weeping babies while dropping from home is a good sign
When people find their children or babies crying they become happy because they think it is a good sign.

The actual reason is that babies cry so that they can follow their parents wherever they are going. So people started thinking and developing the belief that it is a good sign.

7. A person before baptism should not get marry
People get marry only after their baptism which is done by the priest. They are not allowed to marry before baptism.

The reality is that a person before the time of baptism is so child and a child can not marry.

8. Clothes should not be washed at night
People strictly follow the rule that they should not wash the clothes at night.

This is because there is no sun at night and it takes longer time to dry the clothes without sun.

9. Don’t wet head without undressed
People believe that they should not pour water on their head with any dress on body.

The actual reason is that the dress will be wet.

10. Woman should not give birth to a child at the home of her parents
People think that a woman should give birth to her baby at her husband’s home not at her parent’s home.

This is a pretext to continue patriarchal society by creating male dominated tradition.

There are numerous such beliefs in the society. The above mentioned are only for illustration. Have you ever experienced such experience or expression somewhere by someone? If yes, write them in the comment section below. Your little words can do a great to enhance the knowledge of many people. Thank You in advanced.
Discovered by Don Prince